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This is a group where I post stuff sort of like writing contests, but don't choose a winner!

But surely, some of you are saying, "everyone wins" contests are just for sissies who can't handle losing. Well, gtfo, this group isn't for you.

This group is designed to give writers recognition they deserve and help them improve in their writing! Various challenges and prompts will be posted regularly, some designed do give a lot of creative freedom and simply provide a bit of inspiration, and others designed to help practice more difficult writing skills!


Make sure to check the forum section regularly for "contests" and important group discussions!


Currently active contests:
-Song-Based Story (Due August 22)

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369424 Well, maybe we could have some more specific themes every once in a while, and FoE could be one of them. I'd be totally okay with that.

Fallout Equestria, honestly I'd wanted to do a similar group just for FoE challenges, just never did. :twilightblush:

Maybe I'll see how this group goes over and think about it again.

369422 Sounds interesting, but I have to confess I don't actually know what FoE is... :twilightsheepish:

Honestly, mostly asking because I'm a huge FoE fan, and this would be a good way to try and help get some people into it.

I've actually had some interesting ideas that would work as amazing challenges for it that would help stretch the boundaries of what people think when they think of the sub-fandom.

If you're interested feel free to PM me. :twilightsmile:

369339 I'm not actually sure, but I'm certainly open to suggestions! Maybe I could try to formulate some sort of vote.

Is anyone free to set up a challenge? Cause there's plenty I've wanted to do in the past.

I'm always looking for ways to improve. :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 1 - 8 of 8
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