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This story is a sequel to Hunters: The Bridge

Part 2 of 2, Read part 1 here.

The battle with the monstrous titan, Nyum-Bunet, has just grown to a whole new scale now that Godzilla Junior has joined the fray. But when both the King of the Monsters and the Monster Hunter's weapons fail to put the behemoth down, our heroes are forced to get creative....

A non-canon crossover collaboration special made with The Psychopath.

Written in collaboration by The Psychopath and Tarbtano
Proofread by Lance-Omikron
Godzilla Junior property of Toho Company Ltd.
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic by Hasbro Studios
Nyum-Bunet, Zealos, Spiral Tooth, and Commodore Boulder by Psychopath
Blueberry Frost owned and copyrighted by Sword-of-Akasha and licensed by Shadows of Shattered Dreams, all rights reserved

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 15 )

I see that you took a page from what Gamera did to Irys in the third movie....

This was a fun little side adventure, and nice teamwork.

Okay, this was a fun read and it does bring the Attack on Titan vibe that was promised on the premise. It was interesting to see Spiral, Zealous, and the spider climb the giant to plant bombs on its spine and Blueberry Frost was awesome with hoe she singlehandedly operated a giant cannon using nothing but her strength and a modified spear (Is the modified spear canon in the Bridge and was Stalwart Sentry really capable of making those spears to hunt monsters?). Junior using his radiation pulses was a sight to see and the fact that he made the gravity-defying drop kick made me laugh and cheer in joy. Overall, I loved how those the teamwork of the group allowed them to defeat the Nyum-Bunet and it really made me want to learn more of the monster hunter group. Instant fav as usual, Tarb. and thanks to ThePsychopath for his role in the crossover.

Yes, finally he pulled off the flying drop kick! :yay:

Now for the atomic breath stunt! :trollestia:

Sooo... it happened.

What's next? Junior learning to fly...

... or is going to turn into a magnet?

Seriously, this was a fun little fight. While I know it's not part of The Bridge, it was at least a fun little read. I hope future fights like it do come up.

Interesting chapter and all, but Godzilla should've been able to Crush something like Nyum-Bunet easily even if its body has resistance to his Atomic Breath and did I hear that the thing was 60 meters while Godzilla was 100 meters

7959659 Was 60 meters from the upper torso up. It's total height was well over 150 meters.

7959488 These were the highlights of G's Death Battle with Gamera.

7959666 OK that makes sense, but Regardless Godzilla should've beat him without any help

7959960 Just to clarify, it's 165 meters and considered a hecatonchires class for a reason. This fight allowed me to curb its strength to appropriate levels rather than making it OP like many of my old creations tend to be (Also, Tarb helped me gain experience in giant monster fights :3). Still, the sheer size, weight, and strength allowed it to tank Godzilla's attacks. The strength is demonstrated when it picks Godzilla up in one hand and slams him down into the nyus.

Plus, what fun would there be if the fight ended in seconds? If you want excessive, we could always do a brief collab with my Gigantis Vesuvius Vulcan. Nothing can beat it, and it's not because it fights. It's very passive and friendly. :3

This was very well done aND I also enjoyed part one:twilightsmile:

A nice little story, even if it non cannon.

Man there has to be some way i can Make Lord of The Rings, The Last Air bender, Star Wars, Godzilla, and other stories all come together in one MLP Fanfic even the Earth Crossover.

Finally read this story. Don't know what I waited for. Both parts were awesome!
That diamond dog can f*ck herself.

I love this story even if it’s old

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