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Just another half-baked hack who likes ponies. (Stayouttamyshed!)


Half-Baked Hack · 3:51am Nov 4th, 2014

You know, my description is self-depreciating, but accurate. I really am a hack.

Inspiration for new stuff is both copious and rare. Copious because I have so many ideas for different stories, and rare because I don't have enough for the stories I've already published. I'm sure I'm not the only fanfic writer to experience such woes, but it's still upsetting when the stories don't come. I am so jealous of people who can just churn out chapter after chapter for their stories. (ぱるぱる.)

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2070696 Why else? I like it. I don't need anything more to put it in my Favorites list, yo!

Thanks for faving EXTERMINA- No! Bad Dalek!, may I ask why?

Will be there any update to Pegasus Densetsu anytime soon? :D

Oi. Nice profile pic(':moustache:');

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