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Dalek IX


Sometimes, things don't go exactly to plan. Other times, you tick off the wrong planet alltogether.

A collection of short stories and snippets that show us what would've happened if the Equistriani Barrier had had the misfortune of appearing on the wrong Earth, crossing over with other media.

WARNING! A passing knowledge of the Conversion Bureau subsubgenre is necessary.

Remember: everything posted here is up for adoption. You like an idea? Give me a shout and I'll gladly hand it over, along with a basic plotline for what I'd planned.

14/01/2014: This fic's not in hiatus, it's passed on! This fic is no more! It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone to meet 'is maker! It's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e rests in peace! If you hadn't kept commenting on it, it'be pushing up the daisies! It's creative processes are now 'istory! It's off the twig! It's kicked the bucket, it's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!!


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I'm guessing Mass Effect, right? I'm afraid I have only the most cursory of knowledge of the series. :fluttershysad: but still epic and awesome! I love the big No! there.

and again you have me cheering for Sec! Curse you, you magnificent bastard! :yay: Although it is your version of Sec, so for me it's cool. :rainbowlaugh:

759139 Yep, it's ME. And the Reaper in question is called Sheppard.

VERY YES. Between this and A Hero, how is it that you are so good at making intrinsically abominable monsters heroic champions of what is right?


By making them fight something they find disgusting.:pinkiehappy:

"And we are all very fucking angry."
He's sophistocated as fuck.

So actual Reapers have come to wreck the shit of Reapers-lite? Awesome! :pinkiehappy:

Think you're gonna boot up a new thread just for this, or are you using the main thread to mine ideas? because I think we all have something to contribute here. :moustache:


Hah. Get some, Reaper-Shepard. 8 D

You know you've made a colossal fail when the fucking DALEKS are disgusted at you.

this story is glorious. would you mind terribly if i flung ideas at you like tomatoes at a medieval prisoner.
here's one i would pay blood to see.

"equestria has finished the conversion of a place called 'westeros' and all the lands that surround it. the conquer aegon is defeated and celestia now rules all.

then the winter comes and with it the shadows and the snow and Celestia learns that fear, true fear, is reserved for the cold, and the things that stir with it."

Everything I hate about the ponies in the TCB universes summarized by a Dalek...

Would be interesting to see Celestia attack a world with human gods, cause they surely would kick her ass. Maybe a Shin Megami Tensei universe against the Demi Fiend. Or Kratos, or the Winchester Brothers.

This..... :pinkiegasp:

This is brilliant! :rainbowdetermined2: Moar please!

Wow. Daleks are evil! But I was cheering during his rants . . . now I want to my OWN CB story :rainbowlaugh:

"AS-SU-MING DI-RECT CON-TROL!!" I freaking lost it at that point.:rainbowlaugh:


That's the magic of the TCB crapverse.

and then cellestia released discord, and discord wiped out the dalek! dude run the numbers daleks would not win in equestria cause they can't adapt to what is a infinatley shifting energy weapon, which magic is. this would be over in minutes

Dude, I fell over, laughing SO fucking hard at this chapter. THIS was awesome. :twilightsmile: Faved!

Demi-fiend: Fucked.
Kratos: bloody mess and fucked.
Winchester brothers:Trolled and fucked.
All three: well...

The Avengers verse could be amusing. Also,767302 YOU WILL BE EX-TERM-INATED!


Human, you do not yet comprehend your place in things. The beings you call Daleks will bring your salvation through Celestia's destruction.

This was glorious, my opinions were perfectly summed up by Dalek Sec. Now do the Locust from GOW, that or whatever you want cause I'm sure you've got it down.


Dalek Sec pretty much bitch slapped the entire TCB fandom and summed up the Anti-TCB movements thoughts in one glorious rant..

767302 Orly? ANTI TCB FIC, if ya don't like it go smother yaself in Chatoyance's mess of misanthropy.

The Warhammer 40k universe could be interesting...

You should really do a doctor who side verison. See how he reacts to the ponies and their decision to destory humans

I think you should do Transformers next. I mean who wouldn't want to see Primus himself, the creator god of all Transformers, duke it out with Celestia. I would think that being faced with the threat of extinction would definitely count as Humanity's darkest hour.

Brilliantly done! Even though the Dalek are more than willing to put down any sentient species in the galaxy, they never are truly disgusted by any of them. Rather they do have some form of respect for those who survive, no matter how small it is.

Ponies... they aren't survivors. Perhaps pre-Celestial ponies but not these ones. It's actually quite amusing all things considered, what with mankind's greatest threat having a high opinion on it while looking down repugnantly on the ponies for trying to convert them.

How about a God of War universe? That'd make for a pretty brutal end for the princesses.

I want to try this series, but I have no idea what The Conversion Bureau is, or which story to read first. Can you please help?

Hmm, what other sorts of universes could really mess up a CB type story?

Getter Robo - Getter rays being evolution manifested as a form of energy would certainly make them anathama to Equestria. Likewise considering how Getter Robo once evolved to the point where it encountered god (And then kicked his ass), it's certainly something that Celestia would regret underestimating. Or that could be an aftermath type story involving the discovery that attempts to seal away Getter Rays during the conversion were less successful than believed.

Yu Yu Hakusho could be interesting, especially if the various afterlife realms judge Celestia's actions an attempt at stealing the souls their responsible for overseeing.

The World of Darkness ... Well that might be a bit mean to Celestia.

Though speaking of stacked decks, both Marvel and DC are stuffed with potential calamity - in marvel's case even discounting cosmics like Galactus, the Celestials, Odin, Thanos and more, even Dr. Strange on his own would probably be plenty to end the whole conversion thing. And DC has more magic based characters than Marvel does.

maybe their could be a cthulhutech verse maybe?

there's a whole cornucopia of brutal deaths waiting for the converters there. and that's not even getting to those caused by the gods...


Awesome stuff man - and heck, for a suggestion for a world to cross with, how about the actual MLP:FIM universe - one where Celestia and Twilight are appalled at their counterparts' acts of genocide (in complete opposition to the principals of Friendship and Harmony), and form an alliance with humanity to bring down the Barrier?

770060, now that would be awesome. It shows how contrary to the show's message the TCB-verse is.

First of all: Holy Saajuk look at all these comments!:pinkiegasp:

My good friend RK_Striker_JK_5 made one that involves both of them.

Now, what do you people think of this: Xenocidelestia being smote down by the combined forces of Hiigara, the Bentusi (!!), the Taiidani and all fourteen Vaygr Crusades?
Sadly, the only anime I have watched is Puella Magi, and the only Tabletop Game I am even remotely familiar with is 40K, so I know absolutely nothing of what you're talking about :twilightsheepish:.

I do know enough about comics to know that invading DC and Marvel Earth would be a horrible idea.

Absolutely nothing about your statement makes sense. First of all, releasing Discord implies a level of spite and desire for petty revenge that is absent in TCB!ponies. Second, Discord would side with the humans, as we are infinitely more agreable to him than harmony-loving, orderly, perfectly peaceful ponies. Third, REA-DY A-DAP-TIVE SHI-ELDS! EN-GAGE PLO-TO-NIUM BE-AM!

In fact, your "argument" is so incoherent, it reminds me of a three-year-old that's angry because he lost at his most recent game of pretend. This makes me wish to ask you the following:

Dear fellow, are u mad?:pinkiecrazy:


To give you an idea of just how abhorrent TCB!Celestia is, Daleks are best described (and portrayed) as Imperialistic Space Super Nazis.

I have not changed that characterization.


Well, he did do his research...

I seem to have some ability for speeches, as the last time I made one (Dalek Sec vs. a Puella Magi Madoka Magica Incubator) got similar response.

Thanks for pointing it out to me, I'll make sure to keep an eye on that story.

I have only one word to describe what reading this story is like:


POKEMON!!!!! Arcues and all the other pokemon fighting a destroying The ponies would be awsome.

Okay, first off, this is just, awsome. Pure, awsomeness, at it's finest. A series of short stories about Celestia and the ponies getting there sorry flanks completely OWNED. :rainbowlaugh: Seriously man, where the hell were you when we needed authors like you? I have been seriously waiting for this FOREVER! I mean... I'm just.. I'm so HAPPY! :pinkiehappy:


:twilightoops: Sorry about that, I get a little carried away when reading stories like these. There just such a breath of fresh air for me. I give you a mustache good sir. Hell, take all of the mustaches my beard can provide. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I only wish that I could give more, but I've run out of facial hair.

I had a weird thought: does this mean Shepard is Best Reaper?

*thinks about potential Alt!Worlds* Hmmmm.... FALLOUT! The thoughts of either The Vault Dwellor, The Chosen One, The Lone Wanderer, or The Courier (or all four) kicking butt tickles me. ...But then there's that Magical barrier to worry about.

There's always the Cthulhu-verse. Celestia's Genocide campaign wakes up The Old Ones.

OOH! Ponyhammer! One old idea was that the Orks of this version were Humans, and that some WAAAGHs were actually allied with the Imperium of Ponies. So, Xenocidelestia starts wiping out Earth in the Ponyhammer verse, only to find not only millions of human ships inbound, but pony ships too, lead by an Alternate version of herself, her student and her friends (Twi is an Inquisitor, the rest of the 6 are mareines)! The sound you hear is Celestia's mind breaking.

Then there's Digimon, more specifically the version after Season Two where the digidestined number in the millions.

Hmmmm, what about the Borderlands universe ? Hehehehhehe, ponies would be killed in the masses by Skags, Raak, Scythids, Spiderants, and others. Or the Elder Scrolls universe. Tamriel is in good shape and has many magical forces. I could see the Daedric Princes wrecking havoc on Equestria.

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