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Amateur writer who likes MLP and Devil May Cry. What can I say? I love it.


Her betrayal pissed Nero off badly, but when you wake up and in less than an hour have to deal with timberwolves... Let's just say that it would be wise to keep your distance.

Equipped with a short temper and a TON of demonic power, nobody stands a chance against him really. Except maybe Celestia or Luna but even then it's not safe to risk it.

Extra Character tags: Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, Discord, and Tirek.

This story will alternate between First and Second person at times.

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Curious on what happens next.

Wonder how Luna reacts to what Celestia had done there?

Well I guess you will have to find out :)

The magic show ends with the elements shattered and Celestia with steam coming out of her ears, her sister in a much similar state.

"And then Nero show up. Shocking the two princesses, with Celestia being the more scared. Then Nero just quickly K.O. Luna ( So she wouldn't interfere of 'stopping' Nero's wrath.) Then Nero proceeds to BEATING THE EVER LIVING CRAP OUT OF CELESTIA! Then he finally KILLS her!!!

The End!"


Author Please, for the Love of God. DON'T let Nero "changes" his mind to BEAT UP/KILL Celestia for Unjustly imprisoned him. Nor let him FORGIVE her! :ajbemused:

Because, I hate seeing our Favorite Characters or the Displaced do this overuse, cliche "forgiveness" to Celestia for UNJUSTLY Imprisoned them all for a Thousand Years for No dang reason.

Not EVERYONE is "forgiving" for Unjustly imprisoned or something bad happened to them because of Celestia.

And I doubt Nero is a "forgiving" type of person. Considering that his girlfriend ( Kyrie) is sadly died after all of these many years. He should be PISSED to Kill Celestia! :pinkiecrazy:

And I hope Nero wouldn't STOP beating up or trying to kill Celestia. All because Luna, or the Mane Six asked him too. I would have just pulled the trigger and Kill Celestia right then and their.

Also, If Dante or even Vergil show up? They wouldn't be too happy with Celestia either. And will just beat the crap out of her, and kill her too. For imprisoning their Nephew/Son respectfully.

P.S. Discord needs to STOP with the stupid and cliche "Monkey/Ape" jokes. Nero is not 100% a Human. He is also a Badass Demon. And Nero will make Discord regret insulting him. 😈

Nice start! Can't wait for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for your feedback, I greatly appreciate it:twilightsmile: I understand what you mean about the clichés, I don't want Nero to outright kill celestia either. I want her to realize the gravity of the situation and depending on what she says, Nero might not be as harsh with her. I would expect some fighting throughout this story if I were you.

Thank you, I am really pumped up myself. Feeling that inspiration flow through my fingers. Might bang out another chapter and release it by tomorrow.

Hey, good on you! That's always a great way to tackle a story :pinkiehappy:
Wishing you a good day!:heart:

That's right :) You have a wonderful day too:twilightsmile::heart:

nero is 1/4 of a demon and 3/4 human


Thanks. I'm not a full on expert or Fan for the Devil May Cry Series. But, I know some basic stuff.


I just want Nero to be avenged for the false imprisonment. And expect a Full On Apology from Celestia to Poor Nero. And Celestia has a LONG way to earn Nero's Forgiveness or to be on his Good Side. Plus, Celestia Doesn't have a slightest chance to "beat" Nero in his Full Power anyway! :pinkiecrazy:

So, she should better start Begging for mercy or forgiveness from Nero. :rainbowlaugh:

This is, intriguing. Seems celestia knows nit the power she has turned against her

Hey you better make more chapters I ain't read a Nero story before but this is good this intro chapter has got me excited

There are a crapload of stories on this site where a character is unfairly turned to stone, but they never exact any satisfying revenge on Celestia for doing it to them.

I really want to see Celestia face genuine, appropriate consequences for what she did to Nero. If he forgives her without at least cutting her wings off, he's a giant cucklord.

Making chapter 2 right now and I have plans for chapter 3 ;)

I think I can say truthfully that in this case, Nero is most definitely NOT a cucklord ;)

Oh this party gets crazy my friend, just watch :)

Oh I will WUBZ. This will be fun

It was at this moment that Celestia knew.......... She F******* UP!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

The Demon wants to play Celestia~

I mean could be worse... Danter and virgil could turn up. And fight eachither, likely causing more damage than nero would getting vengeance in tia xD

Hey you do you man if u need time you take it a rush story is sometimes a bad story but hey your doing pretty good keep it up I can't wait for the next chapter

The interactions of Luna and Celestia are so cute.
Loved Luna's line about Twilight's juicy flank too

Looks like Celestia is in big trouble too

Yeah that's true, at least they don't have to deal with Vergil Sheesh! I wouldn't want to tango with him either.

I appreciate that thanks! I'll take my time but i'll make sure I don't take too long to get things rolling :)

Yep and unfortunately Nero ain't too happy with her neither.

Yup. I expect a huge brawl between Sun and the Demon. I love Devil May Cry so much. The whole series is great

I mean,you could distract him by saying dante is in the next room and hoping he falls for it as you flee xD small chance of success but better than none

I love the Series too, I've been playing since I was 10. My journey started with DMC 3.

Mine started with 1 skipped 2, went to 3 and then 4. It was bonkers fun.

Yeah, 2 is easily the worst out of all of them but I still do like it. I guess I'm just the black sheep of the fandom lol.

Nah. It's all good. 2 had interesting story at least.

Ohhoho Tia sure has a way with making terrible enemies outta quite a few main characters and I can tell this is gonna be glorious wonder what nonsense she’ll spout to try and save her flank. We shall see...indeed we shall see heheh.

Anyways interesting so far hope to see more soon.

Oh don't worry, you will get more chapters soon :)

Wonder how Luna would react to this as well.

Is this a crossover with something?

Hope you make more chapter soon keep up the good work

Glad to see this continuing.

Seeing how Nero felt due to being trapped in another world away from his loved ones is sure interesting.

Wonder what demon enemies from the DMC games will show up here?

He would have to keep his eye on him...

*hype for Spike intensifies*

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