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Staff Sergeant Boulder was an effective soldier of the Royal Guard. He had defeated every enemy in front of him, proven his prowess, ability, and leadership countless times.
But everyone falls eventually.

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Great beginning so far. Interested in where this is going. Will wait for further updates.:pinkiehappy:

It won't be long. Another chapter I think.

I hope this is not where you leave off on this story.If you do it will be a shame.Please ether make a sequel or another chapter to allow this poor soul to rest.

Impressive, it takes a certain someone to willingly do such.

5585567 Agreed, he willingly gave up his chance at peace and an afterlife so he could allow others to have it instead, that is a true Hero. My only qualm is that he will likely never be remembered by anyine that still lives, his sacrifice deserves commemoration but it will never gain it and that's just how things are sometimes, sometimes you can perform the noblest of acts and yet still be forgotten because none were there to remember you and that really sucks. However just because he'll never be remembered, and I doubt even thanked, doesn't mean it isn't worth doing and I love the way that comes across. Now if you'll excuse me I'll take my inane ramblings elswhere, goodnight all and remember, just because the job is hard doesn't mean it's not worthwhile.


...he will likely never be remembered...

To that, I could not disagree more. Each one he guides back may remember him as the one who guided them back from the abyss, the one who told them stories of his life and gave them guidance on the road ahead. He may even meet Luna again, seeing as how she leads ponies back to their resting place. Imagine her surprise when the one who she finds leading back some other creature is a pony she herself led to the path herself.

6442139 Much more optimistic than I was on that night, aren't you? However, I was more refering to how the living and even Luna would be incredibly unlikely to ever hear of him again; the dead may remember but that doesn't matter much to the living, the people who could learn most from his saccrifice.

Anyway don't let me get you down, pinkie'd never forgive me :pinkiehappy:, I personally really like your interpretation but feel that mine... :rainbowderp: .... :rainbowhuh: ...can't remember:derpytongue2:, it's half five in the morning and I apparantly can't form sentences anymore, oh well Goodnight--Morning... whatever:ajbemused:.

Sometimes optisim is all you have when things really suck. Learned that the hard way. Thank goodness I've got ponies. Totally pulled me out of a dark place in life.

But really, even if it's only for that moment that they look at you grateful for the kindness you give them, it's better than the guilt of knowing you left others to suffer while you're supposed to be at peace... For him, I don't think he could have ever been at peace if he had crossed the bridge without at least trying to find that zebra. Now it's the act of guiding those back that Luna could not that gives him a fulfilling peace. You feel good about yourself when you can say that you've done what's needed to make the world, or in this case, the afterlife, a better place.

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