It's Raining [Giant] Pineapples

by Unidentified

Seriously?! AGAIN?!

A cracking sound erupted throughout the pineapple. Twilight knew the pineapple wouldn't be able to take it anymore and braced herself for impact. She could feel herself being thrown off of her hooves as the pineapple literally exploded into millions of pineapples. Soon enough, Twilight found herself back on the streets of Ponyville with tiny pineapples scattered all around her.

Twilight looked up to see everypony in Ponyville staring at her in shock and disbelief. Looking to her left, she saw Spike running up to her with some towels.

"Twilight, are you alright?" said Spike. He handed Twilight a towel for her to use.

Twilight waved a hoof and rejected the towel. "Yeah, I'm fine... just need a long shower and some sleep."

1 month and 1 day later...

"Hiya Twilight!" Pinkie greeted politely. "Whatcha getting this early morning?"

"A cupcake will do," Twilight replied. Pinkie nodded and hopped over to the kitchen. "The icing can be any flavor!" She added.

Twilight walked over to one of the tables and sat down, taking out a book she had been carrying for a while. By the time Twilight had opened her book, Pinkie was already bouncing back to her.

"Here ya go! One delicious cupcake prepared to be eaten!" Pinkie smiled, waiting for Twilight to thank her. But instead, Twilight stared at the cupcake. "What's the matter? Is there something wrong?"

Twilight looked up and rubbed her eyes, giving her head a good shake before answering Pinkie. "O-oh sorry, there's nothing wrong with it," Twilight said in an awkward manner. "It's just that, I didn't expect you to put pineapples onto the cupcake..."

"Oh, so you don't know the saying then?" Pinkie asked.

Twilight tilted her head in confusion. "What saying?"

"Oh y'know, 'keep your friends close, but your enemies closer,'" Pinkie replied.

"Uh right, that saying..." Twilight looked back at the cupcake, still hesitating to eat it.

"You could always just ask for a different cupcake or remove the pineapples yourself," Pinkie noted. "Either way, both choices are free of charge!"

"Well in that case, I'll have a different cupcake," Twilight said. "I can't stand seeing another pineapple after that one incident."

Pinkie nodded and zipped towards the kitchen. "Do you want peach icing?" Pinkie shouted from the kitchen.

"No thank you!" Twilight shouted back.

"Alright then!"

Twilight smiled and went back to her book. She had only read up to the second sentence before she heard Pinkie zipping back to her.

"Thanks Pinkie, I really apr-" Twilight looked up to see a pineapple standing right next to her. She jumped up in her seat and instinctively threw her book at the pineapple.

"Ow! What was that for?" Pinkie complained. The pineapple faded away to reveal that it was actually Pinkie.

"Oh geez, I'm so sorry!" Twilight apologized. She sat back down, embarrassed by her actions. "I don't know what happened... I saw you as a pineapple and I just..."

Pinkie sighed. "It's okay, apology not needed," she reassured her. "Here's your cupcake."


Pinkie picked up Twilight's book and placed it back on the table before walking back to the counter. Twilight thanked her again and reopened her book.

For most of that day, Twilight sat within the Sugarcube Corner, reading her book at a slow pace. She rarely touched her cupcake, but whenever she did, she would take a large bite out of it.

Twilight looked up from her book every now and then to look at everypony outside. Sometimes, she would see them as normal ponies and would go back to reading. Other times, she would see them as pineapples and would quickly look down at her book.

It was strange. She had started to see these visions of pineapples seemingly out of nowhere. Twilight didn't even know what had triggered the visions in the first place. She hoped that they were temporary.

After a couple more minutes of reading and looking up, Twilight decided to just finish the rest of the book at her own home. She got up from her seat and teleported her book back to the library. Twilight waved to Pinkie as she walked towards the doors.

"See you soon, Twilight!" Pinkie said from the counter.

"Same to you, Pinkie!" Twilight replied.

Twilight walked out of the door and headed straight towards home. She greeted a couple ponies as she went on her path. She was nearly home when she noticed something to the left of her. Twilight took a glimpse to see what it was. It was a sign. She stopped in her tracks and walked over to get a better look.

It said in all caps and bold text: "BEWARE OF FALLING PINEAPPLES"

At first, Twilight was stunned and had no idea how to react. But soon, she started to laugh at how ridiculous the sign was. A pony who was selling some vegetables near the sign noticed Twilight's sudden laughter and asked if she was okay.

"I'm fine, nothing to worry about," Twilight said with a smile. "Hey... are you the one that placed this sign here?"

"Sign? What sign?" The pony asked. Twilight stared at the pony in confusion.

She pointed a hoof at the sign. "This one right in front of me?"

"I'm sorry, but there was never a sign there."

Twilight's smile faded away once the pony had uttered those words. She looked back at the sign, only to see that it had vanished.

"Uh... do you have an umbrella with you?" Twilight asked. The pony nodded and pulled an umbrella from behind their stand.

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"You should probably use it... I have a bad feeling about today." Twilight looked up at the sky, pointing at the clouds that were suddenly forming above them.

The pony looked up and shrugged, opening up their umbrella and attaching it to their stand. Twilight smiled and continued walking towards her home, this time moving a lot faster.

Twilight looked back up at the sky to see if she could spot anything suspicious. There was nothing up there other than the cloudy skies.

Was she losing her mind? Did she just imagine that sign? What if the visions were warnings? A vision of what the future may hold? More questions began piling up in her mind one by one, confusing her even more than before.

Suddenly, she saw something fall right in front of her. Twilight looked down to see what it was and was horrified at the sight. It was a tiny pineapple. Twilight panicked as she scrambled to find shelter. She was crashing into multiple objects, causing a huge ruckus. Everypony looked at Twilight like she was insane, but they didn't bother to calm her down.

Twilight finally found a decent shelter after fumbling around for several minutes. A cardboard box. The box was a decent size, allowing her to stretch and move inside. She knew for a fact that it wasn't going to protect her for that long, but it was better than nothing.

Twilight took a small but sturdy stick she found on the ground and jabbed it through the side of the box, creating a hole for her to look through. She looked through the peephole, waiting patiently for a second pineapple to fall from the sky. She waited for nearly 12 minutes, not moving a single inch from her position.

Random passerbyers would glance at the out-of-place box, recoiling their heads back once they saw Twilight staring at them. She payed no attention to them however and kept on waiting for the second pineapple.

Several more minutes passed before Twilight finally felt that it was safe to leave the box. She used her magic to levitate the box off of her. However, the moment she had lifted up her cardboard box by just an inch, she saw a second pineapple drop from the sky. This one slightly larger than the previous one, but still not as big as a regular pineapple. Twilight immediately dropped the cardboard box and continued to hide under it.

"Why do I keep seeing all these pineapples?!" Twilight screamed in her head.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of something splatting outside. And then another one. And then another one. Pretty soon, there was an entire rhythm of splats going on outside. She took another look through the peephole, hoping it wasn't what she thought it was. Twilight groaned and moved away from the hole. Yep, this was actually happening. It's actually raining pineapples.

It could have been worse though, and Twilight knew that. The pineapples could have been mutant giants with a raging hunger. At that point it would be the giant pineapple scenario all over again, except with 500,000 more pineapples to deal with. She pleaded to whatever was causing these pineapples to fall from the sky to not let that happen.

The sound of a pineapple hitting the cardboard box startled Twilight. She looked up and could see the indentation of a pineapple on the roof. Another pineapple hit the cardboard box, ripping a part of the roof. The cardboard box was no longer safe; she had to find something more durable.

Or, better yet, a building.

Twilight shifted around in the box and created a second peephole on the opposite side. There was a house directly in front of her, maybe 5 - 10 feet away. She moved away from the peephole and closed her eyes, counting down from ten.

By one, Twilight threw the cardboard box off of her and ran straight for the house. She used her magic and tried to open the door from a distance, but it wouldn't budge. She flinched as she collided into the door, leaving her feeling dazed.

Twilight shook her head and tried again, this time focusing on trying to teleport inside. She disappeared in a bright flash of light, but instead of appearing inside, she ended up on the roof. Twilight panicked once more and began running in circles, dodging the barrage of pineapples that were now attacking her from above.

A pineapple struck her on the head, causing her to stagger dangerously close to the edge of the roof. Twilight managed to regain her balance just in time and jumped back from the edge. The roof was unbelievably unsafe. She had to think fast.

Twilight glanced over at the next building over and spotted an open window just across from her. She took the opportunity to escape and quickly teleported through it-- doing so just in time. Twilight turned to look out the window. More pineapples were starting to fall from the sky, and they were even larger than the previous pineapples.

Twilight looked away and slouched down onto the ground, glad that she was finally out of danger. Now all she had to do was wait for the pineapple rain to pass. She closed her eyes, letting her mind relax. The rhythmic sounds of splats began to fade away into the background as Twilight fell into a deep slumber.


"What the?!" Twilight woke up to the sound of something crashing near the building. The entire building shook, knocking down several items that were perched on tables and shelves. "What's going on?!"

Before she could get up to assess the situation, a gigantic pineapple crashed into the opposite side of the building, causing that side to collapse. Twilight sat still in her spot, staring down at the giant pineapple that was resting in front of her. She leaned forward to get a better look at the pineapple, staying cautious as she did so.

The sounds of rubble moving around caused Twilight to freeze. She moved back against the wall as the pineapple began to shift from side to side. The pineapple shifted around for some time before it eventually stopped. Twilight waited a little longer, waiting to see if it was going to move again. 7 minutes passed before she finally took her eyes off the pineapple. She sighed in relief and relaxed herself.

"For a second there, I thought I was going to have to deal with more mutant pineapples."

Twilight chuckled, reassuring herself that everything was going to be fine. Then, in a blink of an eye, another giant pineapple shot down from the sky, crashing into the one in front of her. The pineapple that Twilight previously thought was non-living suddenly rotated around, revealing a face.

The pineapple opened its mouth and let out an ear-piercing screech. Twilight jumped backwards out of fear and shock, forgetting that she was close to the window. She fell out of the window and landed on her side. She groaned in pain, struggling to get back up onto her hooves. As Twilight began to get back on all fours, a sudden rush of pain went through her body, causing her to collapse back onto the ground.

Her left foreleg was twisted. She couldn't move at all.

"Maybe I can..." Twilight gathered as much magic as she could and tried to teleport, but nothing happened. "Shoot!"

The sound of whistling caused Twilight to look up. This was it, it was over. A pineapple was headed straight for her. She closed her eyes, hoping that some miracle would save her just before the pineapple made impact.

"Hiya Twilight!" Pinkie greeted politely. "Whatcha getting this early morning?"

"A cupcake will do," Twilight replied. Pinkie nodded and hopped over to the kitchen. "The icing can be any flavor!" She added.

Pinkie went straight to work on making the cupcake. She quickly gathered the necessary ingredients and materials required. She had barely even started when she heard a loud thump come from outside the kitchen.

"Hmm? Twilight?" Pinkie called. No response. She left the kitchen to see what the noise was. "Twilight are you still he-"

Pinkie's eyes grew wide once she saw Twilight slouched next to the table unconcious. Pinkie quickly rushed to Twilight's aid, attempting to wake her up.

She first tried to yell at Twilight to wake up. When that didn't work, Pinkie tried shaking her awake. Still nothing. Pinkie then tried to wake her by hitting her on the head-- twice. Same result.

At this point, Pinkie was beginning to get frustrated. She slammed on the table, hoping that it would get some kind of reaction. Still, there was nothing.

"WAAAAKE UP!" Pinkie screamed in Twilight's unconscious face. Her voice cracked as she did so.

Nothing happened at first, and Pinkie was convinced that at that point, Twilight had fallen into a coma. But once Twilight started to move, a smile slowly formed on Pinkie's face. She shook Twilight once more to help her fully awaken. Twilight tossed and turned until she finally shot up, breathing heavily and sweating a ton.

"What the...? How am I..." Twilight scanned the area quickly, eventually stopping and locking eyes with Pinkie. "Pinkie?"

"You're back!" Pinkie cheered. She leaned in and gave Twilight the biggest of hugs. "You had me worried! For a second there, I thought you were a goner!"

"A goner?!" Twilight said in shock. "What happened to m-"

"Shh..." Pinkie interrupted. "Just sit here, I'll be back soon."

"B-but..." Twilight stuttered. Pinkie placed a hoof on Twilight's muzzle. Once she finally calmed down, Pinkie dropped her hoof and went back to the kitchen.

Twilight sat there on the floor, looking down and thinking about the dream she just had. It was so vivid and terrifying, yet so random. She had never had such a dream like that before.

"Was the entire thing really a dream? Or was it actually a warning?"

She pondered about the two questions for some time, not realizing Pinkie was already walking back to her with a cupcake. Pinkie nudged Twilight to get her attention.

"Huh?" Twilight looked up to see Pinkie standing in front of her with her cupcake on a tray. "Oh, right, cupcake, nearly forgot about that." Twilight used her magic to take the cupcake off the tray.

"Go ahead and enjoy it! Free of charge!" Pinkie said happily.

"Wow, really appreaciate it Pinkie!" Twilight said with a smile. She took a bite out of the cupcake, enjoying the flavors it kept stored within it.

But, little did Twilight know the cupcake was tainted with pineapple juice.