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Does death make you cry? Do you feel sad when a filly is sick? If you ever hurt an innocent pony, would you feel bad?IF YOU ANSWERED YES TO ANY OR ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS, This place is like a funeral home filled with young kids who were murdered. (Aka, sad) we need stories!If you can write a sad story, good! Post them here and leave a comment!

IN URGENT NEED OF ART! Draw a 100x100 pic, and leave a comment with the link! I'll reveiw them, and choose one! Thanks!

. -Lilii Petal

Also, if anyone has experience with banners and folders, let me know!! I need help BADLY!!!!

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I will share with you my first story back in November 2015. The sad death is very brief and not even taken too sadly, but it's because of the concept that inspired the story that I am adding it on here. You may notice: I gave it the "cancelled" tag, this because I am more focused on my other stories and because of the lack of anything unique to add.

369510 I got a real sad story called Fluttershy Batwings. It is now the third story in this group and I do hope you like it

Thanks to Dragor for our first story! It looks REALLY good, well done sir!:pinkiehappy: I've been pretty sick the last few days, hope I'm gonna be ok!!:pinkiesick: thanks again!

-Lilii Petal

Urg, photo is bein a jerk.Grrrrrrr........:twilightangry2: ne way folders are now up! If you have any new folder names id be happy to take your advice! Thanks:yay:

Comment posted by 00lillipetal00 deleted Jul 24th, 2014

Sowwy, just made it, but thanks for the feedback!!:pinkiehappy:

Got a sad story? Post it here!

Nopony posted any story yet. :fluttershyouch: Maybe folders would help. :unsuresweetie:


Anywayzzz, hiyaz! Its me lilli petal!! Have a GREAT day!!:trollestia::rainbowlaugh:

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