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Back! But still very busy.

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Meanwhile, in the Heart of Darkness... · 10:26am Nov 20th, 2017

Hello everyone. While I have my whereabouts public in some select places, I haven't really done so on the site, so I'll make the announcement here.

I am currently in the Heart of Darkness Africa to visit my family. As such, while I am not completely cut off from the world, my connection to everything is considerably more limited.

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The Disjointed Rants of a Raving Madman

"The historical relevance of an individual is determined not by their personality, but from their actions and people's memory of said actions." ~ Me

"Love is the only addiction that affects the mind, heart and soul." ~ Me

"There are two different kinds of people: those who make history and those who are buried by it." ~ Me

"In lawless societies justice runs in crimson rivers." ~ Me

"I created all of the gods, yes - but I myself am not a god: I am humanity." ~ Anon

"If you are ever facing a wall, chances are that you will equate that wall to God or some other deity." ~ Me

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I haven't stopped, but progress has been glacial due to IRL and my involvement of the Equestria at War mod team. I wish I had stuff to show for it, but I simply don't have anything ready for public viewing yet.

Why'd you stop writing all your stories?

Hm. Well. Sometimes errors can be helpful. The hat thing for Psycho was an error as well by the artist who drew him for the first time, and while I sill don't like that appearance, many people see Psycho with that hat.

A bit of an error made by the artist, but it's kinda helped me to develop the world building for the verse that this little fella is part of.

Yes. It's nicely colored and detailed...although the eyes perplex me. Not the every-day changeling?

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