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I'm an American author who doesn't care what people think about what I write.


Sunset Shimmer returned to Equestria a long time ago, and forgiven by Princess Celestia, she has been living peacefully for these last few months.

But her peace is shattered when on a trip to look into a magical disturbance, she falls into an underground cave and discovers a hammer with its head half buried in a rock. What happens next changes her entire life, and will affect the entire universe.

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picture of thors hammer? you have my curiosity. reading the summary though? you have my erec- i mean my full attention!

If Sunset's taking her EqG form that'd be human tag, not anthro. The Anthro tag is for bipedal ponies with hands but otherwise pony characteristics (coat, tail, muzzle, etc, ie Furries).

Thanks for the comment! I was uncertain as to what the difference was, thanks for helping clarify!

No problem, glad to be of help!

Wait, Wait, Wait. Wait a damn second, this is a crossover of Legends of tomorrow + mlp + thor?

It's a multi-crossover. Worked on this for a long time in me head, with multiple different influences. It'd take too long to say just how many different movies, TV shows, and books will be seen at least parts of in this story.

I have the next chapter written, I just need to upload it. Plus, I've kinda been hoping to get a proofreader for the story, but I guess I'll forge ahead on my own.

I'd be more than happy to proofread. I have a good eye for grammar.

Then when I get the next chapter written up, I'll contact ya! You got the job! :twilightsmile:

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