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Hello! I'm mainly gonna be writing one-shots of my Next Gen characters. I'm also the artist for "The Bridge"~


Soooo....lemme clear up some confusion with The Bridge · 12:18am Sep 20th, 2016

...Particularly regarding me making artwork for it.

It's been brought to my attention in the past and nowadays that a LOT of you guys are confused/worried/jealous/etc. regarding how Tarb and I go about these pics.
So I'mma clear this up.

1. I do this artwork for free. I get no money out of this.

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Are you okay?

Just so you know, Gentle Heart and Paleo Search are back for another feature in "Path of the Unforgiven"

How are you feeling? Are you gonna be in the mood for making Bridge Illustrations again?

Hello Faithy, noticed my new avatar?

How are you? been a long time since we last spoke.

Heya! Sorry for the delay, wasn’t updated on this comment :derpyderp1:

Episode 6 (of MLP, I take it?):
I found it to be a cute episode with a good lesson. Rarity was HILARIOUS and the sisterly bond shown off was adorable.

Chapter 37 (of The Bridge?):
I loved it ;w; made me feel varying degrees of emotion. While yes, the subplot seems out of place, one of it’s big reasons for existing was to develop Seong and Anguirus’s relationship, which I loved~

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