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This group is for those who are hype for the quad crossover game that is due to come out in 2018!

Feel free to discuss the game as well as the each of the four series' that are joining together for this massive clash in what is hoping to be an epic war of the worlds!

Character Roster (So Far)
Blazblue - Ragna, Jin, Rachel, Hazama, Noel, Azrael, Tager, Nu-13, Makoto, Es, ???
Persona - Yu, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, ???, ???, ???
Under Night - Hyde, Linne, Waldstein, Gordeau, ???, ???, ???
RWBY - Ruby, Weiss, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???
ETC - ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???

Also, feel free to add any and all stories related to the game and the franchises involved.

- No Bullying
- No Trolling
- General Fimfiction Rules apply here.

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This is pretty cool. Ruby in a real fighting game... Monty would have been proud.

Dual Audio would be nice (even to use the RWBY Japanese VAs), but they're going to need to voice the Under Night peeps. I don't know how much the sprites for the RWBY characters are going to cost.

I just hope everyone gets English dub voice actors. I miss them when they got cut out of BBCF

Oh ok xD


Members on this group, please join the ASW X MLP group too

Yay! Great to see more Blazblue Cross Tag Fans!

I got introduced to the Arksys game universe thanks to P4A and Guilty Gear (Since I've played P4, and Guilty Gear is one that popped out to me the most over Blazblue, 'sorry'...), and I really enjoy how all plays! P4A, Blazblue and especially Under Night In-Birth!

One character from each franchise that I wish makes the game:

Blazblue: Iron Tager!!! (Because Noel would be a shoe in, so my next fav character!)
Persona 4 Arena: Chie Satonaka! (Though I'm pretty sure ALL Investigation Team Characters would be in)
Under Night: Orie, ORIE, ORIE!!!!!!!
RWBY: I'd like Nora! (Since I was initially going for Yang)

I know. I just wanted you to be apart of this one too. One arcsys fan to another.

I know this game brings hype, but I already made a group for mlp crossover with all the Arc System Works games


Can't wait for Ruby

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