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It's been a year since Twilight passed away from her illness. In that time Fluttershy's barely recovered. Her friends are worried about her but Fluttershy refuses to move on. Can her friends guide her back into the light? Or will she too succumb to the darkness?

Sequel to Disease in The Darkness

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i gave you your first ever like for this story

A sequel to Disease in the Darkness?

*looks at Read Later list*

I should probably get to that story first...

Well Im excited. Sometimes feeling for the characters is nice... Lets me know I still have emotions.................... That was a joke:ajbemused:

yay a sequel! :pinkiehappy:
though not a very happy beginning... I like it :pinkiecrazy:

I think there is another TwiShy fic with the same name that used that picture for it's cover... :facehoof:

Wow.......so much emotion....:fluttercry:
You get q like and a follow :)

`Perfect, embrace your darkness Shy, you honestly have no reason to live, your friends are bastards who don't care about your love, I'll be suprised if Spike is not burning the libary down along with himself (then again he is fireproof) but DAMN.....End it Shy, life cannot get better for you, you're fagile enough as it is...end it before you killed some creature and become even more depressed, this.....this is going to be fun:ajsmug: Also a few errors, though nothing major, great job, you made my night.

2269254 well there is a TwiShy fic of the same name but it isn't on FiMFiction (although I could have sworn it was, might have been removed, I think it used the small pic as the cover here)
I was able to find it on deviantart though :twilightblush:

I will read this fic eventually just a bit busy currently :twilightsmile:

Okay. Torturing Twilight was at least semi-tolerable because she was at least somewhat able to keep Darklight at bay. However, now you're torturing Fluttershy. With herself. You know not what you do. I now wish to hack out my lung (I have dreadful cough that's been abnormally tough and persistent), beat you within an inch of your life with it, and then cook it up and share it between you, me, and Puddles. :pinkiecrazy:

Other than a few of those pesky spelling and grammar mistakes, perfect. I was about ready to stop reading because of how dark this is. However, I have some fun SUPER DARK TwiShy coming soon. I'll be trying to out-dark DiD and this.

I will beat the living daylight out of you with my lung. :pinkiecrazy:

<3 DarqFox

2269322 Did you mean this one?

2269674 yep, I was able to find it after my second comment, for some reason it isn't in the TwiShy group... that was the only place I checked.

you sir are evil....EVIL!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage:

bah...the emotions....a man shouldn't be feeling these:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:
least of all an australian man:fluttercry:

Wow what a start, the ending of 'Disease' was tough and I can already tell this sequel will probably be a hard read for me. Fluttershy's mental state in just this first chapter is somewhere between the grieving a friend of mine is still going through over his sister and my own bouts with depression in the past. In short, you've nailed it and as odd as it sounds I have to applaud you. I will be following this regardless of how hard it might be, count on that.

She lives! Fluttershy must have eaten a part of her. Probably her hair. In the wedding cake. :applejackconfused:

Leave Fluttershy alone Darklight.:twilightangry2:

oh gods....:fluttershysad::fluttercry::fluttershysad::fluttercry:

I can't take it any more. I scream. I scream over and over again. I scream until my throat is dry and aching and then I scream some more. I'm hitting my front legs on the ground beneath me. I've been holding this in for so long it's kind of a relief to let it out. I finally stop only to find bruises on my front legs but they don't hurt but that's only because no physical pain could compared to what I'm feeling.

I'm so angry and I never even realized it until just now. I'm angry at Princess Celestia for ever showing Twilight dark magic. That's what caused her to die. I'm angry at my friends because I feel like they're disgracing Twilight's memory by being able to move on; like somehow she didn't mean all that much to them. I'm angry at myself both for holding on and for not being able to let go. Worst of all I'm mad at Twilight for leaving me. It doesn't make sense. None of it was her fault. I can't control it though.

I guess I really am a horrible pony. For months Twilight suffered. Her mind and body decayed until everything was taken from her. Well, not everything. My heart is with her and I don't think it's ever coming back. I hope that even now the part of my heart that allowed me to be the element of kindness is comforting her, wherever she is. She lost her life and I'm here whining because I have to live. It's so messed up and so wrong. She would be so disappointed in me.

How am I supposed to cope with losing her? One day am I going to wake up with everything being okay? Or am I really supposed to live the rest of my life like this? If that's the case I don't want the rest of my life. I can't spend much more time like this, it's too much. Trapped between numbness and pain is no way to live.

I just want her back....

I just want to know that I'm always going to be loved....

I've gotta stop whining. I pitifully pick myself up. Twilight suffered way more than I did. She had to deal with the assault on her mind by Darklight. I can't even imagine what that was like. The only thing I really remember is how it broke my heart to see her in so much pain and how I wanted to do anything I could to help...

as you read this, visualize the moment, hear her screams, witness her pain, taste her anger
and then listen to this while you're doing it

you, my dear kaii.....are one evil...eeevvviiillll person....
and i likez it:moustache:

let me say this much...i don't channel my emotions often...most of the time i just stare off without much expression on my face
if a joke is told, and it's a good one, you will sometimes see me make a small grin, i will only ever laugh if it is truly hysterical

and i rarely shed tears.....no movie has ever made me weep...no book has ever brought tears.......
but this....this fable you have concocted......it breaks me:fluttercry:

you have broken my emotionless shell:moustache:


Wow, this opened with a hard punch to the gut. I really could see her screaming at Rainbow. and this looks to be a long and painful road for Fluttershy.

Bad to worse. Now she has Darklight to deal with. Rarity comforting Fluttershy was nice to see. I expect Pinkie and Applejack to help as well at some point, but right now, I can't get the idea of Darklight residing in Fluttershy's mind, possible making her sick as well.

Poor Fluttershy :fluttercry:

Let's hope she doesn't become the next Twilight, eh?

Huh......this was honestly not as sad as I thought, but when you need to vent, you need to vent:facehoof: Make a choice Shy...ive or die and grat jobs, you know have Twilight's own personal demon stuck to your soul, though I can't blame you for being mad at the Goddess of the Sun I would be angry to.

This song is how i describe this story, and its predecessor, I adore all three, but all maintain the darker, and very dramatic, tones.

My feels are gonna take a beating, aren't they? Welp, better start reading...
*reaches ending of second chapter*

Well... Didn't expect first person for this. There were some spelling/grammar issues, along with some tense issues as well (past and present tense were mixed), most of the latter being in the second chapter.

Other than that, I'm curious with where this is going.


man 2 ponys liked this so much that they had to like the story a second time

after reading the whole series, i was literally moved to tears.

I'm angry at Princess Celestia for ever showing Twilight dark magic.

Somepony is going to use Fluttershy's anger to hurt Celestia... I think...

This chapter made Duke Nukem cry manly tears...

I don't think that's dark light seems more of flutters own demon or insanity

I don't normally like sad stories, mainly because I am able to put myself into the character's place so well that I feel their pain. (Which is what all good authors should try to do anyway). That aside, this and Disease in the darkness have affected me moreso than just about anything else. Not that it matters, nor that anyone cares, (no one should care anyway) but a year and a half ago the love of my life went down a somewhat similar path. She had always been depressed, and she didn't always seem to be in control of her actions/emotions. She ended up committing suicide in the end, so I know exactly how Fluttershy felt when Twi tried. I have moved on for the most part, but it never gets any easier. I've become an emotionless, cold flank...

Anywho... now that I'm done being all sappy I'll just go back to my hole and stare aimlessly at the wall..

The Title Master demands more! Give it to us soon-ish please. Also, get your thumb checked you silly person!


I cannot wait to see where this goes, though it probably won't end well. I admit it would be nice to see Darklight transformed back into Twilight and reunite with Fluttershy, but I would seriously doubt the likelihood of that happening. Thanks for the update, by the way. :twilightsmile:

So glad to see an update. I can't imagine what plans Darklight has in store for Fluttershy, but I doubt she'll be able to bring Twilight back. Can't wait for more.

It's about damn time you updated and wrought tears from my non-existent eyes.

All I can say is this. Short and bitter, like my 7th grade PE teacher. She was German. Hated everyone. I have a feeling I know EXACTLY where Darklight is taking this story.


<3 DarqFox

P.S. This chapter hath earned you a moustache. :moustache:

It's just like dark light to give fluttershy false hope

I like where this is going :)

2353228 If what Darklight says is true though...Twilight isn't really dead at all. If that's the case then maybe Fluttershy went into some kind of shock after Twilight "died" from the wedding. And if THAT'S true......then this story just became a live bomb. :twilightoops:

An interesting update to be sure. Short yes but there's a lot put into this. Well you threw the hook out there and I bit so ya, time to reel me in skippy!

Hmmmm.....maybe she can have a serious talk with one of the Gods of Equestria to make a deal with Death....Twilght's life and soul for Fluttershy's own, of course Flutter's would be in Tartarus for all of time but hey....love is love....shi.,:facehoof: This is going to become dark:yay:

i don't like where this is going:twilightoops:

I guess I forgot to favorite this... Somehow.

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