Halo:Trapped In A Wonderland

by SuperIntendant

Chapter 14: Hunter Hunted

One quick note before I begin. I have started using FimFiction's software to write this story and of course it's using an American dictionary when I'm English. Please bear with the weird mixture of English and American spellings. :)

Lyra had been hiking for the best part of an hour now and she still had yet to catch up to the blue giant and his entourage. She had come back to Twilight's library a short while ago to receive her new hands but found nothing but a map on the table which had pointed to this general area. Lyra backtracked in her thoughts a moment and giggled. The giggle quickly became ecstatic laughter as she dwelled more and more on the thought. SHE was going to have hands. Lyra Heartstrings, the first pony in history to receive extra limbs. That though dampened her mood slightly. Was receiving extra going to hurt?

She shook her head clear and carried on walking over the large hill and towards the rock fields in the distance. She had barely made it a few meters before a large boom could be heard echoing over the land and over the mountain ranges in the distance. Looking to the sky, Lyra quickly found the source of the noise. A large black object was hurtling towards the planet at speeds well above what Rainbow Dash could travel. Lyra's eyes widened in joy when she realized it must be more of 42's friends. But why was it travelling so fast on descent. She was no space pony but she had experience with aquatic vessels and they were usually supposed to slow down before docking, or landing in this case. Lyra leap in surprise as the ship came roaring overhead and crashed into the valley she had just walked through. She flattened her ears before the impending shock-wave smacked into her, sending her reeling a few steps. Regaining her balance she peered down at the now smoking ruins of what was once a marvelous machine.

"Oh no." Was all Lyra whispered to herself before she galloped down the slope at full speed to help whatever was in there. Alien or not there were lives in danger.


Katherine slowly came to as the smell of smoke penetrated her helmet's filters. Her lungs caused her to lurch violently as she hacked and coughed up all the air she could, she then quickly proceeded to gulp plenty of 'slightly' fresher air which was entering through her filters. Letting her training kick in she began to examine her own body for damage. Seeing nothing of even noteworthy damage she sighed in relief and thanked armour lock for living up to its legendary reputation despite being such an antiqued piece of equipment. She wondered for a moment why the UNSC had discontinued it and then chuckled to herself as she remembered.

"Oh yeah... the radiation". Comfortable in the fact that she already wouldn't have been having kids this lifetime anyway she pushed aside the now shredded harness straps and cautiously stood up. The feeling of vertigo quickly washed over her as she propped her arm against the pilot seat to balance herself. Struggling upright once more she scanned around the room to assess the damage done to the ships more critical components. A thick black smoke was rapidly filling the room from the ventilation ports and what little displays remained, showed her a bleak damage assessment of near critical damage to all primary and most secondary components of the ship. The only thing actually working it seems was the reserve power built in a secure location at the heart of the Prowler class vessel. Taking a air sample of the smoke through her helmet, her on board logistics suite quickly identified the black smoke as nothing toxic but pretty unpleasant to breath nonetheless.

Katherine made the decision to keep her helmet on and quickly stepped over to the bulkhead separating her from the rest of the ship. The door refused to open to her presence and remained stubbornly closed. A quick scan of the general vicinity put the blame on a piece of the internal mechanism being jammed closed by some sheered metal stuck halfway through the door. Rubbing her hands together she placed them on each side of the central slit, which showed where the door opened, and heaved with all her might. The bulkhead barely stood a chance as it flew open and the offending piece of metal quickly fell to the floor with a large clang.

Vibrations quickly flew through the ship as a few secondary systems came back to life and the air began to clear as the extraction fans and filters began working their magic. Katherine yanked off her helmet and took in the now much fresher air. Exhaling in quiet content she continued onward to the back of the ship where the landing ramp could be found. It was a short walk as the familiar and welcome sight of the large metal plate secured firmly to the ships rear sat before her. She stepped up to the accompanying console and hit the open button. Fate gave her the screw once more as the console sparked for a fraction of a second and continued to do nothing. Shrugging her shoulders she reached atop the panel and tore it from the wall before quickly tying two of the now exposed wires together.

Katherine turned her attention to the ramp as she heard a slight thump but was greeted still by no opening ramp. Katherine walked closer to the ramp waiting for it to do something but all she was greeted with was the sound of another but this time she caught what made it interesting. The thump wasn't the ramp attempting to open. Something was attempting to whack it from the other side, with something big. She began timing the sounds. 1, 2, 3 *thump* 1, 2, 3 *thump*. It was too rhythmic for falling rocks or anything else large enough to be making naturally from the other side. Something, or rather someone, was trying to get in. Katherine had to be sure of this and decided the best course of action was to knock back. She hammered a gentle and deliberate rhythm into the metal and placed her head against the plating in order to listen back. Sure enough the thumping had stopped and now there was a tense silence. Mere moments passed before a different sound started playing through the metal. It was no were near as loud as the previous thing but was definitely more precise. Someone was knocking back.

Katherine had all the evidence she needed and quickly backed off from the ramp as more of the gentle knocks played across the metal plating. Something was definitely out there and now she was kicking herself for alerting it to her presence without knowing whether it was friendly or not. She needed to get out there and do something and do it fast before things became hard to control. Going out the cockpit window was a no-go seeing as the screens had been covered in dirt and the ship was at a slight angle indicating that the cockpit was most likely buried in the local soil. Thinking some more, Katherine came to the conclusion that the only way out would be the back ramp but the lowering pistons were shot. To get through she would have to... Katherine stopped and turned to face the door to the armoury down the hall. Realisation struck her like a lightning bolt and she strode swiftly to the armoury bulkhead. Luckily this door faced no technical or physical problems and opened for her albeit at its slow, usual rate.

Stepping into the armoury Katherine quickly pulled an old plasma repeater from one of the many weapon racks and returned to the ramp that continued to sit in its comatose state. Checking the charge was sufficient for the task ahead, Katherine pointed the plasma repeater at the first of the two heavy duty pistons and let off a prolonged assault of the searing blue plasma. While the pistons where massive and impossible to entirely melt through, the plasma did weaken it enough for Katherine to enact phase two of the plan. Bringing up her large red boot, she quickly jabbed her heel through the now glowing section of the metal. A large crack reverberated through the corridor as the piston snapped roughly in twain. Katherine did not pause to celebrate her victory as she turned to the next piston and began repeating the previous task.


Lyra stumbled through the smoke filled air and took care to avoid the various pieces of metal scattered about the place as she had quickly found out a few of them were still very hot as the new burn mark on her left fore-hoof had indicated. Small fires were everywhere and were contributing to the quickly growing smoke that cluttered the air around her causing her eyes to sting and her throat to dry up. Noticing the smoke was getting thicker, she quickly drew magic around her head and created a magical filter to keep the more harmful particles away. She was no prodigy when it came to the use of magic but this sort of spell was simple enough to conjure when concentrating.

She had been following the trail of debris for a short while now and had yet to see any form of life thus far. She supposed that could be considered a good and a bad thing as anything thrown from a ship moving that fast would probably die. Walking past another large piece of metal she soon found the reason for her foray into this hazardous environment.

Sighting the what she assumed to be the back of the large metal behemoth, she galloped up to its surface and reached out to touch it before quickly retracting her hoof. 'Stupid' she thought. If those small pieces were hot then this was going to be near molten levels for her. She needed some way to get inside, try and help whoever was in there but she couldn't touch the surface itself. Looking around she quickly sighted several objects which she could use to her advantage. Plucking them from the ground with her magic she quickly floated them over to her one by one. The first object was roughly wheel shaped and had plenty of notches in it which were similar to a cog but at the same time entirely different as they were positioned within the wheel rather than around. Deeming it too small to be of use she quickly tossed it off to her side were it nestled within the ground thirty odd meters away. The second object was an odd crate looking object that was too tall to be of any real practical use. The inside was also hollowed out and had a weird tube sitting inside which was pulsing an ominous red. Noticing a small amount of text engraved on the side she flipped it over to read what it was. It quickly became apparent to Lyra that despite having near identical talking languages, Human alphabet looked similar but not anywhere near identical enough for her to read accurately. Trying her best to put human spelling to pony talk she began rolling the sounds off of her tongue.

"Fue... fuuuueeezy. Fuezy... chill?" She wasn't sure if that was correct or if humans had some really weird objects but she deemed the object of little use to her anyway. Tossing it aside like the last she turned her attention to the other and final object before a large explosion nearly blew her ear drums. Quickly flattening her ears and squinting her eyes, she turned towards the source of the explosion. Where the odd crate had once been there was now a smoking crater and more fires in the surrounding area. She thanked Celestia that she had tossed the thing aside instead of trying to use it and turned back to the new object with a more cautious eye. The final one seemed like a regular piece of large debris. Whether it was black originally or was charred to that colour she couldn't tell but it didn't seem to be radiating much heat anymore. Putting a more assertive grip around the object she hefted it into the air. It was roughly her size and was fairly heavy but nothing she couldn't handle.

Dragging it up to the ship she searched around for what the humans must use as an entrance and exit. It didn't take long as she found a large metal plate that seemed to be apart from the rest of the surrounding area. Seeing it a place as good as any other to start she began hammering away on the plate in order to try and force it open. Each hit was met with a large clang and a vibration through her magical aura which gave her a headache. Rubbing her head after the first three hits she observed the effect she'd had upon the surface. Nothing more than a few dents stood out to her and even then they were stupidly small. Sighing, she continued to hammer away at the area wishing she could teleport inside but she knew the dangers of teleporting inside somewhere you had no knowledge of, or was hazardous in itself. Wouldn't want to be killed by materialising halfway through a wall. She shuddered at the thought and continued to hammer away at the wreckage, each time wincing slightly as the metal made contact with more metal. She just had to keep this up until someone showed up to help her out. After all, surely half of the planet saw this thing come down.

Continuing to smack away at the metal for another five or so minutes Lyra's mind began to wonder about the place and take in the scene about her in more detail. The sky was beginning to return now as the smoke began to clear around the ship and she could see clearly the many pegasi circling around the site way off in the distance. Curious but still giving it a wide berth in the case that something should happen that required them to escape in a hurry. Lyra merely scoffed at their cowardly nature and renewed her effort to continue whacking away at the metal surface. By this point there was one large dent in the door which assured her she was making progress, albeit slow. Dragging back the large chunk of metal once more, she prepared to give another blow but stumbled as the ship suddenly rumbled to life and threw off her concentration. She could hear a mechanical whirring slowly gather speed before four massive plumes of smoke shot into the sky from the roof of the sky. Someone must have vented the smoke from the inside of the ship. The now rapidly rising plumes drove off the remaining pegasi who hadn't fled upon the ship's waking yawns. The afternoon sun was blotted out once more and Lyra was forced to continue her work in darkness yet again. Raising the large piece of debris once more she began hammering upon the surface yet again. *Thump* 1... 2... 3 *thump* 1... 2... 3 *thump* 1... 2... 3... *knock knock knock*. Lyra perked up her ears and drew closer to the metal plate. That wasn't the machine was it? She pressed her head up against the now cool metal and listened out again for the odd sound. When nothing came again, she raised her hoof to the surface and smacked the metal three times in a timed beat. She listened a few moments more before she could make out what sounded like heavy hoof-steps pulling away from the exit. 'Wait!' she thought to herself. She didn't want this thing to go. She knocked a few more times but still received no response. Something alive was in there and it really was urgent now. She needed someone to help really badly now of all times. No one seemed to be approaching the crash site so she needed to signal them here.

Dashing off to a more clear section of land from debris she built up a magical charge in her horn and kept it building even as drops of sweat began to form on her brow. Holding it but for a few moments longer she quickly discharged it and aimed high into the sky. A large ball of green energy rocketed into the sky before puffing out and dissipating like a flare. She hoped it had the desired effect and swiftly ran back to the area she had once been hammering against. Leaping through debris and darting around corners she quickly found herself back where she began and raised the large piece of metal off the ground and turned towards the plating that still stood firm against her. She approached to strike at it once more and got within metres of it before the plate let off a loud screech which caused her to clutch her already aching head in pain. The plating which was now revealed to be a ramp swiftly tumbled over top end and onto the ash covered, dirt ground. Covering her eyes from the cloud of dust sweeping towards her she took a few more brave steps forward only to fall onto her flank. She felt the cloud about her push onwards as it continued past her and she was left in the relatively clean air once more. Opening her now watering eyes all she saw was red. At first she was confused and went to rub her eyes with here hooves before something clamped around her neck and lifted her high into the air. The appendage clamped onto her felt like it had multiple digits. Each one thoroughly starving her of the life giving oxygen which she needed. Oxygen in her system was already beginning to run low and her tear filled vision still wasn't helping her find out who was attacking her like this. Unconsciousness nearly completely overtook her before something rung out across her ears and seemed to have grabbed the red giants attention thoroughly.

"16! Stand down!"