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Anime, video games, monster movies, and creepypastas are what I am

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To Everyone. · 6:59am Jun 20th, 2020

Its been a while hasn't it?

Last time I wrote a blog here was a few years ago it feels like. Well, I'll keep this short since I'm sure you all who's watching me have remained. I am alive and well, It's just when I graduate from school I moved on. What had happened was I developed more mature, new relationships grew as well as hobbies and all of that took me away from here.

I'm sorry if I went dark out of nowhere, It wasn't my intention but it happened.

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Comment posted by vicenteortiz99 deleted Nov 4th, 2017
Comment posted by vicenteortiz99 deleted Feb 6th, 2018

Could there be an alien one , please? You do a really good job at these especially the ones with jason.

hey can i ask you something?.....

Comment posted by mrkillwolf666 deleted Sep 4th, 2016
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