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Back! But still very busy.

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Meanwhile, in the Heart of Darkness... · 10:26am Nov 20th, 2017

Hello everyone. While I have my whereabouts public in some select places, I haven't really done so on the site, so I'll make the announcement here.

I am currently in the Heart of Darkness Africa to visit my family. As such, while I am not completely cut off from the world, my connection to everything is considerably more limited.

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The Disjointed Rants of a Raving Madman

"The historical relevance of an individual is determined not by their personality, but from their actions and people's memory of said actions." ~ Me

"Love is the only addiction that affects the mind, heart and soul." ~ Me

"There are two different kinds of people: those who make history and those who are buried by it." ~ Me

"In lawless societies justice runs in crimson rivers." ~ Me

"I created all of the gods, yes - but I myself am not a god: I am humanity." ~ Anon

"If you are ever facing a wall, chances are that you will equate that wall to God or some other deity." ~ Me

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Oh no sir or madam. Thank YOU for writing 'Unlike any other'!

I can't wait to see the updates :) :twilightblush:

Yeah its one of the few pony-on-earth stories I can really dig. So many of them kinda get lost. In any HIE type story the fun, almost-writes-itself part is the first few chapters. After that-- Well. Your story kept getting more amusing as time went on. One can't even quite identify who is the protagonist because... Well. Fascism! Hah. Anyhow yeah its staying on the list for sure. Sometimes when a story starts out good it gets on the list, then the story gets abandoned and we have to think hard about whether there's enough there to make it worth reading, considering thats all that there is or will be.

Thanks for letting me know. And don't worry about any other ponies being adopted by dictators.

GOOD HIE LIST moderator here: I've been working on cleaning up our list and I got to your Mussolini story. Very interesting indeed. One of the oddest setups I've seen. Don't give up on it! Its great stuff. I can tell its going to get a lot more pony in the coming chapters. I just hope Hitler doesn't have a baby Twilight.

  • Viewing 109 - 113 of 113
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