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I'm going to start off by saying: F*** Sweat Goblins. They're rude, they're loud, they break into you lab and touch things without asking, and they teleport you to alien worlds right as you're about to get your engineering career going. But, most of all, they sweat a lot, and that's just gross.

Thanks to one of these foul little things, I have now been hurled into some place called Equestria, that's inhabited by Pastel colored ponies and is completely devoid of any modern technology.

Oh, and I'm a robot now. Why? I don't know, ask the Sweat Goblin that sent me here.

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I was thinking about this idea, but you're doing it a lot better than I would've done. Nice pace, a bit fast but still good.


Wow. I am very impressed and can't wait for more! Take a like and a favorite!

The dots are a bit too long in some areas. Just three would be fine. But this story seems to be going in the right direction.

I like it so far.

Can't wait to see more.

One thing- too little lore about our protagonist. I honestly want to know more about him. I know i might be grumbling, but all of the COTG stories have very little about roots of our heroes.

Does he have an easy button too somewhere?

Colours that have "a soft delicate hue"
Basically the colours that MLP uses in the show.

But then again,Nothing is Epic for me.....Imma pyro hunter and I am Epic for EVERYTHING:fluttercry::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Cogsworth shook his head “They would if they could, but the Jug-Street colts outnumber the guards twenty to one! And most of them are diamond dogs, and they hear all the way across town; so even if the city guard tries to pick off one group at a time, they can just call for help and the others will come running! Most of the time, guards will except bribes to look the other way anyhow”



I’m going to pay him a… oh, what’s that word again?”
“Beating, I’m going to pay him a beating
im not sure were thats from but i've heard it before (i think it might be DBZ abridged but not sure) tell me it if i got it wrong or right

Someone's a fan of Dishonored, I see.
Jug Street Gang - Bottle Street Gang, Lockjaw- Slackjaw, even holed up in a whiskey distillery.
Bravo, sir.

3449774 That's not it, (hint: it was dragged along several paragraphs)
good catch though.


3449791 where was that reference that i said from anyway?

3449779 Thank you, But that's not the "Special" reference I had in mind.
(that reminds me, I should probably finish up my No kills, no detection play-through, Sokolov's Manor is killing me T-T)

DBZ abriged, season two, vegeta taking about Guru, after his rage broke.

Comment posted by val deleted Nov 6th, 2013

3449839 I KNEW IT

I was gonna rewatch DBZ abridged to see if I was right

Well, it looks like that last swing I had with the brunette working in the entomology department, was, in fact, my last swing.

Or, you know, he could make himself a robo-dick. :rainbowlaugh:

'Oh my god! They killed Kenny!' ' Those bastards!' – South Park

Nice story. I have nothing else to say.

DBZ Abridge reference. South Park reference. Assassin's Creed reference.

You mean the fuck-massive refrence to Dishonored?.....Slackjaw,Bottle-street gang,Old whiskey distillery......Yep,Its a Dishonored easter egg

3449829 Its a shit ton easier if you have the ability to possess rats....Stop time and blink II help aswell

Oh this story plays heavily to my interests. Instant favorite and like. Please continue this.

Hmm. Very interesting concept!:pinkiehappy: I wonder if he'll be creating any upgrades to his body. Maybe infared vision? The possibilities are endless!!!:twilightsmile:

3452191 ill bash ye fookin ead in i sware on me mum!!

Interesting, I'm expecting some heavy humanized robocop justice.

VERY exciting story! I cannot wait for the next chapter!

Robotics stories are my favorite kind!~

Doun't tazse me bro'a!!!
(don't tase me bro!!!)

Dishonored is a great game, I hope you update this soon!

Kidney punch is a DBZ abridged reference
the title is a markiplier reference if im not mistaken

It's been a long time since I've seen a new fucking CGotG story. I thought they died out after LoHAVs made it easier to do the same thing without having to coordinate story lines.

Sadly, I was mistaken.

the doorman seems like a reference to the one in Men In Black, if i'm not wrong.

Yes, yes the CGoTG verse is old and overused as fuck, but to be honest I never intended this story to fall within that universe;
I don't even think this really counts as a chess game fic. If anything, I just used the whole: " human is sucked into equestria via Deus Ex Machina" thing as more of a writing prompt to start off the story, so I have no real desire to fit into that cluster fuck of a mass colab.

But I do see your point

can any one spot the reference in the chapters name? thumbs up if ya do

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