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A fan group for stories set in "Amalgam'verse", the most famous being "The Bridge". Primary focus being the stories' versions of the kaiju inhabited Terra and the pony inhabited Equestria before and after they bridged into each other.

The Bridge Crew
Main Writer - Tarbtano
Illustrator - Faith-Wolff
Co-Creator - Skylark8756
Secondary Illustrator - Pyrus-Leonidas
Humanity's Stand Team - SMJames and Corona Blaze
Proofreader - LanceOmikron
Group Organizer - Metroid Prime
TVTropes Team - Ultimomant, GodzillaWolf, Lance O., ZimFan, Raidrik, VampyGirl; and Vi47
Fan Labor Wiki Team - Metroid Prime, Ultimate Warrior of Zera

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Just a quick question, does this group have a Discord?

Comment posted by TheUnfitComedian deleted Jul 6th, 2019
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Just so you know, since school is coming, there may be long periods where I don't go on this site and don't edit The Bridge's TV Tropes page.

How do I go about submitting Mane-iac: Shadow of Vengeance to the canon group?

Should have done this a while ago but Faith Wolff and Corona Blaze have been made group contributors

411377 Lemme know if you need any voices.
I'd love for another chance at voicing a fic.

The minute I saw this group, I instantly joined. As of now, I will be working on a few animated shorts on the bridge story. I'll also be working on my own story.

I'll join this party and I'll have more free time soon, so I'll probably draw some pics as well

I'm a huge supporter of this story, so I decided to join, I draw, but I'm busy drawing my Diamond Dog Digimon lines. Also, my drawing is horrible still at least I won't have to shift through Tarbanto's blog's for lore.

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