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Just giving confirmation, I do own the Japanese version and found it. Works great. Humorously enough it has the TV USA version as a special feature.

2004812 okay.

but hey, look, we filled out your comments section!

My apologies. As I said, I enjoy a good, well rationalized discourse, and likely went overboard with my suggestions.

If you wish to bounce any ideas off of me, please PM me, and I'll see what I came up with.

There's one derivative of a prior suggestion I came up with, but I'll send it in a PM. It may help fill a potential hole in the world, or you may already have a better idea.

2004169 oh... I wasn't actually asking for help:twilightsheepish: I was just curious to see if you were interested in it...

I would probably start with the example given in Dragon's World, with the KT chaos surge creating a creature that was in essence the cross between a pterosaur and a large theropod, possibly a tyrannosaur; a wyvern as it were. The flight bladders may or may not have been a side effect. Given 60+ million years of evolution, complete with a magical mutation to provide a second set of legs, getting something like the modern dragon would seem reasonable. The lack of feathers or other bird-like features would be the result of adding pterosaur features. Of course, the diet that includes gems likely has special significance.

Consider how common crystals and gems are in this setting. In the episode "Bats" there is a shot showing Pinkie Pie digging a tunnel that gives a cut- away view of the ground in an orchard; it's studded with gems. Any place on earth with that kind of gem density would be used as a mine, not as farmland. This implies gems and crystals are far more common then on Earth. The fact that at least one species views them as food further supports this.

I would suggest the following as a solution to this mystery: the environment at points is so saturated with magic that it can sometimes crystalize around a seed mineral, producing a stable form of condensed magic that resembles a gemstone. The precise appearance and properties of the gem is determined by the types of magic involved and the nature of the seed mineral. This would mean that, for creatures that do not produce their own magic but have supernatural abilities eating gems would provide the magic they need.

Now, a weighty question: how strong is the gravity on this world. You specified the world is over all larger then Earth. If they have similar compositions, then the larger world would have more gravity, which would limit the size of terrestrial creatures and make flight far more difficult. If the world is less dense then Earth, then there would be a major change in available resources. If they are of similar size and density but the oceans are deeper and cover less of the world's surface, this could provide more land area but would effect the climate in a big way. What is your solution to this? Since the weather in Equestria is rigorously controlled, then having less ocean but having several large lakes and rivers on each continent could work. Provided the lakes are large enough. Think Great Lakes; the ones you can see from orbit. Also, how thick and rich is the atmosphere? For most, this is likely not to matter, but for those with flight bladders of some sort, the thicker the air the better they would float. If, for example, the air is thick and the gravity is intense, then most flying creatures may have some sort of flight bladder, all the way back to the pterosaurs; and through them, the wyverns.

I'm sorry if it seems I'm nitpicking, but asking these questions is literally the only aid I can give. That, and considering such details and how they would effect things is a not so secret joy of mine. I truly enjoy a good discourse on a well reasoned subject.

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