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In the last five years humanity has been brought to its knees by the conversion movement and the purification that has followed. Now in its final hour the last survivors of this once great race will make their last stand. Set in the Conversion bureau: Ten Rounds universe.

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Manly tears were shed for the valiant humans losses.

Recommended song- You On The Run, by The Black Angels.

Sad story. I presume that there won't be a sequel?

Chatoyance #3 · Dec 14th, 2011 · · 131 ·

Many tears were shed for the valiant Equestrian losses. They should have just carpet-bombed the area with potion. All those poor, poor ponies.

At least they got the bastard converted.

#4 · Dec 14th, 2011 · · ·

Uh hu, "bastards converted"? At least all that ponies and Celestia is dead) Well what do you expectfrom nuclear weapon)
Nice story man.

gapaot #5 · Dec 14th, 2011 · · 3 ·

Yes. Ponies must die in Conversion Bureau fics. Because whole idea of CB is sick and wrong.

This is so good.... I'm not very sure about Conversion Bureau fics but this one had my attention from start to end. I'd love to read more of this!

The thing I like with this take on CB is that the ponies are treated like zombies. They're sweet and kind and loving, and they just want what's best for you, if only you'll let them infect you with their kindness...

I love the dichotomy, even as it makes me cry how the poor things are being treated. It's funny. It's really, really terrible what the humans do to the ponies in these stories and I see it as the world gone mad, quite, quite mad. You have to feel for the humans, because if you ask me they really ARE misguided and evil when they will put a bullet through their compatriots just because they grow hooves.

As an outside observer, I love the turnabout. As a fan of the genre, it's a unique look inside insanity.

Thing is, there's a LOT of hate for TCB fics, mainly due to the "You Can't Argue With Elves" and folks conflating the different sub-continuities. Also, the tendency to see the whole thing in the darkest light possible.

Goddamn this is one of the best stories I have ever read. I actually cried manly tears. Also, thank you GaryGibson for the song name, it goes well with it.

If the human race were to ever to gasp its last breath, you can count on it that that last breath will be used to enact revenge of the highest order possible.


LOLOLOL yeah right. Celestia is a GOD in most TCB fics including the ten rounds verse.

Also ponies are better than us in everyway. Anyone NOT lining up to become a pony is fucking insane

#11 · Dec 14th, 2011 · · ·

too many misanthropes here.
Well i guess i should expect nothing less from a TCB fic.

I don't see how a hoof better than finger (i would just lol to see how you typing an answer with your ...er nose maybe?)

66485 nice song, I do think that The Lightning strike by Snow Patrol goes better with this story though (hence why I put the lyrics in at the end lol)
and to answer your question, no I have no plans for a sequel as of right now, I do have an alternate ending/epilogue that I originally cut from the story that I may post at a later date.


epilogue: everypony is butthurt that celestia died. end.

Also, whats this ten rounds universe?

You have one hell of a good story here Steel. I admit, the ending certainly struck a chord with me. You don't very often see a ten rounds fic, but you pulled it off very well. I think that this story should be kept as is, in terms of the total plot of the story, but I think that there could be some pretty interesting back stories you could put in here. Keep up the good stories!


The ten rounds universe is a fic that was written by Defoloce setting up the Equestria invades earth style of TCB fics. The original can be found here

That post immediately made me think of World War Z except with TCB ponies as the zombies...

In all seriousness though, I personally like the idea of a Ten Rounds universe fic every now and then. I occasionally enjoy a good grimdark story every now and then.(As long as it's not grimdark for grimdark's sake.)

66537 SHUT up! the humans should have won!, its the ponies faults that they made those damn Conversion stations in the first place!. think of it? no more shooting guns, no more call of duty, no more TF2! in exchange for... rolling in grass, and flying around.... "ooh soo cool..."

66537 SHUT up! the humans should have won!, its the ponies faults that they made those damn Conversion stations in the first place!. think of it? no more shooting guns, no more call of duty, no more TF2! in exchange for... rolling in grass, and flying around.... "ooh soo cool..." 67056
Aw hell no! , they dont have video games, guns, WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) tanks, helicoptors, or anything! they can keep hteir stupid magic while i get technology, weapons, video games, HANDS, and what do ponies have? carriages, royalty, things we used 1000 years ago!

it's true that their world is happier....but losing my hands? sorry, not gonna happen.

Glory to the fallen:pinkiesad2:


Finally some one get's 40k
death to the false goddesses

The way I see it is, if you can write something that gets a reaction like 67731 then you're doing something right, whether the commenter is agreeing or disagreeing with you.

I'm pretty sure that the guest there commenting is tongue in cheek - but to be honest, there ARE people like that (gapaot for one), and when I look at it, I can't help but think they're nuts. WMD's are a good thing? Magic, flying, happiness, friendship aren't worth giving up video games (the one thing from that list I'd actually miss) for?

Misanthropy in and of itself isn't something bad, Badly written misanthropy is a different problem. The difference is between whether you're a good author writing a crapsack world, or whether you're a crap author writing a 'bad' world. If you want excellent misanthropy as well as heroic humans, then just read Yellowstone and follow it up with xmen comics. Heroes and villains, the tapestry of humanity is diverse and varied.

Ten Rounds? That sounds suspiciously similiar to the crossover series the RA3:Paradox Faniverse community did. ( I am a member of said community). Basically it was Ten Rounds with our fanfactions + the RA3 factions replacing the human nations.

When I read this, I can't help but imagine the Team America theme song playing in the background, which makes it all the more awesome.

Funny, I made a blog post on this site just about that a couple of days ago :P

>>WMD's are a good thing? Magic, flying, happiness, friendship aren't worth giving up video games (the one thing from that list I'd actually miss) for?

Well, it's more complicated than that. While nukes are a terrible weapon, they are more than that. They ushered us into a new age of technological prowess, and they symbolize just that. As a human, I can't help but be utterly fascinated by them. Science burst upon the world devices that weigh a few tons themselves but deliver energies equivalent to *millions* of *tons* of TNT. Devices that match the power output of our sun for a few nanoseconds. Devices that taught us how that there is far, far more potential within matter than just chemical combustion.
Heh, sorry. that's the engineer/science nut in me talking :twilightsheepish:

We have far more technology and scientific knowledge than just nukes. Plus, we discover new things all the time. Would you really want to give all that up for a simple, quaint life pulling doorknobs with your teeth? Probably without ever progressing beyond that?
Sure, it would be a new and unique experience. But for the rest of your life?
...Although: flight with your own wings? That's always been a very strong dream of mine...

The scientist in me agrees in progress, it agrees very strongly with understanding truly how the world works, and an amazing device that rivals the power of the very suns themselves is nothing to be sniffed at - but the romantic and humanist in me understands how "more stuff" doesn't equate to "more better".

I'm not a bleeding heart liberal (although as a slightly politically left of centre european, compared to "centre politics" in the USA, that's exactly what I am) so I am fully aware that merely throwing away everything we have to live like cavemen would be bloody awful - the thing I'm comparing it to is an entirely different world, with different world laws and an entirely different form of civilization.

In this candy-coloured world, the mythical golden age that is spoken of in our world by only the thick and the deceitful is true. That's the amazing thing which a lot of the neighsayers just don't get. We're dealing with a world where friendship really is magic, and magic is everywhere. That world is something I would give up very many things in this one for - not for some facile facsimile thereof.

All i can say is one thing

"GG" for both sides...

I personaly recomend control the divin by blind guardian
and three things I would miss are stake, hands, and metal music:pinkiesad2:

#30 · Jan 5th, 2012 · · ·

the ending.
It is either terribly perfect or perfectly horrible I am not entirely sure which.
The last of the humans fights the pointless battle for "freedom".
"Freedom": that fearfully fickle thing flowing from the idiotic idea of independence inarguable.
The last moments are played out;
betrayal by a lost love,
false victory proclaimed,
and the ultimate Revenge.
To strike back at the very precipice, the height, the original Instigator of this oh-so grim scenario.
The result determined only by what is left unsaid,
only those who do not fear searching their own imaginations will know for sure.

/lame word spew

Oh this was good! Anything which makes me uncontrollably regurgitate words like that is, it means that you've made me think.
(And that is an achievement indeed!)

You are not worth the air you breathe you filthy traitor!

its like the 4th of July all over again :pinkiehappy: go humanity!





FINAL SCORE: 1,205,539 (HUMANS) 9,281,391,005 (PONIES)

...Suddenly I got this weird feeling that HLF was the true hero :rainbowhuh:

199641 The healthy human doesn't wake up in the morning thinking this is its last day on earth. But I think that's a luxury. Not a curse. To know you're close to the end is a kind of freedom. Good time to take... inventory. Outgunned.Outnumbered. Out of our minds on a suicide mission. But the sand and rocks here, stained with thousands of years of warfare... They will remember us. For this. Because out of all our vast array of nightmares, this is the one we choose for ourselves. We go forward like a breath exhaled from the Earth. With vigor in our hearts and one goal in sight; We. Will. Kill her. :rainbowwild:

I loved this story. As much as I love my Little Pony, and I do love My Little Pony, the idea of humanity giving up everything just sounds wrong. Giving up themselves, their culture, their history, all of that, it just doesn't sound right...

This story though, was beautiful. Heck, even if Celestia didn't die, I'm happy knowing the last human went out as a human, not as a pony.

You have the following nominations:




Thing is, in the Ten Round universe... they are.

Celestia has ordered them to throw their lives away, without care for personal safety, to convert humans. By Celestia's will, she will have dozens upon dozens of ponies will literally throw themselves onto a sword just to convert a single human.

And they will obey without thought.

They are zombies. No will of their own, only living to please Celestia. And if she's willing to let untold numbers of ponies die like that, she is not a good master to serve.

Yep, and that's what I love about this turnabout!


Sorry, I thought that you didn't understand when you said -

"humans, because if you ask me they really ARE misguided and evil when they will put a bullet through their compatriots just because they grow hooves."

They do become akin to zombies, so putting them down when irreversibly infected just makes sense.

Well, you've got two sides to the take on it - one is in-universe, the other is extra-universe.

All said and done, from the outside, fluffy zombie horde or not, even the world of ten rounds isn't entirely horrific. The ponies don't actually hurt you , and when you become a pony you really do feel much happier and care-free. The happiness they offer is genuine as it is intrinsic to their very being.

The body horror is there though - a fanatical devotion to Celestia and mental changes which are high-grade, unavoidable and permanent. I could argue both sides of the "fanatical devotion to a cause you believe in", but the idea that ponies would throw away their lives to convert humans by force is part of the mental body horror (have I got that right?).

From the outside, what you've got is instantaneous elimination of a friendly creature who just wants the best for you. The worst you're going to get from an 'unarmed' pony is a strong nibbling and a big hug. From one point of view, that's pretty evil. It's pretty fucked up.

From the inside, the ponies represent an extinction-level event - a soft genocide, and every new pony is (much like a zombie) another trooper for the other team. It's logical, if cold and cruel, to shoot anybody infected at the first opportunity before they can any sort of threat.

Bravo, my good author. Bravo.

I love Equestria and the show, but the Conversion Bureau sickens me. It's a genocide. A happy, bright, smiling genocide of humanity.

Having read this series and some of the responses, I'm so glad that I'm not the only brony who has an issue with using the FiM-verse for a story whose basic moral is, "It's okay to commit genocide against some groups of people because you're better than them." I would nuke the entire world into a glass parking lot before I'd ever let the Conversion Bureau ponies get their hooves on it.

273301 "Soft genocide" is an oxymoron.

331026 Thank fuck, I was starting to think I was the only one!



You two aren't the only ones with a low opinion of the Conversion Bureau-verse. I have to agree with whoever said this: "Basically, the story seems to advocate genocide/forced assimilation."

I'm okay with MLP:FiM war stories but somehow, using the FiM-verse for a story that essentially advocates genocide seems so wrong.

I would rather put a bullet in my head than be converted. After all, you die either way. I mean conversion deletes and then overwrites your identity, mind and body, everything that makes you, you.

338203 Indeed. Are you at all familiar with S. M. Stirling's Draka series? The ponies here are basically the same deal: A race that's more physically powerful than humanity and from this develops a racial supremacist doctrine it uses to justify conquering Earth and killing (or brainwashing and genetically modifying for their own purposes) every last member of the human race. And they have an "I Win" button. The only difference is we're not supposed to root for the Draka.

Side with humans, Keep hands and computer games and guns!
Side with ponies, Happiness and flying and magic!
Which one?
But if ponies invaded like that....



Thank Odin's hairy balls, I'm not the only one! I find the TCB universe an intriguing idea and I love the amount of writing materail it can provide people. I must say I only have a few qualms with it. Firs of all, the misanthropy is more than enough to make me want spew pure acidic hatred into the TCB version of Celestia and the Mane 6's faces.

First off the huge plothole from the original fic which got carried over a few fics. Equestria was suffering from overpopulation.....let's convert 19 billion humans to ponies! Ingenious! Who cares there's not freaking way even an Equestria-nized Terra could even fit that many ponies without covering Terra with arcologies. I mean the world currently has 7 billion souls on it already 19 billion with no interstellar trade to support the population plus many humans being jobless. Yeah, call me a nerd but that shattered my suspension of disbelief. It's shouldn't kill authors to at least use that monkey brain of ours they love deriding

Second....IT'S XENOCIDE. Freaking xenocide! Genocide is the destruction of an entire race or religious groups. What Hitler did to the Jews was genocide. Homo Sapiens Sapiens is a species not a damn race so that makes what the ponies are doing in such an inane and bright and colorful way xenocide which is the destruction of an entire species.

Third in many TCB fics Equestria and the ponies are so damn perfect it truly sickens me. Hell, I'm glad the shows aren't any where near what the TCB fics do. The pones have plenty of conflict and more than a few dangers. I've read a few TCB fics that claim nothing in Equestria is poisonous. Poison Joke and the CMC's love poison apparently being something else. Also baked bads.

Anyway, my inforant aside, I enjoyed this fic. The ponies are over the top with their love and caring to the point they'll attack en masse to convert humans forcibly. Celestia was a bit OOC but then again, the arrogant bint just took a nuke to the face. Even if her godhood deus ex machinaed her to safety she's missing a ton of followers now. I like TCB fics like this because they put a new spin on things.

A specieist, xenocidal, imperialist power attempts to destroy the local culture, wipe out the native population, and take over their planet, which they justify by claiming that they are racially and culturaly superior.
Yep, nothing wrong with that!

That was pure epicness just awwwwwwwwwwwwww

That was one of the most satisfying endings to one of these storys. Glad to see the guy died a human and took all the ponies with him.

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