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Spartan A-042 finds himself on a mission gone wrong when he winds up in a land of talking ponies and other magical creatures as he struggles to comprehend how he got there, why he is there and above all, how can he leave.

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Uhhh, Just stopping before i continue reading, Elites are on the Humans side after the events of Halo 2/3 for good, as of they felt that the humans were, "Strong enough" to be able to be on par with the elites. Essentially, the elites created a Militaristic alliance between the two societies. Just telling you... The new covenant is either backed by Separatist Elites or the Remaining Brutes. Jus' sayin'.

706400 are they ones from halo2 when your the arbitor just asking

706342 You, sir, ARE A FUCKING DOUCHEBAG! On EVERY FUCKING HALO FIC, YOU FUCKING COMMENT SHIT! AT LEAST FUCKING READ IT BEFORE YOU JUDGE YOU FUCKING FAG. Now if you have nothing left that is productive to say, GET THE FUCK OUTTA THIS FIC. God, you are fucking annoying!

706454 I believe sooooo... and the arbiters' squad... yep.

706491 I see you in alot of halo fics why do you hate them so much just asking

Ive been seen around a lot of Halo fics?

I don't hate them, Its just Halo isn't my type of game and I don't
want to waste time reading about something im not interested in.

Well what about call of duty


...were the cool kids are... 706519

I LOATHE Call Of Duty.
The new ones, not the old ones.

Im a TF2 and Pirates Vikings and Knights II kinda guy.

In the E3 trailer for Halo 4, there were elites serving with grunts and jackals. It's reasonable, but highly unlikely, that this is what happenned. Until the game is released or an explanation is given, we can only make guesses

I like the story so far, although I'm still not sure what luna and celestia did that caused him to be there. I'm pretty sure it was in there just didn't find it on the first read. Good fic though :pinkiehappy:

Me want more now! I really like this so far. I am not that good at expressing emotion through typing, so... Yeah. :twilightsheepish:

My good sir you simply must continue this exhilarating story!:moustache:

Where the hell did Luna go? She was there at the slumber party and then... not.

OMG :pinkiegasp:
the meaning of life is SPARTANS! (42) :rainbowlaugh:

707993 Someone didn't read it thoroughly. LOL doesn't matter though all things will be explained in due time. That includes all questions popping up in the comments.

Very interesting, Looking forward to more.

Halo 4 isn't even out yet but you seem to have quite a bit of intel on it
How? :rainbowderp:

709889 Trust me on this when I say that I LOVE Halo!

These links also help. LOL

Hope you enjoy the wealth of info like I did.:pinkiehappy:

Parts of it seemed a bit out of character, but meh, great story, I expect this story to get better! :twilightsmile: loving all the references as well :rainbowlaugh:

OH MY CELESTIA! A HALO CROSSOVER?!:pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:

Then why do you waste time commenting on them? (owned)

Because I like commenting and talking with people?
Im perfectly sure its okay to give my opinion on something and let the author know what I think.

I don't understand the "Owned" though.

This is a great story, you're a fantastic writer so keep going with it. But I want to point out that according to the official halo canon so far the absolute majority of the Sangheili left the covenant and under the leadership of the arbiter are allies with the Human's , though there are a group of separatists who wish to kill the arbiter and reinstate the covenant. And that group was supported and supplied by elements of the ONI and war-mongers in the UNSC command, but the separatist group promised to leave the humans alone. Just wanted to point that out, but great story none the less

You must really hate Celestia to portray her in such a weak fashion. Not all Spartan III's are dead. In the Ghosts of Onyx, several are still alive along with Dr. Halsey, the old drill sarge, and a Spartan II. And what happened to Luna in all the excitement?

Next problem, tugging something from Slipspace? Not possible, no matter the means. In Slipspace you are distorting the fabric of space itself to get from one point to another, to take someone from that just can't happen. Especially since you had Celestia so easily defeated.

Next prob, Celestia's easy defeat. Breaking out of magic that easily? Magic isn't a physical force that can be shattered with brute force alone as their is nothing to break. Plus, Celestia moves the sun. THE SUN. You know how big that is? Very big. The force required to move the sun would be more than enough to hold down even a Spartan.

their is a lot of stuff released about halo 4 even though the game isn't out yet, just look up "halo 4" on youtube.


I told you people that everything would be answered but I'm more than happy to answer some questions.

No one knows that some people survived on Onyx yet, their still trapped inside the Dyson sphere so they are presumed dead by ONI.

Second: re-read the chapter, it said what happened to Luna but if you can't be bothered to do that then there is an answer in the new chapter.

Third: Nothing can tug a ship from slip-space? How are you sure about that? For all you know magic could be a reality distorting effect as well.

Fourth: I would imagine pulling something from slip-space takes a lot of magic and energy out of someone so Celestia would already be weakened, plus she had no idea how 42 fights so there the element of surprise. he also closed the gap before she could sus his fighting technique and if all else failed i highly doubt magic could really be used in time to stop a bullet.

Fifth: Move the Sun. Thats not quite how things will be explained in this story as 42 explains the mechanics of the universe as far as he can understand and you never know, something odd might happen that explains it all. While i know what said thing is you do not as it is not your story, so your just going to have to bear with it and wait for answers.

oh i missed this part out earlier but if a spartan can flip a scorpion tank i'm pretty sure he can out muscle some kinetic force from a weakened magical creature. THNX for the challenge though.

You are right about glasslands though I believe a number of the elites sided with the arbitor. Other than that awesome job. Cant wait for more.

715484 Thanks for clearing that issue up, and I like how you didn't point fingers. Isee your point, and using that to your advantage, this story could become very good! Once again, thanks for clearing the issue up!


Celestia is not anything special. She's a fake who lies about everything to keep her power.

Alright I'm interested to see where this goes. Please keep the updates frequent because too long without an update puts me on edge.


I'm pretty sure ONI found the people inside Onyx, I remember reading in in Glasslands...

And to support you, yes, there are some elites that still don't want to side with humans, some that do (Arbiter & Friends), and some crazy fanatics that still believe in the Great Journey.

"He thanked whichever deity was watching over him"
"Although despite being Atheist"
Shortest time I've seen for one to gain and lose a belief :rainbowlaugh:

Also with the Sangheili, the ones that are fighting against humanity are a sub group of the covenant like the heretics on the forerunner gas mine in halo 2


LOL. Sure made me look a little stupid.:rainbowlaugh:

I guess it's just one of those things everyone does. For example, I'm atheist but I constantly say 'Thank God' or 'Jesus Christ'! That specific line was just trying to say 'Thank God' with a bit more originality but I totally understand the confusion.:twilightblush:

715991 even though I'm religious that was butt fucking hallorius Im not a buthurt. but i still think the the funniest quote from the military was about some sort suit or gas mask
if your suit, or gas mask does not have a filter you have about 2 mins to either pray or if you are atheist, try looking at the sun or, whatever.
Second I really don't think that a Spartan would just instantly start trusting them, or the same for the ponies.
And the other quote was:none of you are better than one another, in basic you are all equally worthless!!

Yesss,keep this up. It's pretty damn epic.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

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