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Finishing touches, and a release date! · 7:32pm Jan 21st, 2017

Hello reader! I wanted to update you regarding the new story I'm working on. The principal writing is now finished, and I will be giving the story a twice-over for any errors and to put in music links. Since that's all going to be done tonight, the story will be released TOMORROW(Sunday) at around 9:00 AM EST(give or take some time for it to pass moderation). This story is the culmination of about seven months of work, and (not to break my own arm patting myself on the back) I think it's come

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Woaaahh, what's up Inferno? It HAS been a long time! It's been like a million years lol. Glad to see you again! How've you been, friend?

Been a long time old friend, good to see you again.

I enjoy your stories especially the Rumble threesome. So here's another follower to add to your list.

I'm not dead mate, I have just taken a serious break due to my A Levels and *shudder* real life

1316642 Lool.

Love you, too~!

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