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Music enthusiast, a (really bad) drawer, hardcore gamer/grinder, and somewhat of a decent writer (and a weeb of sorts). What more is there left to say?

SAS4 Story Progress (It's slow af but I'm getting close)

~Last edited on 4/15/18~

1st Chapter: (The Swarm): Finished [2,273 words]
NE | 2nd Chapter: (Necrosis): Finished [2,441 words]
NE | 3rd Chapter: (Nightfall): Finished [2,892 words]
NE | 4th Chapter: (The Morning Sun): Finished [2,308 words]
NE | 5th Chapter: (Project Phoenix): Finished [3,270 words]
NE | 6th Chapter: ([Name Unavailable]): Finished [3,992 words]
NE | 7th Chapter: ([Name Unavailable]): Finished [2,829 words]
NE | 8th Chapter: ([Name Unavailable]): Finished [2,907 words]
NE | 9th Chapter: ([Name Unavailable]): Finished [2,202 words]
10th Chapter: ([Name Unavailable]): Incomplete [0 words]

Title: The Virus <Might change later>

Genre/Tags: AU, Dark, Gore

Rating: Mature

Goal: 10-20 chapters with at least 2k words each. 20k total word count minimum, no maximum.

Chapter Total: 10
Word Total: 25,108

(knighty wtf you killed 1k words off my story)

NE = Not Edited

Expected publish date: idfk anymore

*Adding much more detail than before.
*Going back to fix my errors.
*Changing a bit of the plot to make it more logical.
*Dialogue has been slightly improved, but still needs more work (need better words to express emotions).
*Made the story a bit more realistic, but still needs work.
*Improved chapter one, two, three, four, five, six and seven.
*I have combined Preparations and Nightfall together into a single chapter.
*Still need to improve on world-building.
*Made it easier for people who have not played SAS4 to understand the story.
*Am now getting help from a friend

I'm still wondering whether or not I should add the crossover tag.

No human characters from SAS4 are in this story. (Not that they were even important to begin with)

(Believe it or not, I've already started on the sequel!)(That was a bad idea xd)

Weekly Video!

If you want to suggest a video you can PM me for that I think it's better if you suggest them in the link below. It can be any type of music. EDM, Hip-Hop, Classical, Rock, etc. It's recommended that you suggest songs/music that feel special to you rather than just any random one. UPDATED EVERY FRIDAY!

Got anything you want to say about the weekly videos? Say it here!


Weekly Videos have been moved to blogs, although it's no longer weekly. I'll only be posting my favorites in those blogs.

Just in case if you missed the previous videos... Here they are. (Newest to Oldest)
Axero - Downtown
EDEN - Gravity
Elephante & MIIA - Dynasty (Recommended)
Elephante - Sirens (Recommended)
Elephante - Hold (Recommended)
Elephante - Black Ivory (Recommended)
Elephante - Catching On
Elephante - Plans
Elephante - Goliath
Deluka - Home (Elephante Remix)
Elephante - Shake The Earth
Galantis - Help (Elephante Remix)
Trademark - Show You Love
Spooky Scary Skeletons
DOCTOR VOX - Frontier (Recommended)
Distrion & Electro-Light - Rubik
SirensCeol - Adventure Time
Luke Shay - Up & Away
The Noisy Freaks - Selection (Recommended) ☆
Nitro Fun - Cheat Codes
Dada Life - One Last Night On Earth (Young Bombs Remix)
Flo Rida - Hello Friday (ft. Jason Derulo) (Owen Norton Remix)
Dzeko & Torres - 2014 in 10 Minutes (Recommended) ☆
Exige - Proximity Launchpad Mashup
Feed Me x Knife Party x Skrillex - My Pink Reptile Party (Maluu's Slice'n'Diced Mashup)
Virtual Riot - Idols
3LAU - Five Voices
Paul Oakenfold x BRKLYN x Amba Shepherd - U Are (Recommended) ☆
Tritonal & Paris Blohm ft. Sterling Fox - Colors (Recommended) ☆
Cullimore & ILARI - Escape (Recommended)
Major Lazer x DJ Snake - Lean On (KLYMVX Ft. Emma Heesters Remix) (Recommended)
Vaxille - Oceans (Recommended)
Galantis - No Money (Recommended) ☆
Beau Collins - Liquid (Recommended) ☆
Come Clean - One Wish
Casanova - Dream It Do It
Paris & Simo - Zombie (3LAU Edit)
Axollo - Melody
The Weeknd - In The Night (Jasper Dietze feat. Aaron Richards Remix)
ZVMT - Horizon
ZAYN - Like I Would (Tom Budin Remix)
Ben Van Kuringen - Maze
Robby East & Spencer Maier - Roadtrip
Our Psych - Ureshii
Rain Man feat. Oly - Bring Back The Summer (Arpex Remix)
Lukas Graham - 7 Years (DYTONE Remix)
MRVLZ - Never
G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha - Me, Myself & I (Mesto Remix)
GIVANO - Timeless
BLR - Nungwi
Jensation - Sparkles
Owen Norton & Chasner - Infinity
KSHMR & Felix Snow - Touch (Dyk Remix)
B3RROR - Nostalgia
Martin Garrix - Poison
RetroVision - Happy Hour
Tobu & Etori - Vicious (Recommended)
MitiS & MaHi - Blu
Cabu & Akacia - Gold
Subtract - Falling
Mesto - Tokyo (Recommended) ☆
Don Diablo - On My Mind
Daft Punk - Around the World/HBFS
AWE - Crystals
Passion Pit - Take a Walk (A capella)
The Hum (Party Thieves Festival Trap Remix) (Recommended) ☆
-BLVC SVND x Oshi - Boomin
-Slight - Release (Warning: Bass Heavy)
Cavalier - Storm
-Lil' Wayne - A Milli (K Theory Remix)
Jetta - I'd Love to Change the World (Matstubs Remix)
-Oshi - Pink
Calvin Harris - Outside (Savagez Remix)
-DVBBS & Borgeous - Tsunami (Arceen Festival Trap Remix)
Mateo Amarei - That Guy (Recommended) ☆
Major Lazer - Be Together (Vanic Remix)
Linkin Park - Valentine's Day
Alesso & Dirty South - City of Dreams
Timmy Trumpet - Freaks (Recommended)
KSHMR & DallasK - Burn
The Impossible Game Soundtrack
Capital Kings - In The Wild (David Prince Remix)
Will & Dan - Fame (Recommended) ☆
KDrew - Last Train to Paradise
Sebastian Ingrosso - Reload
Adam Lambert - Ghost Town
-Unlike Pluto Remix
Airtones - Strike
Bingo Players - Get Up (Rattle) (Recommended)
MDK - Phoenix
Still Young - Midnight (Party Thieves Remix)
-Take/Five - Midnight
X vs Zero
Wiley Webb - Humour (Recommended) ☆
Tristam - Till It's Over
-Orchestral Version
-Piano Cover
TheFatRat - Xenogenesis
Kill The Noise - Saturn
Braken - To The Stars (Piano Cover)
Spektrem - Miles Above You
Christian Reindl - Skywards (Recommended) ☆
MDK - Jelly Castle
-Orchestra Version
-Retro Version
Martin Garrix - Virus
Hans Zimmer - Coup de Grace (9/11 tribute)
Imagine Dragons - Warriors
Tobu - Legacy
Mako - Our Story (Recommended) ☆
-Party Thieves Remix
Built By Titan - Collide
WRLD - Triumph
Razihel - Legends ft. Teammate (AZWZ Remix)

HEY YOU! If you're new to all this Weekly Videos stuff I suggest you start with the first video! ^

Videos from blogs: (Old - New)
Tiesto - Red Lights
Garmiani - Rumble
Pegboard Nerds & Tristam - Razor Sharp
Tobu - Candyland
Cash Cash - Overtime
Varien - Valkyrie Trilogy
Coyote Kisses - Six Shooter
Exit Friendzone - Chasing Paradise
Bossfight & Couzare - Milky Ways
Teminite - Firepower
Christian Reindl - At lo le'vad (I really hope I hear this in a movie or TV show. If anyone has heard this somewhere, please tell me.) ☆
Take/Five - Midnight (VIP)
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
Tobu - Colors (Vocal Mix)
DJ Earworm - Blame It On The Pop
Cha Cappella
Jensation - Spring Vibes
Mako - Smoke Filled Room
Trademark - Through The Storm
Vanze - Forever
EDEN - End Credits
Ghosts (Cinematic Mix) - Mako
Trademark - Where We Fit In
Stephen - Crossfire

*For the best experience, use headphones


Strawberry and Blueberry

The artist who made this is named Virize and is on Tumblr.
The original post.
Her profile.
Follow her (or him, though I'm 99% sure she's female)! Her art is amazing!

tiny text that's important if artist somehow discovers this page below:
Virize, if you somehow come across this page, don't hurt me please. I'm just a guy who saw some BEAUTIFUL art that was on the internet and decided to display it on this random user page.


sometimes i wish notifications didnt get purged after a certain time-period · 8:07pm Sep 21st, 2018

how the hecks am i supposed to know where the notification originated from

shaking my head

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Blog Posts

  • 271 weeks
    sometimes i wish notifications didnt get purged after a certain time-period

    how the hecks am i supposed to know where the notification originated from

    shaking my head

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  • 292 weeks

    ^title is irrelevant

    i've been starting to pick up my pace when it comes to writing typing

    can't make any promises still, but i'm getting there

    ofc i'm having help this time around so i can 1: stay on task, and 2: my grammar doesn't pulverize me into the ground

    said help person is on this site somewhere

    Read More

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  • 293 weeks

    0 comments · 497 views
  • 293 weeks

    this is your very inconsistent monthly reminder that i'm alive, but still doing nothing productive (or am i)

    the answer is yes, i am being productive right now

    you all are witnessing a rare sight

    ok goodbye

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  • 300 weeks

    clap emoji

    ok enjoy the rest of your day

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  • 301 weeks
    ok yeah im hecking dead

    Well then, a blog after 7 weeks.

    Uh, yeah I've been occupied with a lot lately. And by a lot, I mean:

    -Warframe (already put 600 hours into it)
    -School (I had to make a windmill by myself AND I had to write an essay at the start of second semester)
    -Youtube (Gotta keep myself hip with the kids somehow)
    -Discord (Shitposting! Roleplays (albeit only one long one and a bunch of others that fell short)! More shitposting!

    Read More

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  • 309 weeks
    merry christmas

    Three blogs in a month?! What kind of black magic is this?!

    Heyo, just here to wish everyone a great Christmas (and hopefully you got the presents you wanted). I'm a few hours late on this considering it officially became Christmas 2 hours ago in the EST timezone, but eh.

    Probably going to get no presents this year, but I ain't complaining. My laptop is enough to fill that role. :^)

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  • 310 weeks
    Another Music Dump


    why not, right?

    Links in this blog: 7

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  • 312 weeks
    game awards


    ^this legit gave me the most goosebumps ever

    in all honestly, i only watched the game awards to earn the loot items in warframe. (someone carry me lol)

    preferred the twitch account link reward over the stream reward

    if you were watching it live and saw the chat, no i was not one of the people who kept spamming in chat.

    Read More

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  • 313 weeks
    this is fine

    it's my birthday \o/

    already got my present last friday (gaming laptop)

    now i wait for cake

    um, i dont think i have anything else to say other than that

    ok bye

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discord shenanigans 2 · 5:54am Nov 27th, 2016

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If you ever feel stupid or dumb, just remember I said this:

"Why am I better at speaking Spanish than at speaking Asian?"

"Glucose is a wonderful molecule!"

"I get jiggly sometimes."

"I nearly have a maxed out Carl!"

Also, things I have said while pissed
(spoilered them just in case you don't want to see it)
(you can probably guess what i said in the censored areas):


"Oh wooooow. You think you're such a [#] PRO DON'T YOU?!"



"[#] THIS GAME!"

exactly one week ago (today is oct. 26 2017), i raged so hard that everyone near the house could hear me screaming like a maniac. i dont think i was even screaming words that a normal human being could comprehend. i slammed my foot on the wooden floor several times and not only did it hurt a lot, i'm pretty sure i made a dent. why did i rage? total assholes in a certain fps game we all love to hate on. yeah, this is why you dont let me play video games while alone in a house. i tend to lose my shit very easily.

No one is perfect. We all got flaws. My flaw is simply being easily angered while playing games.
^mfw uses overused quotes

random ass non-pone waifu


pinned notes · 5:39pm Apr 30th, 2017

New note to self: Beat procrastination. (25% beaten)(?)

Second note to self: Start working on the things you promised to work on several months ago.

Another new third note to self: Get a job.

Fourth note to self: Stop breaking promises.

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Special Events
Pineapple Rush MK. 2: Active when the Nation hits 75 members.

i did a thing in like one or two boxes on the right. feel free to look at it

Welcome, guys and gals. You have arrived at Unidentified's doorstep. Enter with caution...

Not really, this page should never give you a reason to feel chills [UNLESS IT'S HALLOWEEN]. I'm just a friendly guy who's (sort of) <past> main purpose is to help others get noticed, with an EXTREMELY small side-goal of creating enjoyable stories. Oh and of course to post blogs that make little to no sense. Just so you know I do return follows. I mean come on, isn't it obvious already? (Unless for some reason you follow me, but then get permabanned...) (I also rarely unfollow so don't worry about losing me as a follower). If you come across this page, leave a comment! Or you can marvel at the wonders of my page. Just don't travel too far down. Seriously. I keep all my garbage down there.

Fact: You are reading this.
Fun Fact 1: My first blog post was NOT "Negativity makes an IMPACT", it was actually "Rules" which I later deleted because it was stupid.
Fun Fact 2: I had an unpublished story that was finished. However, reading over it after a couple months, I decided to delete the finished chapter and try again.
Fun Fact 3: I used to say gifs like "jifs" instead of "gih-fs".
Fun Fact 4: Weekly Videos USED to be updated weekly. :O
Fun Fact 5: You see those numbers at the bottom? They don't lie. I actually kept track. Sometimes I made mistakes in my statistics. :p
Fun Fact 6: I'm terrible at descriptions.
Fun Fact 7: There used to be a fun fact here! :D
Fun Fact 8: I read when I got time. As you can tell by the amount of ratings I give, that's pretty rare.
Fun Fact 9: u w0t m8
Fun Fact 10: My birthday is November 29th.
Fun Fact 11: Each month, a video is selected as a recommended video. But of course since Weekly Videos are no longer weekly... This doesn't happen anymore xd
Fun Fact 12: The SAS4 story will probably be the only story I'll ever put enough effort into. Check its status over to the right! If you want to read it in its current stage, PM me and I'll send you the link and passcode.
Fun Fact 13: I am the proud founder and commander of the Pineapple Nation.
Fun Fact 14: The Pineapple v Pickle war: 12.19.15
Fun Fact 15: Don't be surprised that I'm oblivious to most of the negativity on the site. I just plan on staying positive for as long as I can.
Fun Fact 16: I'M DRAMATIC AF (But I'm not overly dramatic.)
Fun Fact 17: I might sneak in a remix or two under a song from a few or many weeks ago. (Probs still gonna be doing that
Fun Fact 18: I have arachnophobia. D:
Fun Fact 19: Expect lots of screaming if you are a close friend of mine. (IRL)
Fun Fact 20: I actually appreciate criticism on my stories. If you see flaws, point them out! It'll help me improve content and help out future readers to understand anything that was previously confusing.
Fun Fact 21: I leik donuts.
Fun Fact 22: I have two main versions of me. One is normal me, and the other is meme me. I would explain to you what that means but I cannot because it's hard to explain the unexplainable, ya get me?
Fun Fact 23: Trees have leaves. (Just wanted to add in a fact that wasn't about me.)
Fun Fact 24: When each season ends, I'll put up a blog listing every single person that has followed me during that season. However... If they unfollow before that happens, they will not be listed. Also, this won't happen if I'm followed by less than 5 people per season.
Fun Fact 25: I'm only social if you attempt to talk to me first. It may take a while for me to respond, but I will reply at one point.
Fun Fact 26: There will be times when I will post a single video (music) on a blog. This is mainly because I love it so much that it's better for it to be out there rather than be apart of the weekly videos.
Fun Fact 27: The Weekly Notification Count (WNC) is mainly used to track how active I've been in the past.
Fun Fact 28: I am known to troll people on April 1st.
Fun Fact 29: Airplanes have been one of my favorite vehicles to use in a game. (Like the AC-130) Though, I have yet to actually be in one in real life. (Not military)
Fun Fact 30: I'm alive. (Pretty obvious)
Fun Fact 31: Random and Dark genres are probably the types of fics you will see from me.
Fun Fact 32: I was the only one in my entire chorus group (Middle School) to make it into Honors Chorus.
Fun Fact 33: Yes, I've been here for a year. Though, I never made a blog post about it. My reason? I wanted to see how many people noticed. No one did, but I'm honestly fine with it (Not being sarcastic). I'm used to being a shadow. Actually, now that I've said that...
Fun Fact 34: I've been a shadow for most of my life. I only interact if I'm around friends or when I'm feeling a bit cheerful. These rules don't apply to me on Discord tho xd
Fun Fact 35: Cheetos and Sprite are my favorte junkfood.
Fun Fact 36: I'm the worst when it comes to keeping promises, unfortunately. I can't remember a time where I actually kept a promise.
Fun Fact 37: There are many different things I had previously worked on, but left unfinished. (I'm lookin' at you random Fanfic I created 3 years ago)
Fun Fact 38: Karin is muh non-pone waifu. :p
Fun Fact 39: For the first time, I've managed to not be an idiot and got myself two honor roll certificates in a row!
Fun Fact 40: My favorite games as a child were Digimon World 3; Megaman X4, X5, and all the Battle Network games; Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (DX); Tetris; Pokemon Yellow, Silver (and its remake), Emerald, Platinum and Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time; Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories and those two Mario games (which I obviously forgot the name to) on the SNES that I never finished.
Fun Fact 41: I made a Tumblr account (no im not one of those people).
Fun Fact 42: Did mention that I love EDM? Well, I'll say it again. I LOVE EDM. Specifically House, Chill and Trap.
Fun Fact 43: Usually nothing I say is ever serious. Assume what I say is a joke unless I mention otherwise.
Fact: I did not make that banner at the top of my user page. I simply found it online. Who made it? I have no clue since I can't find the picture again. Still searching.
Opinion: Berry Dragon is best dragon!

Summer Follower count: 15, 1
Autumn Follower count: 112 (minus 5), 1 (minus 2)
Winter Follower count: 35 (minus 2)
Spring Follower count: 18 (minus 1)
Weekly Notification count: 126, 65, 35, 42, 50, 49, 38, 39, 53, 18, 12, 98, 137, 39, 48, 57, 45, 38, 115, 31, 104, 28, 48, 84, 25, 33, 51, 84, 72, 54, 63, 34, 88, 31, 12, 23, 15, 36, 36, 22, 21, 9, 31, 40, 16, 14, 12, 18, 32, 13, 17, 12, 9, 14, 11, 2, 18, 8, 0, 5

Notice anything familiar about me? Any dead giveaways that tell you who I am? Gimme a good ol' pat on the shoulder if you see me walking around. PM me if you think you found me in real life. :)

MLG games I have played recently: DLC Simulator

Also known as: S12, kekleon, justsomerandompersonbro, Horizon, keklordalmighty, demeblox and Vari3. If you've seen these names, then you've seen me.

Discord: Unidentified #8196

^ Add me on Discord if you want to chat or just want to see if I'm still somewhat alive if I suddenly disappear again for a week.

What I'm like. Achievements for me.

I'm mostly a nocturnal being. Staying up late at night to chat and blog. I prefer stalking Fimfiction at night since that's usually when I become "patient and less idiotic." It's usually night time when I get an idea for a fic or chapter. I know, weird right? It always happens to me. I'm typing this at 2:00 in the morning. Really stupid use of my sleeping time right? Well screw you. It's Summer. It's Autumn. IT'S WINTER! OMFG IT'S SPRING, SUMMER AGAIN, FALL, WINTER, SPRING to heck with this

Locked Achievements 11/13
Sequel? Or a Prequel?: Make a Side-Story.
Achievement Mastery: Earn all achievements.

Unlocked Achivements
Heads Up!: More than 5 notifications in a week. Current Total: 137
Bling: Customize the page.
Spying: Stalk someone.
Addicted: Stay on for 3 hours. Longest: 8 hours
Circles!: Make a group.
Right on Time: Have Spotify "Drop the Bass" [DLC1]
Blog and Chat: 1 comment on a blog.
I'm popular!: Get 5 followers by the end of Summer. Most Followers: 15
Call me Bob: Change my name to Bob for a day. [DLC2]
Dang it: Be trolled. [DLC3]
You're Special: Have 10 different Favorites. [DLC1] Total: 33
Sinner: Make a Sin review on ReadingSins. [DLC3]
Enjoyable: Read all of Short Stories's stories. [DLC1] 15/27 (...Eh, I'll catch up later)
Extended Links: Be friends with someone on Fimfiction and PAD. [DLC2]
Class Clown: Make a joke that (almost) everyone loves. (F*ck a tree)
Even More Popular!: 5 likes on a comment. [DLC1] Most: 7
Nope: Find a story that screams terrible. (Won't name it to protect author's identity) [DLC2]
Secret Mail: Have 10 different PM's sent to different users. 10/10
Blog Addict: 50 total blog posts. 50/50 [DLC3]
Welcome to Fimfiction: Make a Story.
Follower Carnival: Be followed by more than 50 people in a single week. [LEGEND PACK]
Beyond Popular: Get a story in the featured or popular story section. [DLC3]
.50 cal: Reach 50 members in one group. [Secret]
Expert Sinner: Make 10 sin reviews on ReadingSins. 11/10 [DLC4]
That's Adorable: Cuteness Overload! [DLC3]
420BLAZEIT: Celebrate 4/20 [DANK]
Phone Call: Get a call from someone while on FimFic. [DANK]
A True Member: Be on Fimfiction for a year.
Impossible!: Post a story with "no words."
10,000 and counting: 10,000 feed at one time. [LEGEND] [Proof]
Ten (thousand) miles too far: Continue to rack up 10,000 more feed after first achieving it. [Secret] [Proof]

Extra Achievements (DLC pack 1) 4/7
Notice me: Derp.
Reading is Fun!: Read all of The Descendant's stories. (Oh god so many words, so little time.)
Gotcha!: Jumpscare someone on Fimfiction.

Extra Achievements (DLC pack 2) 3/8
VIP: Earn early access to chapters.
Mature: Create a mature story.
Encyclopedia of Stories: 100 total stories in any bookshelf. 57/100
The Meme King: Use 30 different memes in one comment.

Extra Achievements (DLC pack 3) 5/8
Out of my Element!: Do something that seems out of the ordinary.
Infamous: Less than 10 likes and more than 50 dislikes on a story.
Helping Hand: Help someone grow popular. (Minimum 20 followers)

Extra Achievements (DLC pack 4) 1/3
Grim Reader: Only read bad stories for a day. (Must show proof)
Legendary Achiever: Finish all DLC achievements.

Impossible Achievements (Legend Pack) 2/4
24/7: Have any of the staff of FiMFiction follow you.
Master of Mastering: Complete the Main Achievements, DLC, and Legend Pack.

Secret Achievements (Optional) 2/7
Trilogy: Secret Achievement.
10S: Secret Achievement.
Something New: Secret Achievement.
Old Friends: Secret Achievement.
Dry & Boring: Secret Achievement

Koosh: Legend says it is locked away in someone's stash.
0.7734: What could it mean?

Total Achievement Completion: 29/55

Who's that Handsome Devil?

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no wonder i've been dead on fimfic for so long

how dare

Bang, I shoot you with gun, now you are dead.

2438358 Hello. I see that you're finally back.



2256325 No problem friendo. :^)

Thanks for the follow. It means a lot. :)

2238590 I read through it all, but I feel like they should extend it in some way. There's still a few questions I have that are unanswered.

2235834 so...what do you think of dead by daylight lore?

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My OCs of Awesomeness. Kinda... (Updated)

Hi gals (and guys), welcome to my OC box. I want to warn you though that these OCs are not friendly! So, don't be surprised at what you see. You know, I hope I didn't accidentally copy someone else's OC. You know how it is when you're accused of stealing someone's idea. It's a living hell. I wish I had some art to go with these guys (wish no more), maybe a better bio as well. Still can't think of a clever last name for any of them... PM me any ideas if you have one.

Some bios have been extended. Cerberus now has a new bio. New category "Weapons" has been added and will replace the category "First Weapon". Removed themes for reasons. /shrug

Name: Hazard
Gender: Male
Age: Mid-20s
Race: Unicorn
Alt: None
Likes: Hanging out with friends, Video Games, Sweets, Raids.
Dislikes: Arguements, Losing, Celestia's lectures.
Body Color: Black
Mane and Tail Color: Orange, Light Yellow
Eye Color: Crimson
Weapons: .44 Magnums are Hazard's specialty. With his name engraved in one of them, he goes into battle with style and eliminates threats flawlessly. He'll use an AR or Shotgun instead if the time comes to do so.
Current Occupation: Trained Elite in Equestria's military. (Something like that)
Bio: Born on 11/29/XX in Manehattan, Hazard is a fierce force to be reckoned with in battle. Armed with only dual revolvers, he is extremely quick and lethal as he guns down his enemies with a relentless shower of bullets. As a leader, Hazard leads his teammates, Frenzy and Crossfire, to victory with his military tactics. While growing up in Manehattan, Hazard had a hard time making friends in school. He was always the odd one out in class and was a bit anti-social. During his High School era, he made some friends in class and out of class. His family didn't have much problems over the years. Hazard is an only child.

^If I ever get transported to Equestria (like never) I'm definitely going to be him. It's obvious because of the birthdate. dontkillmeplz

Name: Frenzy
Gender: Male
Age: Early 30s
Race: Pegasus
Alt: Insanity
Likes: Sports, Knives, Coffee w/ sugar, Movies
Dislikes: Diets, Horrible Movies, Teammates (excluding Crossfire and Hazard)
Body Color: Light-gray
Mane and Tail Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Weapons: Frenzy will use pretty much anything you give him. ARs, SMGs, LMGs, you name it, he'll use it. He's most fond with knives or any melee weapon in general. He finds throwing knives and tomahawks to be the most enjoyable weapons to use.
Current Occupation: Knives Specialist in Equestria's military.
Bio: Born on 8/15/XX in Baltimare, Frenzy is a specialist in melee weapons. A well known assassin in Equestria, he swiftly takes down his enemies from behind. Though he claims to work alone, Frenzy spends most of his time on the battlefield with his teammates. Living in Baltimare, Frenzy had spent most of his time with gangs. It was through one of them that he had gained a love for knives. He had trouble with connecting with his family over the years. He is very sociable. Frenzy has 2 siblings. (Brother and Sister)

Name: Crossfire
Gender: Female
Age: Early 20s
Race: Unicorn
Alt: None
Likes: Marathons, Shiny items, Snacks, Spending Family time
Dislikes: Healthy snacks, Cheese, CQB, Annoying siblings
Body Color: White
Mane and Tail Color: Purple
Eye Color: Blue
Weapons: Crossfire uses any weapon that is related to long-ranged combat. From bow and arrows, to sniper rifles, to slug shotguns. If it requires accuracy and can eliminate enemies from a distance, she'll use it.
Current Occupation: Trained Sniper (obviously in military)
Bio: Born on 2/14/XX in Canterlot, Crossfire is an expert sniper on the battlefield. Though she was born in Canterlot, her family moved closer to the countryside to get closer to nature. There, she spent her time shooting on a firing range with her father. It wasn't until the age of 15 that Crossfire got her first Sniper Rifle. She had many friends during high school. Crossfire has an older sister and 2 younger brothers.

Name: Insanity
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Pegasus - Enhanced
Likes: None
Dislikes: None
Body Color: Jet Black
Mane and Tail color: Blood Red
Eye Color: White
Bio: Frenzy's alter ego, Insanity, was believed to originated from the countless bloodshed caused by the murders Frenzy committed. Doctors say that trauma played a role in the creation of Insanity. His family believes Insanity is a demon that was summoned through a ritual. Whatever the real answer is, Insanity is here to stay. Insanity stalks his prey by lurking within the shadows, waiting until their paranoia gets the best of them. From there, he strikes with a single swift blow to the neck and vanishes into thin air, leaving behind a decapitated dead corpse.

Name: Cerberus
Nick: Drone Warrior
Gender: Male
Age: Late 30s
Race: Griffin
Likes: Any kind of food, lifting weights, Equestria
Dislikes: Other griffins, stealth, being judged
Body Color: Light Brown
Features: Sharp talons, Larger wingspan
Eye Color: Yellow
Weapons: Sharp talons, lightweight armor, and large wings. This combination helps him gain a large advantage on his enemies. He commands a drone army which acts like bodyguards, shielding him from any attacks that come at him. The drones vary from small explosive drones to AI controlled warships. As if he wasn't scary enough, his armor is equipped with dual machine guns which fire at 800 RPM and deadly heat-seeking missiles that travel at 170 miles per hour. His advanced armor allows him to locate hidden threats within the shadows.
Bio: Intimidation is key when it's Cerberus's time to lead. Cerberus takes no chances and always shows his full power in combat, which usually leads to him using more resources than he originally should have. Nevertheless, he is a frightening foe to go up against, even if you were the most powerful Alicorn out there. This can be proven with the mass quantity of warships he has control over. Cerberus was born on 7/15/XX. His birthplace is unknown. Cerberus was bullied as a kid and was always being beaten up. He eventually snapped and worked towards creating a weapon which would keep the bullies away for good. Thus, leading him to create his very first explosive drone. Whenever a bully would stray too close, he would pull out his drone to scare them away. Except for one bully. They wouldn't leave Cerberus alone no matter how much he tried to intimidate them. Cerberus eventually did the unthinkable and threw the drone at the bully, blowing him into pieces. He would soon be expelled from school and sent to a juvenile detention center. Years after, he would be recruited into Hazard's elite squad as the demolition expert.

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