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Music enthusiast, a (really bad) drawer, hardcore gamer/grinder, and somewhat of a decent writer (and a weeb of sorts). What more is there left to say?

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  • 202 weeks
    sometimes i wish notifications didnt get purged after a certain time-period

    how the hecks am i supposed to know where the notification originated from

    shaking my head

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  • 223 weeks

    ^title is irrelevant

    i've been starting to pick up my pace when it comes to writing typing

    can't make any promises still, but i'm getting there

    ofc i'm having help this time around so i can 1: stay on task, and 2: my grammar doesn't pulverize me into the ground

    said help person is on this site somewhere

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  • 225 weeks

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  • 225 weeks

    this is your very inconsistent monthly reminder that i'm alive, but still doing nothing productive (or am i)

    the answer is yes, i am being productive right now

    you all are witnessing a rare sight

    ok goodbye

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  • 232 weeks

    clap emoji

    ok enjoy the rest of your day

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merry christmas · 7:04am Dec 25th, 2017

Three blogs in a month?! What kind of black magic is this?!

Heyo, just here to wish everyone a great Christmas (and hopefully you got the presents you wanted). I'm a few hours late on this considering it officially became Christmas 2 hours ago in the EST timezone, but eh.

Probably going to get no presents this year, but I ain't complaining. My laptop is enough to fill that role. :^)

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Merry Christmas to you. XD

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