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As one life comes to an end, another life begins anew in a vast, strange world, full of the most magnificent wonders and the greatest terrors. Every twist and turn brings new experiences, bizarre friends, powerful enemies, and adventure as far as the eye can see. Whatever awaits this young man, he must be ready to face it with everything he has, lest he be trapped in this world forever, never to see his home again.

Cover art by pimpartist101

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Huh? How come I'm only getting a new story post now if it started in Dec '15?

It's been in the works :twilightsheepish:
I was hoping to finish TOML before I posted this story. If I hadn't been writing TOML, this would be much further along in its progress.

Is there guns in this?

Not at the moment, but they may come eventually as the story develops

It's going good so far but the issue I have is, he was okay letting them leave with a busted mouth so they couldn't talk...they'd just write the problem down surely?

Sometimes, characters don't think things through all the way, and it can come back to bite them in the future...
Especially when they think a fight is over when it's not.

Ay, look! This time, the main character can stand up for himself! That's new :P

Terrorist ass kicking time!

Human magically transported to Equestria. Human magically able to handle an edgy new threat the canon characters cannot.
At least the WF protagonist doesn't romance one of the horses. Props for deviation on that HiE front.

The canon characters aren't adults yet, that rainbow shockwave was the sonic rainboom. This takes place before the canon show right now.

A bit vague, I guess it's supposed to be as unknown to us as it is to him.

There is only one thing I fear about the story, that is that you introduce a new human main character late story.
It's pretty great so far, but soo many authors have their stories go to shit after they do that.

Sonic rainboom, now it's just a question of which one he witnessed to determine where in the time line he is.

It's the first one, no secret there

I honestly can't say I'd take my death as calmly as he took his. I'd be panicking and causing up a storm.

As for the great unknown, if Equestria is a human's after life, than let me say this about said afterlife: It's a cool place and they say it gets colder.:twilightsmile:

I like to think he was so calm just because his body went into shock and he wasn't really registering what was happening. I tried to make him seem sluggish and not quite there.

You know, I can't help but assume that the bounty hunter isn't really dead. After all, there was no mention of him hitting the ground, instead he was only mentioned as falling down the mountain. In other words, as Mr. Smee would say: "Captain, no splash." When there's no splash, you know someone isn't dead.

Oh geez. Colm already sold out the village.

So... they should martyr themselves so that the next village over will... be even less likely to resist.

What a jerk, blaming the victims.

7017729 It reminds me of an anime plotline, although that might just be the martial arts.

7041018 I gave up on anime in general. Seeing that tired cliche play out over and over again just became too much.

That's right, it was all just a dream. You were there, and you, and Toto. In the end, you realized you had the power to go home all along.

7040290 Gee, I really, really, really hope you're wrong. Really.:moustache:

I don't see how that conclusion of Colm selling out the village was made, makes no sense to me.

Let me guess, the Cutie Map called Rainbow Dash to the village. So, Rainbow Dash being Rainbow Dash, she flow towards the village at a ridiculous speed, causing a sonic rainboom.

In any case, things are clearly going to get a lot more interesting.

Pheew, it was sure hard to read (no, it wasn't) but I made it and know I know that your story will be wonderful and people will truly like it, I just know that! Well, I'm wishing you good luck and Peace!

Yeah, I get the feeling leaving this village wasn't such a good idea. After all, they've seen the human kill two ponies and wound a griffon, without getting inspired to fight for themselves. But now that basically the same thing happened, but with Colm Winds delivering the final blow to one pony, they're completely inspired? I doubt it.

Of course, chances are, none of these ponies have ever been trained to do any kind of fighting. Therefore, Even if they are now willing to fight, that doesn't mean they stand a chance. I would have expected the human to maybe train them, or something.

No one can be perfect, after all. The human just might have certain personality flaws where he doesn't completely think about things...

Reminds me of those stories where the Prince is such a Blueblood, the Princess runs off with the Dragon.

That if the Knight hasnt run off with the dragon first.

At the rate these two are going, theyre going to be handleing the CMC when visiting Discord. :twilightoops:

ok....is Gilda in the next chapter?

People don't seem to be catching onto the timeline much. If you notice, whenever people talk about Equestria, Celestia is mentioned, but never Luna. The rainboom only occurred three times; RD as a filly, RD in S1E16, and at the wedding. This is before the canon show. How much before has yet to be seen.

7119629 Ooooh, I thought that rainboom was from RD as a filly.

Comment posted by CptBrony deleted Apr 13th, 2016

There's a good chance it was. Or maybe there was a rainboom when she was born or some crazy sh!t

7122275 Well shit, gotta look forward to finding out then aye?

Hooray for the new chapter. HIP HIP, HOORAY. OK that's enough. Keep writing and don't die for 2-3 weeks again!

Ha, I'll try. Between injuries and adjusting with my training, plus exams again, it was hard to find time for recreation. But I'm pretty good now; shoulder healing nicely and just faintly passed today's Calc exam! :pinkiecrazy:

What did you do to break your shoulder? Slip? A fight? Something fell on you? Did you fell on something?
I'm just concerned, that's all...

Nothing bad. Did vertical shoulder raises with too much weight and overstrained it. Combined with my training workouts it was too much and I had to stop before it became serious.

Calling it now. They get attacked. Have to flee with Nikita. She joins them on their merry adventure!

7128679 I can see it happening, but more so that she stows away with them/runs away

7133919 Not really but kinda :/

Don't tell me.....is she....FALLING for him?

I really really hope you don't bring in other humans as significant characters mid/late story.
Short encounters and far away mentions are fine, but 95% of HiE with main characters added late turns to crap afterwards.

Late in the story is relative, of course. Other humans will play roles, some integral and some fleeting, and this story will have many twists and turns. I only have a few things actually planned out for it.

About as much as a chicken can fall for a dolphin

7138175 ok now that was just....FOWL:rainbowlaugh:

7007694 What does TOML stand for?

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