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Fluttershy's encounter with a spirit has not only scared her, but her animals as well. Fluttershy refuses to go back inside so Twilight decides to go in to get rid of the spirit. However, the spirit refuses to leave leading to poltergeists, scratches and possessions.

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I like. Are we going to see charcoal being the helpful ghost? Or maybe him trying to help?

6516091 I'm not too sure about Charcoal's role in the story as of now. I might make him an important character later on but for now he'll be a background [ghost] pony.

6516174 k please continue this. It's really good.

Pretty interesting story you got here. Welp, time to start on that sin review, then...

6516246 I'm scared of the consequences. :twilightoops::trollestia:

I love it! Its the most amazing story I've seen! Also can I get are for my stories from the internet? Cause I cant find anyone to draw for me ;/

Comment posted by Unidentified deleted Jan 1st, 2016

Why does this story "just" have a dark tag?

7610484 I wasn't sure what *else* to tag it previously.

The most confusing, page turning, creepy as f, keep you on the edge of your seat, short horror story I've ever read.
Did I let my inner dictator out?

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