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Author of The Conversion Bureau: Last Man Standing. Hoping to write more when time presents itself.


In the many years after the Conversion Bureaus' shutdown, Twilight Sparkle is tasked by the Princesses with finding the last living human on Earth, Isaac Hamilton, and learning the story of his past. What she hears is a tale of loss, tragedy, joy, and the discovery of one's place in the world. But how much longer would that place last with what Twilight has to tell him?

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I don't always read TCB fics, but when I do, I read Last Man Standing.

Seriously though, this is a damn fine fic. After I read it, I didn't bother with any other TCB stories, because I knew that this was basically the best of all possible stories - and also because I don't really like that setting all that much. But the way Isaac goes out in the end... tears. :fluttercry:

Come to think of it... wasn't there a sequel to this story? I remember reading the first chapter or two. Any plans to upload that here?

Mankind is forever gone and ponies are laughing? Yea not suprising, let's hope that this will never be and only way for humanity to die is by their own hands.

Um... you still have the epilouge you need to put up.

There isn't a sequel. Videomaster 21XX wrote a spin-off that I was helping him with, so that I could make sure I had input on for quality control. I do not consider it canon to my story.

I'm deciding to remove the epilogue for more than obvious reasons. The main reason being that it was a horrible idea to begin with. The story ended on such a note that an epilogue would have just removed the lasting effects of the final scene. So I am essentially retconning the epilogue.



Oh, wow. Oops, derped that a bit. I guess when we get into fanfics of fanfics of fanfics things get a bit too meta for me to keep up with.

The hell you talking about?:ajbemused: I thought it was a perfect way to end it! Could you at least release it as a one-shot side story or something? Pleeeeeeeeeeese?:pinkiehappy:

I, have just cried. My good sir i can say with no doubt this is the most moving thing I've read in years. Thank you for letting me read this.

This is why I posted this here: so more people could read it and enjoy it like you and others have.

Tackling it as a side story is more within the realm of possibility. But unfortunately I have no concrete plans to do so at the present time. This could always change, so keep that in mind :twilightsmile:

This story has moved me. This story has brought me tears of sadness and joy.

All that I can say, is that this story is amazing in every way. I teared up in the end, and smiled.

Mankind may die out, but our legacy shall live on. Earth is now in good hands (or hooves).

I salute to you, my friend. This piece of art truly is a masterpiece.

:ajbemused: That's not the original epilogue...


*Sigh* But you are the author... and it was alright... but I still think the original was better...

Oh well...

Best TCB fic.

Good fic, it's actually one of the few that I've re-read.

This site needs to have an alert to replys...

BRB, crying. :ajsleepy:

Gorgeous, I never saw the original epilogue but the one up now is perfect, I just read the whole thing in one shot and.... yeah I'm a little mixed up emotionally. Good show, this is a favorite of mine now.

I do not know, it was good enough ending with a 'happy ending' persay, but, it feels like something is missing, like there is more that has not been touched on yet.
Quill's clone was never mentioned as serviving, or being killed, leaving a hole in the epilog.
In truth, I am expecting there might be a sequal to this story, though I do not know for sure. There are too many loose ends that need to be tied up, and having pulled so hard at peoples heartstrings for poor Windchaser, we want to see him having a good future. Allmost a little something, 30 years in the future, a little scene, Windchaser, and his family, up on that mountian, talking, as Wind tells his own foals his personal history, and how he came to be the stallion he is. Tieing the loose ends up, giving closure, if you will, to the readers.


I will say this for sure: I don't plan on writing a sequel. What happens after the epilogue is up to the reader.

Regarding Quincy's clone: Frank ordered it destroyed once Quincy was forcibly ponified in the interrogation room. Frank's sanity was questionable at best at that point, so his decision making abilities were already beginning to break down.


While I did write the older epilogue first, I didn't like how I did it then. It was rushed, had clunky story progression, and was poorly thought through. Though my main issue with it was that it was only downhill after the final scene from the main story. No real emotional pull at any point in the old epilogue. I decided to remedy this in this new version, playing it out through a new progression of events and culminating with the birthday party. I feel much better with the way it ends with this updated epilogue than how I did with the old one.

:fluttercry: That was amazing :fluttercry:

It was as sad as My little Dashie.

But I do agree with Alyeskabird, that would be a good idea for a sequal to give closure, but hell, I ain't the author, you are, and I sure as sugar know that I couldn't come up with something as near as wonderful as this story has been. :pinkiesad2:

extreme tears of joy :pinkiesad2:

15600 And some tears of sadness, then some more sad tears, then more tears of joy, then tears of pride. :pinkiesad2:

A very deep and moving story. Going straight onto my favorites list :ajsmug:.

However I nearly shed manly tears for this story, I let lose a monsoon for My Little Dashie. A monsoon of MALINESS :moustache:.
I guess I just like Rainbow Dash more than OC ponies :rainbowwild:

DUDE! MY GOD! I love the story! totally epic and sad and... wow it just throws so many emotions at ya. You got a talent Windchaser:heart::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile::moustache: <- that one cause I like Spike with a mustache. ^w^

I cant wait to see were this goes :3

this is the first time i have lost for words in a literal sence, When i finished this i actually couldn't speak for two minutes


A Monsoon of MUSTACIOED Manliness!

I suggest Listening to the song: Up Where we Belong, by Joe Cocker at the part where Issac and SyRE are on the mountain, waiting for the purification.

It adds to the Manly Tears effect. :fluttercry:

A link for you people: T_T


Written by Videomaster21XX. I only had some input, mostly to make sure character interactions were accurate.

Chapter 1: http://bit.ly/neTm10
Chapter 2: http://bit.ly/pTIGOW


PLEASE tell me this story is ongoing? :duck:


Can anyone here tell me how the original epilogue went? :pinkiesmile:

Sorry to break it to you... but the story is completely finished. I will not be writing any more chapters for it.

As for the original epilogue... it followed the new epilogue for the most part until lil'WC got home. Instead of the party, SyRE played him the recording of his father's interview with Twilight. The next day, he realizes that both of his best friends are the clones of his father's dead friends and his teacher is the only one still alive. Twilight comes by to explain everything, and that's about it. If you really want to read it yourself, you can check my deviantart profile (windchaser1.deviantart.com) and check my gallery. It should still be in there somewhere.


I meant the spinofff, I hope it's ongoing. It seemed very interesting. :rainbowkiss:

I'm not in charge of the writing for that story. I act more as an editor than anything else. I honestly have no idea what the timetable is for the next chapter.

Wow, I mean just wow. I've only been on this fiction site for a few days worth, but never in my years of fiction reading have I felt something so touching and dramaticly awesome in my life. I mean, when Isaac first thought of Will for the first time I completely baffled how powerful your writting felt. Nice going of this story even though I'm most likely late with replys seeing the finnish date. But still, can't wait to read your other fictions you made. Soo... with that over with the last thing I want ask is this... BRO-HOOF ME BRO!

This is Limbo signing off.

I always wanted to say that...

Beautiful. There is no work more suiting for such an amazing piece of art. Every emotion that could've possibly been displayed was, and to perfection. I always doubted the idea of TCB, but this, this is truly magnificent. Well done, sir, a work of art.:twilightblush:

This was the right time for me to stumble across this. It's been rough, weird few weeks for me, and it hit the right chords to put things in perspective. Thanks, really.

I cried man tears at this.
This is by far the greatest fic ever written and a true cornerstone for
the entire legion of bronies who have read (and share my feelings about) this
masterful piece of literature.
In the end, there is only one feasible reaction to this artwork.
0.0 /)(\ 0.0

Seems pretty predictable where this'd lead: Humans being asses and ending up killing themselves.

Trying not to cry, not working well :fluttershysad::fluttershysad::fluttershysad::fluttershysad::fluttercry:

bravado, Windchaser.

Just one more thing, the names kind of irks me....
Isaac-(Newton) Alexander-(Hamilton)
Roxy (John)-Adams
(John)-Quincy-(Adams) Jacobs
William (Penn or Shakespeare) Rathmore
I kind of thought of links between the names :derpyderp1:

"he wished he never came here in the first place"
*epic facepalm*

Windchaser, your story has tugged on my heartstrings tonight. It was truly an amazing story, and had it been a book I would buy a copy. I really gotta say that this story was the best I have seen out of any fanfic I have ever read so far. From the moment that I started reading I was hooked. And I must say that I am very glad that I happened to have chanced upon it. Personally I can only wish that perhaps Isaac's immunity to ponification had been effected oddly by the purification, causing him to have become a pony rather than died. That being said however I think you ended it succinctly. My hat is off to you both as a brony and a writer.

I have mixed emotions after reading this story. I cried, and I rarely cry over text on a screen. I love this fanfic, so touching, so depressing yet it has a feeling of peace and joy no matter what was happening. I was hooked when I got to the middle of the first chapter. I couldn't speak for ten minutes when I hit the end, I was simply amazed. I won't be able to get this fanfic off my mind for a couple of weeks now because it just planted itself into my memory.
You're an astonishing writer who deserves a billion bro-hooves.

I do have some questions though. Did Windchaser ever find out that he was a clone? Did he ever find out everything about his father? And how did Quincy survive?

Don't have words for this beyond "Ouch" and "Wow"

Awesome. I'm 13 and have been reading fanfics for several years now and being a brony has opened up so many things to read. In the hundreds upon thousands of words of fanfics I have read, this is the first one to make me sob into my pillow at 12 AM. I loved every bit, especially the ending. I loved the characters, the plot, and everything else. I hope I don't think of this at school tomorrow, or I'll tear up in the middle of class.

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