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Back! But still very busy.

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Meanwhile, in the Heart of Darkness... · 10:26am November 20th

Hello everyone. While I have my whereabouts public in some select places, I haven't really done so on the site, so I'll make the announcement here.

I am currently in the Heart of Darkness Africa to visit my family. As such, while I am not completely cut off from the world, my connection to everything is considerably more limited.

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The Disjointed Rants of a Raving Madman

"The historical relevance of an individual is determined not by their personality, but from their actions and people's memory of said actions." ~ Me

"Love is the only addiction that affects the mind, heart and soul." ~ Me

"There are two different kinds of people: those who make history and those who are buried by it." ~ Me

"In lawless societies justice runs in crimson rivers." ~ Me

"I created all of the gods, yes - but I myself am not a god: I am humanity." ~ Anon

"If you are ever facing a wall, chances are that you will equate that wall to God or some other deity." ~ Me

My better works

  • The Conversion Bureau: The Price of Generosity Welcome to an Earth rid of humanity. In its place Equestriani cities and populations thrive. Or do they? Things haven't gone well since the last human, and now a sociologist, Crystal Clear, is trying to piece together the past before it's too late. by GIULIO 47,234 words · 4,217 views · 213 likes · 27 dislikes
  • The Voice of Reason Twilight Sparkle is on top of the world: she's the newest addition to the Equestrian Principality, and everypony admires her success story. Everypony? Well yes, but somebody disagrees... by GIULIO 19,956 words · 7,850 views · 680 likes · 86 dislikes
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I am Lyra. :raritywink:

Ah, the infinity trap.

Well, there's only one real response to it.


I eagerly await your counter play.

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TCB Stories that are Actually Good Part Deux

  • Adventures in Currency Exchange: the REAL Conversion Bureau Bizarre comedy disguised as something else. Humans are being transported to Equestria through no fault of their own. The only polite thing to do is to help them settle in, and that includes trading in their old money for Equestrian bits. by Elric of Melnipony 4,920 words · 4,771 views · 465 likes · 64 dislikes
  • The Conversion Bureau: Ten Minutes In the last five years humanity has been brought to its knees by the conversion movement and the purification that has followed. Now in its final hour the last survivors of this once great race will make their last stand. Set in the Conversion bureau by BronyOfSteel 4,743 words · 14,451 views · 322 likes · 11 dislikes
  • The Conversion Bureau: Setting Things Right When a portal to another world appears outside Canterlot, the ponies' initial reaction is of enthusiasm, hoping to greet these strange aliens with open hooves. Too bad this world was already visited by another Equestria... by kildeez 114,363 words · 13,944 views · 1,344 likes · 148 dislikes
  • The Conversion Bureau: Conquer the Stars Because things aren't over 'till they're over. Sequel to Starman Ghost's Not Alone by Dalek IX 27,962 words · 13,922 views · 777 likes · 59 dislikes