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I'm an Ex-brony, but I love writing stories about Ponies... That is, crossed over with various things (anime, games, etc). Therefore, I'll mostly (if not always) be writing crossovers


I have a linked a Twitter account now · 1:47am May 7th, 2020

After giving it some deep and serious thought, I have decided to link my Twitter account to my Fimfiction account. Basically, any chapter of any story will be published onto my Twitter feed. I find myself using a lot more of Twitter now, mostly because I've been frequently finding various people to thank for their works in the games I've played (for example, Dragalia Lost). I know I'm not doing a good job at covering my identity, but if anything, that's the only thing I'm using Twitter for. To

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What I just published


A small introduction · 10:26am Aug 15th, 2013

Hi! My name's Tythen. Of course, that's not my real name.

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Hey, i have a quick question- is assassination club open for any oc's?

Due to breach of rules, I'm afraid I have to revoke the story 'Pony Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.'

I'm sorry for all who were hoping to read this story and I'm sorry for blatantly copying the plot line of a game. I hope you understand.

However, I encourage you to read some of my other works if you want. Once again, I deeply apologise for taking down the story.

- Tythen

Thanks for the fave dude!

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