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All of our favorite YouTubers have randomly dissapeared to a strange and unknown place...

Twilight Sparkle has no idea what to do when dozens upon dozens of ponies tumble from the sky into the center of Ponyville - one thing is obvious, though, and it's that these ponies were not ponies from the start. Now, Twilight needs to figure out where to send these ponies, how to get them there, and learn more about the creatures they once were.

This is one of the hardest tasks Twilight has ever attempted, but she can do it with the help of her friends... Right?

OMG... The popular stories page on the first day? Seriously?! Thank you guys so much!!!!!!

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This is one of the hardest tasks Twilight has ever attempted, but she can do it with the help of her friends... Right?


Cant use normal curse words... time to get creative :D

6437139 So agreeing with that x) (Oh hey Slending!)

The story seems to have a good start... Look forward to more but please proof read it! :raritywink:

6437183 Oh, hey Cristal! But, yeah. Just had to comment that.

... there are a lot of famous youtubers dependant on the communitys your in... who all are we gonna see? Pewdiepie? InvertedShadow? Kugawatten? Vanoss?

This could get... interesting. It's going to be tricky keeping all the viewpoints distinct and on track. Plus there's always the trouble of someone who doesn't know who a particular Youtuber is (for example: who are Matthias and Jack McLaughlin? Google says the second is an actor from the 50's).
Still, I'll nominate Rhett and Link from Good Mystical Morning, as well as Lewis/Xephos and Simon/Honeydew of the Yogscast to be ponified.

/) I actualy facepawed, of course its Markimoo, but anyway,cute job

The Amazing Atheist! His cutie mark can be a banana. Trust me, it makes sense.

I saw this and followed ASAP. My one condition is that our lord and savior Markiplier must appear at some point. Along with every Brony reviewer you can find. Plz? :fluttercry:
*Edit* Nevermind. I just read it. My three favorite YouTubers just showed up. Thank you good sir. :pinkiehappy:

6437139 Why are you popping up like an erection everywhere I go?

I'd like to see an awesome dude I know of in this story. His name's UniqueSKD and he's a pretty cool guy. He's got an awesome looking OC and I've heard that Obabscribbler, EileMontyVA, ILoveKimPossibleALot and InkRose98 and many other pegasisters find him irresistibly sexy. I mean, they'll deny it if you ask them but only so their boyfriends don't find out and get hurt. And because the truth makes Mandopony cry in a croner holding to his mandolin.

So, er, yeah, I'd like to see, um, UniqueSKD in this story. My name is, uh, Alicornwingboner69 and this is my request.

(eyes shift left to right and vice versa)

Felix (aka pewdiepie) looks down at his reflection in a puddle of water as his eyes grow wider and wider.
"I'm... I'm...........

Jack McLaughlin was simply astounded.

I hate to be that one picky douchenozzle, but his real name is Sean, and his last name is spelled McLoughlin (with an O, not an A)

Also, PLEASE tell me that Bob and Wade will be in this somewhere, even just as a cameo.

Heeheehee, this looks like it'll be one hell of a good fiction! :D

"You humans are used to cussing, aren't you?" Turning around to walk away, the pony quickly called a few parting words over her shoulder.
"You're gonna have a bad time!"

Oh god no, don't take that away from me XD hahahaha!

Man I hope to see a lot of my favorites in this, like Tobuscus, Pewds, H20Delirious.
keep it up, you've earned a fav and a thumbs... one I cut off 8D

Cryaotic and Videogamedunkey, as well as Cr1tiKaL, and I will be FUCKING PLEASED ABOUT IT

Please bring Vanoss if not the rest of the crew into this. PLEASE.

I was thinking of Senpais Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. Maybe Tyler Oakley too.
Dan and Phil ere--

Tyler 'ere

The Great Zoroark

Skydoesminecraft and Ross (House_Owner) should definitely be in this as a cameo!

YES! PLEASE continue this! add in all the big youtubers, vanoss wouldn't even be a pony, he would just be an ordinary owl going "what... What the buck? WHAT!" Vanoss would shout looking to himself "I'm a real owl now! yay" then just fly off to the sky

:rainbowlaugh: This made my day!!

Yes, the creativity shall begin... Perhaps they'll sound it out really, really sloooooooow...

Thank you so much! I'll go over the chapter again and look for what I might've messed up, thanks! :twilightsmile:

I'm just planning on doing a big variety of them; PewDiePie and Vanoss were some definites that I had in mind. :twistnerd:

Thank you so much for bringing that to attention; do you suppose linking the channels in the AN would help? (And how could it be a YouTube fic without Rhett and Link?! :rainbowwild:)

Lol, I love him to death, what can I say? And thank you!


If this isn't just for gamers or YT'ers that have won the actual silver play-button award thingy, then could you possibly include Thomas Ridgewell? (aka TomSka , sometimes called DarkSquidge)

Also, I think that Jack's first name isn't actually Jack, it's Seán - just thought you ought to know. Otherwise, I literally cannot wait to see where this is going. XD

And I lost it at poor Jack Sean's experimentation/consternation with being unable to swear. The phonetic irish was the cherry on the cake. XD

I'll look into it! :pinkiehappy:

Markimoo? Done. Bronies? Pretty much everyone who's been on bronies react, plus Mandopony. Fast enough for Ya? :rainbowdetermined2:

XDXD I'll look into it!! :yay:

*bows* PRAISE GOD FOR YOU. I was hoping someone would tell me how to spell his last name... I was just guessing. XD As for his first name, I personally just call him Jack... I can call him Sean on popular vote, though, if that's what y'all want. :raritywink:

Gonna be any brony you tuber crossovers and some pony needs to make anew art of this

But I must, for this is Equestria. XD and you should consider it done, my friend. :raritywink:


XD, this is aready starting out great, I wonder what would happen if WiiRikeToPray ended up there...

I would like to see:
Dan and Erin


LOL just going of coverart

6437909 So I heard someone wanted me to be in this story. Don't know who it was but I got a link and followed it to this page. Your story looks pretty cool and I hope you'll release more chapters soon. I'm kinda interested to see where this might lead. :)

This is rather entertaining, and I'm interested to see where you go with it. Any who, I think you might want to edit the chapter title. It's spelled 'Prologue'. I don't mean to offend, I did't I saw many, if any, spelling errors as I was reading, so I'm guessing it was something that found its way under your radar. Good luck with the rest of the story. :twilightsmile:

6438015 (mimicking your voice) And that strong and handsome and funny fellow UniqueSKD...

6437938 Your avatar scares me. Or do I scare it?

Why does it look at me funny?

6437893 Silver? I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!

Screw you, Sonic 06!

Sorry, but you triggered my hatred of that character we shall not name again.

6437782 Pewdiepie would annoy the shit out of everypony until Celestia threw a barrel at him.

His one weakness.

You're going to do Francis(boogie2988), right? Please say you'll do Francis.

Oh yeah, dont touch his god damned mt dew.


Also, may I take that YouTube pony in the picture home with me?


6437291 Matthias is with Markiplier. "Jack Mclaughin" is actually JackSepticEye, who's actually "Sean Mcloughin"

6438068 Heeheehee, its a scary mask 8'D
Made by yours truly :yay:

6438427 Sorry, I was busy tending to some wounds that have opened up. Street thugs and knives, am I right?

Say, you want some blood donations? Cause' I got about a pint here in a glass jug from under my left nipple if you need any or know someone.

6438475 Don't get me wrong. My blood tastes alright, but that doesn't mean I like having it outside of my body. You know what I'm saying?

6437883 I bet. The internet. is a dark and scary place, if you know where to look.

6438499 Yeah I feel ya.
My blood tastes... plan, to be honest... could use some salt 8D

6438610 Never tried plan flavor. Plain sure, but never heard heard of plan flavor before.

6438635 shit, forgot the I Dx
I meant plain :P
or did I?

I wonder how would Cry look like. That is if you include him, of course. :trixieshiftright:

Prolouge - You're Gonna Have a Bad Time

That alone was enough to get you a like and a fave from me.:rainbowlaugh:

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