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Giant monster invasions and national emergencies is little excuse to exclude the cutesier moments that result when denizens of two realms bump into each other. Sometimes it takes literally meeting someone from a completely different world to find who you mesh with.

Cover art by Emkay-MLP

Warning contains fluff and lots of it. Shameless, shameless fluff that Cadance approves of. As well as massive spoilers for "The Bridge: A Godzilla - MLP Crossover".

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Aria and Luna? .... interesting....

You've made this a pretty happy Valentine's Day. Thank you. :)

The shipping....THE SHIPPING... THE SHIPPPING!!!!

This is cute. Happy Valentine's Day, Tarb

Most excellent! I feel the urge to sing "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid, because that fits Angy's situation so well. I'm still so amazed she wasn't mad at him for lying to her.

Oh my God, this one is making me into a Seongx Angurius shipper. It's too cute!!:heart:

I think Ki's moment of realization might just be my favourite moment of reading in 2017 so far.

Once again Tarb, you never disappoint.

Keep it up!:derpytongue2:

YUS! This is my favorite pairing. This was a perfectly slow moment well put for a very good reason to be there, after that hecktick battle that just happened. They deserved this moment and I loved every second of it!~:heart:
Thank you for this chapter Tarb! ^^

I like the fact that you're able to take creatures and characters that otherwise never would have had any sort of depth besides rawr! go here, Smash Buildings, fight Godzilla, blarg! And turn them into deep, relatable and interesting people.

Love it as always.:derpytongue2:

Wow,mthis chaoter is absolutely adorable Tarb. It was nice to see Ki trust Anguirus so much and watching Aang be nervous around her was funny. Still, Ki was adorable in this chapter with the rubbing muzzles, her wagging tail, and her adorably flustered reaction when Anguirus kissed her hoof. Thank you so much for this special, Tarb. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine.

To paraphrase an old video game I once enjoyed but never really did well with...

Cynic needs insulin ... Badly.

While I'll be giving future chapters a read through... this is the aspect of the story I've enjoyed least (not to say it isn't very well done, it has, but it's not for me.)

Keep celebrating that priest that was martyred for performing weddings against an imperial edict; for me, the important thing about today is the fact it's my eldest niece's birthday.

So, Happy Holly's Birthday, Everyone!

I kinda didn't wanna say it, for fend of being too cliche, But this was really cute.

Of the shipping in The Bridge, Anguirus/Seong was my 3 or 4, mostly I think because we've spent so little time exploring their chemistry compared to the other ones.
This helped them grow on me a lot. I've always liked Anguirus, I think Ki Seong is a charming character, I just hadn't been too sold on the two of them together thus far. But despite the shortness of the episode, this gave me a lovely little spot of Anguirus trying to cope with developing romantic feelings, and Ki trying to break through his spiked carapace and get him to reciprocate her pretty blatant signals.

Would that I had his problems.

This was absolutely sweet, Tarb. It's nice to finally learn that X and Aria kissed and I love how concerned they feel about each other. X's reaction to the kiss was adorable, especially with Aria cooing and wishing she had a wagging tail. The tsundere conversation they had (outward insults yet inward compliments) made it cute. I'm so excited to learn that there will be a Xenilla/BD chapter on the 18th :raritystarry::pinkiehappy::yay:. Hope to see more of the dynamics between Xen and his pony bodyguard. Hope you and Faith had a fantastic Valentine.

That's right ki: He's all this time been a big ole' shy goof-head afraid of what you'd think of him. I think those tend to be the most adorable kinds of individuals who are just trying to be considerate of someone they like.:)

Not too much reflection for this one, but it was a really nice quasi-capstone to the Monster X/Aria story. We get an ACTUAL KISS from the pair, which is rewarding for both us and the characters, and something I don't think we're likely see with the other characters. At least for now, according to their own dynamics.

In any case, another great little puff-piece. And apparently just another in a long list? What was that I saw? 2 out of 18? Nigga you for real?

And so the shipping frenzy begins... Better prep Emperor's Retribution for escort duty...

7951442 I think 2/18 means that the BD/Xenilla chapter comes on Saturday. Though I might be wrong.

7952173 Yeah, he clarified that for me on the livestream. Thanks though.

7952195 You're welcome. Keep doing your kickass commentary reviews and keep your magnanimity by not releasing your missile onslaught.

Are these canon to the main story?

Yes. All these events happened, they just happened off-screen.

Certainly didn't expect a separate story for this month. Like what's been posted thus far. Getting a smile thinking about the Xen and Blades chapter.

Okay, this was by far the funniest chapter yet and the greatest show of Xenilla's personality. Blade Dancer and Xenilla's friendship has gotten a bit more intimate given that BD now uses Xen as her permanent pillow, her penchant of laying on top of/nuzzle him, and how she wants him to socialize. Xenilla's more open personality means that he wants to make due on his promise of protecting Shining and Cadence, though it also shows that he's a worrier. Once BD brings up Flurry's existence, Xen turns into a total worrywart and rents books about maternity while BD comes along for the ride. It was nice for Xen to reveal his respect for BD and it seems he's aware yet in denial that he has growing feelings for the mare while BD has learned that Xenilla can get flustered by measuring his body heat. The episode where a store clerk confused BD as the pregnant wife of Xen made me laugh loudly due to BD popping a wingboner at the idea along with Xen getting defensive once he learned that BD and Cached Ire used to date. Overall, the chapter ended with BD inwardly thinking why she likes Xen and both showing appreciation for the other, though the ending with BD giving Xen a book for wing massages was funny. Out of the three chapters released, this one is my favorite as Xen and BD practically act like a married couple, though with Xen being the worrywart. Now it's time to wait a week to see the Luna/Junior chapter.

Xen is going to drop a huge pile of those stuff at Candence's hooves..isn't he?


First one and third done. Second one was Xen making a jab at the fact he thinks half the empire isn't too logic prone (still harping on that royal titles problem). After saying he found BD sharp witted, he was basically saying he'd need someone logical to help balance out the craziness.

Yes... Yes!... YESSS!!!! *Passes out*:heart:

He'll do more than that

As lovely a post as always Moongaze, and quite fun to read too! All four of the main relationships in this short are based off different sorts of contrasts or attractions, which shows a lot here. Anguirus and Seong are the slow burn, building up over time with some secrets hidden on both sides. Aria and X are the lost souls who found a home with each other and through a traumatic event, came out stronger because of each other. Xenilla and Blade Dancer are all about two different types of maturities (BD's very stable emotional and relationship maturity and Xenilla's logical maturity) and finding the hidden strengths in the other (BD is much smarter than she looks and Xenilla has a good heart at his center). The result is basically a romantic comedy spurred by the contrasts and it shows some parts of the other one doesn't see much, like BD getting flustered when she's mistaken for the pregnant one and Xenilla getting a bit clingy or defensive when he learns about BD's (ex) marefriend. Still, they appreciate one another's traits enough not to mind. Fun fact is there's actually an adult joke in the end. Until I clarified it was a massage book, the description of the cover and timing almost make it sound like Blade Dancer just passed him a kama sutra sex book! :rainbowlaugh:

So, does that book on nutrition for pregnant mares have any recipes to turn these ingredients into palatable dishes, or does Xenilla plan to mix it all into a feedbag and hand it over raw? Because while the latter might work for Terran horses, I suspect Cadence would not take such an approach favorably...


This and a new blog, and a new crossover chapter? Tarb, you've been a busy little bee lately. I'll get to this and your movie blog later when I get up.

I can't help but think of how Xen's concern for ensuring that Flurry Heart's birth goes off without a hitch may be followed by him learning the hard way of what it means to help take care of a baby.

Luna and Junior are 2 out of 25?!!?!?

This is getting out of hand Tarb! :trollestia:

Reading this I can't help but think that if Xen ends up being around for Flurry's birth he may end up acting something like this:


While it would be awesome if this particular fic went on for that long, I think what it's trying to say that it's coming out on February 25th.

Also if you knew that and you were just being silly I am so sorry.

Hey Tarb is faithy going to be doing any pictures for this particular Fic? There are already so many great picture ideas, it would be a shame for such good opportunities to be missed.

Lovin it as always:derpytongue2:


i will be, i've just been a bit backed up~


With all the stories Tarb's working on simultaneously, I can believe it.:twilightsheepish:

Thanks for letting me know and take all the time you need, for quality is better than quantity.:derpytongue2:

We love you Faithy!:heart:

yeah, but i love working on all things relating to The Bridge so it doesn't bug me~ :twilightsmile:

aawww thanks >w<

Watch it BD, only Godzilla can be King of The Dorks! :flutterrage:

If anything, Xeni is Prince of The Nerds. :trollestia:

This chapter was great. I'll be honest, the beginning with Junior battling Nightmare Moon before it was revealed to be an illusion was a great twist. It's pretty sweet to see two people who distrusted each other get along so well that they don't mind touching each other's scars with Luna in particular cooing from that. The offscreen incident of Mariner Moon (Sailor Moon) was downright funny to me along with the ending of Luna carrying Junior upside down. Overall, I love how the chapter was focused on Junior liking Luna's more open personality and seeing her as an individual while Luna sees Junior as a confidant.
In conclusion, I loved the Valentine special Tarb. It was great to see the relationships between the Kaiju and the Equestrian gals. My favorite chapter is a tie between Xenilla/BD and Anguirus/Ki, followed by this chapter and then X/Aria. The best part is that after seeing all the fluff moments between those characters, it made me want to see more of this moments appear in the main storyline (I know we'll see more Ki/Anguirus in the next Bridge chapter:pinkiehappy:). Thanks for the story, Tarb.

“I like kids as much as next fellow, but that chi-something Mariner Moon kid really needed to stop trying to copy my beam.”

“... She blew a hole in the roof with a pink death ray.”

Are you sure you have the right magical girl expy?

Is this the last chapter?

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