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Okay I decided to make a group for all the bronies out there into the Pet and slave scene.

A group for those who like to read stories of someone being physically or mentally owned by another. Whether for sexual release or because they think they are superior to them.

This group is for those who want to talk about it, read about it in fanfictions or find role play partners. So let's all have fun in this group.

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Hello, my name is Pepper, and I am currently looking for an owner if anyone is still searching for a submissive/enslaved person. I am relatively new to it, and any training or encouragement would be welcome; I mainly use discord to chat while occasionally checking here.

what is the discord if there is one

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Sup, my name is Felippe. I'm a 16 year old boy and i'm interested to see what the chat looks like on discord and i'm new to this kind of thing.

can someone send me the discord link?

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Hi, my name is Storm Flash. I'm 19 and like to be submissive to a dom. Looking for, as the one below me says, a master to please. Long term, short term, I just want to please. Hit me up.

Hello, my "name" is Night Lotus. I am a 22 years old female and am an experienced submissive/slave. I am currently looking for a Master to honor and please as He wishes. Any level of seriousness is fine and I'll gladly comply, but I'm looking for a lifelong Master.

My kik is ajstrife if you are interested.

Thank you

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Kik me-kickassmuffin19
Boy and bi
I want to be your pet boy and girls we can play

Hi, I guess I am the new Pony here?

From the explanation, I could post a few stories here.
Unless there is any fine print details, maybe I should get posting my stories too?

I sure do have a few stories with 'Pets', and the like.

Guess I will just chance a few and see how it goes.
Hope I am not banned from Group or Site for these now.

I'm new to the Master and Pet/Slave thing, but I would give it a shot, because the idea is interesting to me. :twilightsheepish:
And I like RPing. :pinkiehappy:

I have an idea for one of these kinds of stories. So the idea is that Twilight, the insane scientist we all know she is, comes up with an immortality serum. Attempting to slip some to Rarity, something goes terribly wrong.....

And that's all I'll give you until I can work on it:raritywink:

Wish i could write worth a damn:fluttercry:

You have my attention. I'll have to get started on a story for this group once my current batch of stories either get finished or die off.

hah lol....

indeed though the stories need to be flooding in.,....

Post them if you got them. I dont know where they are lol.

I think this group needs more stories... :coolphoto:

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