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Eight years of fun, memories, and friends. Here's to another eight of poorly-written stories that people seem to like!

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Amidst the Howling Dark is finished! · 11:23pm Apr 6th, 2020

It was a quick one, all things considered! I'm very satisfied with how the story came out, and I hope that everyone who read it enjoyed it. I have an idea for what I'd like to write next, but it'll be a long time before it's ready to post. Until then, stay awesome, and don't be a normie!

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You're welcome. I'm really enjoying it!

Thanks for adding On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons to your library :twilightsmile:


Thanks, and thanks for inviting me!

Welcome to Epic Adventure, High Fantasy, and Sci-Fi!


Woaaahh, what's up Inferno? It HAS been a long time! It's been like a million years lol. Glad to see you again! How've you been, friend?

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