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Gender: Female, Build Size: Petite, Height: 4'8", Hair Color: Brown, Mannerisms: Tomboy, Clothing Preferences: Casual, Hair Length: Medium- Shoulder Length, Hair Style: Ponytail (unless it's cold).

Ghostly Buddy

I was in a Forest. It was in the Light of Day yet very damp and cold. I walked around and saw a little girl. She had medium-length black hair, No Eyes, No nose, only a big creepy smiling mouth. She wore a long white dress. She was a Ghost, yet I wasn't afraid of her. She led me into the mines that were nearby which we would play in. It was like a lit up the carnival of rides and stalls of food. Whenever we'd pass something scary we'd scream then laugh. Those scary beings would hide in the shadows. Then when it was time to leave... I woke up.


Name: Crystal Seashell
Species: Alicorn
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Build Size: Petite
Height Size: 4'8"
Birthplace: Canterlot Castle
Residence: Unknown
Job: Unemployed
Occupation: Bravest Pony This Side of The Unicorn Range
Power/Talents: Phasing, Dream Control, Shapeshifter(Animals ONLY), Singing, dancing, Sorcery, Healing, Bravery, Hope, Strength
Personality: Sweet and Kind, yet Sassy
Mannerisms: Tomboy
Hair Color: Brown
Clothing Preferences: Casual
Hair-Length: Medium/Shoulder-Length
Hair-Style: Depends on Mood
Face: Cute
Eye Color: Brown
Voice: Moderately High Feminine
Loyalty: 100%
Honest: 90%
Relationship status: Single
Favorite Color: Depends on Mood
Favorite: Book: Depends on Mood
Favorite: Movie/Series: How To Train Your Dragon
Best Buddy: Alligator named JellyBaby

Ghostly Buddy

I was in a forest. It was Light of day yet very damp and cold. I walked around and saw a little girl. She had Medium length black hair, No eyes, No nose, Only a wicked smile. She wore a long White Dress and I wasn't afraid of her. She lead me into the Mines where we would play. It was like a lit up carnival inside. We bumped into scary beings from the shadows and laughed and they got scarier then left. On the last one, I turn to leave. Then I woke up.


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