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This is the Monster Masher's Domain! The place where FIMfictioners can put Kaiju stories. Or Kaiju pictures. None DARE challenge the rule of Monster Masher over his domain! (Except for Godzilla)

That was kinda stupid wasn't it? Anyway... Hey! Whats up, FIMfictioners? The MonsterMasher137 here with my very own GROUP! It's also my first, so if there is anything would would like to see in this group, let me know.

ALL kaiju stories or sequels to kaiju stories allowed!

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Please read the recent blog I have on my page. I think you may find the ideas I have rather interesting.

Thanks for the invite, happy to join.

Thank you for the invite. Joined

Dreadwing has arrived

While I appreciate this group existing, is it really necessary? We already have a kaiju group and I feel it best we not splinter.

*smirks* you didn't think I'd miss out on this, did you?

Thanks for coming, Dude.

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