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Magnificent :)
Glad you have had some good luck thrown your way. I was also wanting to ask if you'd be interested in joining the discord server. We got a lot of activity and a very large chunk of the Bridge readers are there. So if you'd like some company or movies (we stream a lot) I was wanting to offer it. Lots of folks been helped out because they got another outlet and interaction over here and plenty of folks doing well had a good time too.

Getting by. New job, no health problems, and Christmas Shopping all done. Over all, I'm in a much better place then I was a year ago.

Heya, how you been? Sorry for some inactivity.

I'm back home and officially recovered. Admittedly, I have a scar that's the better part of a foot long going across my back where I used to have a birthmark, but any shirt will cover that quite nicely, and even without one I'll never see it....

How are you holding up?

Checking in as I'll be posting soon and like to keep tabs on old friends. How you holding up man?

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