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Back! But still very busy.

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Meanwhile, in the Heart of Darkness... · 10:26am Nov 20th, 2017

Hello everyone. While I have my whereabouts public in some select places, I haven't really done so on the site, so I'll make the announcement here.

I am currently in the Heart of Darkness Africa to visit my family. As such, while I am not completely cut off from the world, my connection to everything is considerably more limited.

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The Disjointed Rants of a Raving Madman

"The historical relevance of an individual is determined not by their personality, but from their actions and people's memory of said actions." ~ Me

"Love is the only addiction that affects the mind, heart and soul." ~ Me

"There are two different kinds of people: those who make history and those who are buried by it." ~ Me

"In lawless societies justice runs in crimson rivers." ~ Me

"I created all of the gods, yes - but I myself am not a god: I am humanity." ~ Anon

"If you are ever facing a wall, chances are that you will equate that wall to God or some other deity." ~ Me

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Yes, it's me. I made a Fimfiction account Italo...

Read the first two chapters of that Mussolini story.
Goodness. That's quite an interesting ASB althistory you have there.

I haven't stopped, but progress has been glacial due to IRL and my involvement of the Equestria at War mod team. I wish I had stuff to show for it, but I simply don't have anything ready for public viewing yet.

  • Viewing 130 - 134 of 134
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