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A group dedicated to the respectful and responsible use, discussion, and historical significance of bladed objects.
From swords to pocket knives, from collectors to craftsman, all are welcome!
Also welcome are any stories with significant bladeplay/swordsmanship/sword lore in them.

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I highly recommend adding Immortal Game to this, it's all about blades. XD

*Sniff* I never thought i would ever find a group where they had blades and they made it themselves THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!

Awesome group, V!

Interestingly enough, I'm a semi-professional knifemaker myself. If anyone is ever interested in a custom piece, or any kind of blade/handle repair or replacement, let me know and we can talk about it (I'll hook you up with the brony discount!). I really wanna make a special run of knives for bronies, but I need some ideas for ways to subtly include references from the show while maintaining quality, practicality, and cost effectiveness. Unless of course someone wants to pay for platinum-inlaid best pony cutie mark engraving on top of a titanium-damascus blade with a jewel-inlaid fingerguard, handle fittings. and pommel. If anyone legitimately made the request, I'd make the most spectacular (and deadly) piece of pony art ever made! :rainbowwild:

If anyone has any thoughts, questions, or concerns, or if you just wanna talk, hit me up!

Pictures anyone? (A link to my imgur knife album)

Can't post pictures for some reason but google a crescent moon spade
p.s I made I made a weird ass rope dart I nearly killed myself with lol:pinkiecrazy:


I like his blade.

I home. This is the group that will love my Fangs. Heh...hehehe...

Does home made weaponry count? If not, then I at least still have a claymore and bowie knife, albeit the knife has been damaged with use.

A group dedicated to swords, knives and all bladed weapons?

*sniff* I'm home...

Damn... KNEW I forgot something when I was out tonight... I need a new set of stones. Picked up a nicely balanced kukri, but the damn thing is as dull as a basketball :ajbemused:

I wonder where I could take it to get a custom grip made up for it?

I like swords! :pinkiehappy:

Where has this group been all my life?
Congratulations! For its freshness, this group has been awarded a listing in New Groups.

HA! Your wimpy blades are no match for my superior weaponry!

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