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This story is a sequel to A Giant Pineapple Eats Twilight

It's been a month. Twilight has pretty much forgotten about the entire incident. Everything seems normal again.

However... the pineapples have returned. This time, with some reinforcement from the sky! These pineapples just don't know when to give up, do they?


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A pineapple.

Who knew they could be so scary?

Long story short, Twilight tries to experiment on a pineapple and everything goes downhill from there.

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Luna gets a quad feed on CoD (More specifically AW). That's pretty much it.

Hey, you with the face. Come here... Did you know that this story has been reviewed over at ReadingSins?

No?! What are you doing?!

Go check it out now!

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Fluttershy's encounter with a spirit has not only scared her, but her animals as well. Fluttershy refuses to go back inside so Twilight decides to go in to get rid of the spirit. However, the spirit refuses to leave leading to poltergeists, scratches and possessions.

Has been reviewed at ReadingSins! Linky

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