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Welcome my comrades to the Call of Duty Group. Weather or not you're a veteran player since Call of Duty 1 or a newbie, you're welcome anytime.

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is someone going to do a story about e3n from infinite warfare?

I wonder who's gonna write a WWII fic



definitely WaW and MW2


My favorite call of duty games based on the campaign, after campaign stuff, (like speck ops) and multiplayer :pinkiegasp:;
Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty 1
Call of Duty 2
Black Ops 1

:trollestia: the first Modern Warfare wasn't as fun as the third because it wasn't balance with multiplayer (that i could play safely) and speck ops, oh and the graphics weren't as good.


This is our Finest Hour!

What is your fav COD game ? For me it's WAW or MW1

No Advanced Warfare yet?
I guess I'll have to right one.

we need an Advanced Warfare folder.


bornus r not mlg as cod ill nosocpe ur nans im phaseclan :moustache:

Comment posted by Brony Memes deleted Jul 8th, 2014

i only play COd 2 big red one and COD WoW for the Wii

I think I'm gonna like it here :rainbowlaugh:

A really nice group, I think I'm going to like it here. :)

What kind of conversation does that have to do with Call of Duty? (Not arguing I'm just saying.)

Most. Awkward. Conversation. I've. Ever. Seen

Continue in PM?:pinkiecrazy:

Yes, now fall asleep *pulls out rope* :pinkiecrazy:

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