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Incomplete stories in my Hopefuls Bookshelf · 8:26pm Oct 17th, 2015

Ponies might be wondering why I titled a bookshelf of mine "Hopeful". The reason is actually simple, being that I wish these books would be completed at some point in time. This is why I am "hoping" they will be because they are some of the most amazing books I've read. Details, charaters, plots(no not the pony's backside sheesh!), and other such things are well written. I hope they become more and more interesting the more I read them.

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To your naga transformation/displaced stories? Hells yeah!! I want to read more more more. You got my interest highly piqued!!

Ty for the fave's:twilightsmile:

Ah! I wasn't sure; Romance seems to be your forte, but I didn't see any other Vinyl and Octavia in your favorites. I'm glad you liked the story!

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