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The Bridge and Pokemon Masters crossover!

Eons ago, an entity from a world of magical creatures called pokemon came to the world fated to become Equestria. It never returned. In the present day, while Equestria is dealing with a recent influx of giant monsters called kaiju from a realm called Terra; two teams go looking for what was lost. One seeks under instruction from the being's creator to bring it and the countless lives aboard it back home. The other has far more nefarious intent in mind for this goliath called, Kardas.

Written by Metroid Prime and Tarbtano
Cover image by the lovely Faith-Wolff
Characters based off respective franchises by Hasbro, Nintendo, Gamefreak, and Toho Company

Chapters (3)
Comments ( 51 )

The human looked over at Twilight, she mumbled something. It wasn’t clear, but Mothra could have sworn she said “Huh, so that's what Dusk Shine looks like as a girl.”

:rainbowhuh: Tarb, you got some 'splaining to do.

Being the twisted sort of person that I am, my first thought here is: how long until someone sees a Rapidash and thinks Twilight's Ticked Off again?

Glad I am already familiar with that series. I have a fairly good idea for what is going on now.

Also, as much as I want to, I can't blame Grogar in this particular instance.

Okay, I just read this story and I have to say that I love what you and Metroid Prime have created. I feel curious as to how a spaceship could have Pokemon. It seems that the beginning occurs way before the Bridge as Bagan and Harmony are having their first confrontation, though I do wonder how the Pokemon came to the present. The Magnemites and Magnetons being surprisingly powerful when in teams was entertaining, given that they give Lea and Twilight a bit of problem. Still, our resident geniuses managed to deduce how metal type pokemons are weak to fire attacks, so that's impressive. The ending with the Pokemon Champion Platinum Berlitz revealing to be a man of a R63 version of MLP was quite the shocker. I hope Platinum shows proof to the main characters of MLP (Main 6, the Princesses, CMC, Shining Armor) that they are fictional characters in her dimension...and I hope to see the Equestrian's reactions to their R63 selves.
Forgot to add, have a fav. Also, is there a story from Metroid Prime that introduces the Pokemon/Ultra Man characters?

This is a crossover with the Masterverse, which is a crossover between Pokemon and a version of MLP where everyone is gender flipped.

*stammers incoherently*

I think you broke him...

We'll be keeping an eye on this while Sebaste recovers from his shock.

It's featured! Talk about smashing its way there!

Might want to link to the central stories of the two other works you're pulling from in the description.

Looks like this is the Gumiho sub arc all over again.

I guess the R63 MLP is a gender inversion of our MLP cast?

You know, one of my biggest worries for The Bridge is Grogar being a Bagan clone, and his short appearance here isn't really doing much to allay my concerns what with his "cold" aura, formation of dark crystal like objects, red eyes in a shadowy form that doesn't show much...

Minor correction. Grogar doesn't freeze. The cold I was referring to in those passages was referring to cold in the blood as in you're so scared your blood runs cold. Grogar's aura tends to either do a wild span of temperatures going rapidly from hot cold hot cold hot cold, crush things, or destroy them as he's walking through them.

But still, the differences aren't so wide given what we've seen of him.

Ponies are not fictional characters in the Pokémon world, Platinum actually met Dusk Shine at one point.

This is getting a bit ridiculous with the crossovers. And I love crossovers. I mean if it was non-canon, it wouldn't be a problem. But your taking pokemon and making it a fundamental part of this story's world building. I think its crazier than Discord on a good day!

I mean yeah, with Bagan they need all the help they can get, but I would have preferred a crossover with the chess game of the gods group or some good HIE stories. Hell, use Harry Dresden from the Dresden Files Crossover. Or make a crossover with My Little Dragon, or something like that.

I don't even know whats going on with the kardas and such, this is nuts.

If it calms you down, this won't impact Bridge much outside of a reference or two. I have a nested it snugly in the timeline so it won't conflict with anything. Pokemon won't be present for Bridge's run aside from this. This is akin to a one-shot crossover.

Have you thought of creating an optional-canon folder? So that if a story is rather controversial, but doesn't really effect the overall story, and can be read without it, people can simply choose whether or not its canon. Also, you could create other explanation stories that fit just as well in that "time-slot".

to me this is a sequel to Bridge, and I can't wait to read more.

Interesting start. A nice string of surprises to help get the train rolling.

If this first chapter is any indication, this'll be a great story. It's nice to see Lea as she hasn't had a major role in awhile and I was pleasantly surprised to see my favorite pokémon (Magnemite) make an appearance.

Just when I thought The Bridge couldn't get any more crazy: Pokemon!

The Champion knew what Arceus was talking about, Giratina told her about how they received an Omnisphere that lets them observe other dimensions and universes outside their view. Apparently it was a gift from one of Arceus’s deity friends, one that hailed from a world populated by shape shifting robots with that particular friend being the size of a planet.

Uh, let me guess. Arceus' friend is Primus of the Transformers multiverse.

Both Giratina and Platinum took a collective gulp, if such forces as interdimensional damage or the release of extremely powerful entities into other worlds were bad enough that they scared Arceus; then such outcomes were to be feared by all accounts. Giratina even knew of one such entity that was for all intents a “Chaos Bringer”. And such beings were not singularities across near infinite realms.

Oh great. Now Unicron. Who's next?

“Someone you know very well Giratina. I don’t know how, but Palkia detected a spatial distortion that matched the signature of one of her spatial pearls. She looked into it, and saw that the one called “Zero” is now in Equss 813.2 Alpha.”

Giratina’s eyes widened, before her face turned into a scowl.

Zero? As in that nutjob who tried to kill Griatina in that one movie? Oh joy.

well it seems to me that the worlds will collide into one at one point or another.

Now Transformers, Bionicle and DC are dragged into this, the Omniverse is Boned, but why not include the Anime Megaverse or Marvel Megaverse I'm pretty sure the Anime Megaverse is closest to the Nintendo Megaverse Toho Megaverse since they are both practically made by Japan so they earn a mention

So how powerful is this Arceus compared to Harmony, Grogar and Bagan


More or less she can go toe to toe with them, but it depends

Who didn't you piss off when you came over?

Arceus: oh shut up

And how come you never mentioned alternate version of yourself?

Arceus: I don't need anyone's permission to do things, not even my own!

I bet you're the Rick Sanchez C-137 of the Arceus'

And who the hell is Dusk Shine or whatever along with Prince Solaris?

Dusk Shine is Twilight's genderfliped male counterpart and Prince Solaris is Celestia's male version

They are not from any one story. They were created by some artist as fanmade rule 63 versions of the MLP cast. Since then they have been used by a lot of authors in stories

They can be found here

As for the story I myself use them in LINK

Comment posted by SuperSaiyanGodzilla deleted Aug 9th, 2017

Check the prequel story to that one

Ha I just followed the link, ironically they may have Genderbended but they have 0.000000000000000000000005% Masculine

Very nice explanation of the Omniverse. Glad you mentioned the Nasuverse; it's one of my favorites.

I think "Anime Megaverse" is a little too broad and should be narrowed down. For example; Amuro Ray from the Gundam Multiverse of the Sunrise Megaverse. And it's Marvel Multiverse, not Megaverse.

Say, are other multiverses going to be mentioned? If so, will they have any effect on the plot? If so, I can think of at least 5 possible allies/enemies if you can't think of any.


Unlikely, as much as I want to there would need to be a scene or situation where that would be necessary. I could mention another as a one off comment but I'd have to ask Tarb first.

And no they will not affect the plot in any way, Tarb wishes to keep the story of the Bridge about Godzilla and MLP outside of crossovers like these. And while I did mention "A New World, A New Way" and I used the events of that story to affect to an extant some situations in this story Zeus has no intentions so far of crossing over with anyone outside his universe, and I don't wish to bother him.

But I will be doing references to other multiverses in my stories if you are interested.

So is there an evil Arceus?

Loved all the references. So lolsy to see a being of great power like Arceus talk to her own child the way a lot of mortal parents do.

Surprised to see another chapter of this story, Tarb. I got to say that the idea of Heroic Spirits from Fate existing is badass (Go Gilgamesh and Karna), the show stealer was Platinum overwhelming Zero’s Pokemon with her own team. Zero is also quite the badass for creating a robot that could fight Giratina, though Lea’s ability to split into pieces and the spell of protection she gave Giratina, coupled with Z-move screwed the robot up. Twilight using a combo of Terran and Equestrian magic was amazing, though the ending of Zero somehow creating a terrifying monster that could outperform Groudon was unexpected since I thought he’d be an egotistical villain that’d run away when defeated. Again, thanks for the great chapter, Tarb.

Very impressive battle.

I'm assuming that creature at the end wasn't a Pokemon, but something from another franchise.

i have only on word tp say OH MY GOD ,sinzillgon!!!!

Comment posted by TheUnfitComedian deleted Jul 22nd, 2019

Ah hell, Zero just pulled an Atherton. Quick! Somebody get Snoke on the phone! :trollestia:

Gojira will come and stop it.

You are right, it's not a Pokemon, But it's from that world.

Tarb, you mad man, you just pulled some matrix level stuff here! Hell! I could write a fanfic of The Bridge where it takes place in an alternate universe where Todd McFarland's Spawn shows up for the party! (I realized that's actually not that bad of an idea...I actually might get on that if or when I have the time!)

It's from the jirachi movie.

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