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Amateur writer who likes MLP and Devil May Cry. What can I say? I love it.

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Yeesh! · 4:40am Jun 16th, 2020

Hello everypony! It's been a little while since I have made one of these blogs. I just went through most of my old blogs and holy CRAP was I the epitome of cringe! So terribly sorry about that:facehoof:

Anyways, lately I haven't been in the mood for writing or anything like that. No motivation to do so whatsoever. I'm not exactly sure when the motivation will strike me once again but when it does I will be ready.

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You're welcome! I really enjoyed reading your DMC story so far! I like the way the plot thickens. Keep up the awesome work:twilightsheepish:

Thanks for the watch!

Thank you! Same to you friend:twilightsmile:

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