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Instead of going through the mirror portal Sunset Shimmer decided to stay as Princess Celestia's personal student. Now she's being sent to Ponyville to oversee the Summer Sun Festival. When the Summer Sun Festival is crashed by an ancient evil Sunset and her new friends must stop her before it's too late.

This is a collaboration group of sorts like the Lunaverse.

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Hello there. I apologize if I get on anybody's nerves about this, but I DO have a couple of threads that I THOUGHT at least a couple of you would be interested in.

Hello there. Not much to say, really, except I hope I don't get on anybody's nerves TOO much. :-D


She isn't dead, and she does exist. She just never became Princess Celestia's personal student. If you want to know about something, or implement something then feel free to make a thread about it. It is a collaboration based group after all.


She ain't dead.



378162 She probably just never became Celestia's personal student. I could be wrong about this, since I'm just guessing.

Is Twilight Sparkle dead? :unsuresweetie:

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