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The greatest war we fight, is the one against ourselves.

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  • 198 weeks

    Regret can consume a man so deeply, that it will blacken his heart, and swallow his soul.

    Time, can be a cruel mistress.
    In it's relentless march forward, it robs each of us of many things.
    Time can take them all from us. In an instant. Such things are gone forever.
    Unless they live on, within our hearts. Our minds. Our... memories.

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  • 204 weeks
    Good Music 22

    Man, I'm surprised nobody else is doing this kind of thing.

    But anyway

    Quiet Now by Cold

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  • 209 weeks
    Good Music 21

    Dogs of War by Chrisopher Lennertz
    Made for the game Medal of Honor: European Assault

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Thanks for the follow! :yay:

I will, and you're welcome.:twilightsmile:

Thank so much for adding my story to your list! It really means a lot to me. If you want, please leave me a comment on what you like (or hate) about it. No worries if you don't. Either way, you have a good day!

Thanks for adding my story to your list, hope you like it.

Thanks for adding my story to your reading list!

I promise you, I will.

Thanks for the watch :yay: I extend mine hope thou shall like mine stories.

You're very welcome.

Oh my *blushes* thanks for the watch, hun!

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