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"I wanted to keep going. Zis me... Was the nicest one. And you won't even... Remember"-Edward Richtofen

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  • 2 weeks
    Good Music 14

    1) GUMI - Echo (The Living Tombstone Remix)

    and a Gamenut321 gun sync

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  • 4 weeks
    Good Music 13

    Shinsou. The opening theme from BlazBlue Continuum Shift.

    This one's the full version though.

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  • 6 weeks
    Good Music 12: Synthetic Dozen

    I am finally able to post the twelfth Good Music post. Here they are.

    1: Doki Doki End Music - Motion Picture Soundtrack


    2: Blood of the Dead - Dock Theme

    3: Blazblue Cross Tag Battle - Character Select Theme

    4: Blazblue Chrono Phantasma (Chronophantasma) - Six Heroes

    Read More

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  • 14 weeks
    Do You Wanna Know What's Fun?

    Having a nail jab into the heel of my foot.

    I'm joking; it's not fun and it hurts a lot.

    And I can't sleep due to the constant pain. So... Yeah.


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  • 15 weeks
    Another Update

    I found out what I'm gonna post for my next Good Music post. It won't take me long, I promise.

    The reason why I haven't been posting is because I wanted to catch up on some reading and because things have been really slow lately.

    But despite all that, It'll be up in a couple of days, to a week.

    Stay safe friends.

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Absolutely Loved It


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I promise you, I will.

Thanks for the watch :yay: I extend mine hope thou shall like mine stories.

You're very welcome.

Oh my *blushes* thanks for the watch, hun!

Thank you for the fave! About the Other Stories i mentioned, would you like to know more?

Well, I also wrote a story that is a croosover of the RTS game Tom Clancy's endwar but takes some elements of COD MW. About Homefront, I wrote a story based on this game, combined with it's reboot, it has also some elements from COD MW. Thought those stories could interest you too.

Just Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. It's really good.

Okay, hope you enjoy and looking forward your comments. Do you know Cod MW and Homefront?

Wait! Nevermind. I have it in my Read It Later bookshelf.

If you would kindly send me the links, it would be appreciated. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the fave! I also wrote a pacific war story with some elements of cod WAW if that could interest you

Thank you for digging the deep cuts! :twilightsmile:

2439038 Bitte
You're Welcome in German.

Hey there! Thanks for adding Only The Shy Type to your favorites!:heart:

Glad you enjoyed it so much! (PS. True fps fans are CS babies)

2407017 No problem. I haven't really been on here much, but I'm glad I could make you happy by reading it.

Thanks for liking Laybor Day so much.

Guys, sorry if I wasn't as active as I usually was, so...
I'm sorry. Forgive me?:fluttershysad:

  • Viewing 58 - 77 of 77
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