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"I am no fool. Vhat I do, I do only to secure a better tomorrow."-Edward Richtofen

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  • 2 weeks
    Do You Wanna Know What's Fun?

    Having a nail jab into the heel of my foot.

    I'm joking; it's not fun and it hurts a lot.

    And I can't sleep due to the constant pain. So... Yeah.


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  • 2 weeks
    Another Update

    I found out what I'm gonna post for my next Good Music post. It won't take me long, I promise.

    The reason why I haven't been posting is because I wanted to catch up on some reading and because things have been really slow lately.

    But despite all that, It'll be up in a couple of days, to a week.

    Stay safe friends.

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  • 2 weeks

    I finally found songs for my next Good Music post. I just want to tell you (if anyone is even gonna read it) that this next one is gonna be extra special.

    You may also comment on the music if you liked it or not. It really won't affect me none.

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  • 18 weeks

    I updated my profile if anyone cares to give it a once-over.

    I will be doing my Good Music posts. It will happen... in time.

    I have a lot of stuff I need to do at home, so I still will get on whenever I can. Won't be often, but frequently chanced.

    Stay happy!

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  • 19 weeks
    Guess What day it is?

    Read More

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Absolutely Loved It


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You're very welcome.

Oh my *blushes* thanks for the watch, hun!

Thank you for the fave! About the Other Stories i mentioned, would you like to know more?

Well, I also wrote a story that is a croosover of the RTS game Tom Clancy's endwar but takes some elements of COD MW. About Homefront, I wrote a story based on this game, combined with it's reboot, it has also some elements from COD MW. Thought those stories could interest you too.

Just Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. It's really good.

Okay, hope you enjoy and looking forward your comments. Do you know Cod MW and Homefront?

Wait! Nevermind. I have it in my Read It Later bookshelf.

If you would kindly send me the links, it would be appreciated. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the fave! I also wrote a pacific war story with some elements of cod WAW if that could interest you

Thank you for digging the deep cuts! :twilightsmile:

2439038 Bitte
You're Welcome in German.

Hey there! Thanks for adding Only The Shy Type to your favorites!:heart:

Glad you enjoyed it so much! (PS. True fps fans are CS babies)

2407017 No problem. I haven't really been on here much, but I'm glad I could make you happy by reading it.

Thanks for liking Laybor Day so much.

Guys, sorry if I wasn't as active as I usually was, so...
I'm sorry. Forgive me?:fluttershysad:

Thank you for the follow. :twilightsmile:

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