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In a world where Sunset Shimmer was Celestia's favored, she must beat the odds....and apparently make friends....Sunset's life is weird.

Hello and welcome everyone to the Shimmerverse. This is an open group, so if anyone wishes to contribute, either with artwork or stories, please let me know. I am accepting new stories that can help flesh out this world and I do appreciate the support.

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Happy New Years Shimmerverse group.

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Could my story "The Traveler Rises" be added? It's about Sunset, and I think it would fit in non-canon

:pinkiehappy:I can't wait for the story where quickfix is crusing on shade and gets jealous with sunset.

Happy Holidays to everyone is this group.

obviously my favorite MLP AU with Sunset Shimmer in it!! :D :D :D

Hail Princess Sunset Shimmer

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