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Halo:Trapped In A Wonderland - SuperIntendant

Spartan A-042 finds himself on a mission gone wrong when he winds up in a land of talking ponies

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Chapter 1: Not Dead. Just Missing In Action.

Here you go, straight from Hells heart.

Chapter 1: Not Dead, Just Missing In Action

It was late at night and the land of Equestria slumbered peacefully throughout all the hills and valleys not a single thing was wrong. No one was being attacked, robbed or disturbed in the slightest of ways. Of course this wasn't odd for a land such as this but nonetheless it was something beautiful to behold. Even the palace, where all the commotion happened was quiet but where were the princesses?

“Oh Princesses I'm glad you could make it.” Twilight said happily as she answered the door to her library to find the two figures of royalty standing there.

“It was my pleasure Twilight, I haven't had a, what do you call it again? A sleepover since I was a small filly.” Celestia practically beamed as she and Luna stepped in to the house while two guards stood watch outside. “It's okay guards you may go and explore the town. We will be fine by ourselves.” The guards snapped a quick salute and walked off quickly while talking to each other.

“Tia, I am still confused as to what thou actually does at a 'Sleepover'.” Luna was still trying to put the pieces together in her head while wearing a look of pure puzzlement. Twilight and Celestia just giggled while Pinkie Pie jumped into Luna's face, scarring the daylights out of her.

“What else would you do at a sleepover other than PAAARTTAAAYY!” Pinkie danced and hopped around the Princess of the night before cartwheeling off towards Rarity and Applejack. Luna could only gather herself as she walked further into the room.

“I see and what exactly shall we do at this 'night party'?”

“I'll handle this one.” Rarity exclaimed as she got up and walked over to Luna. “Well these parties are usually a lot less vibrant than those of Pinkies concoction but we still do fun things such as doing each others hair and talking about people we have crushes on...” Rarity just gave a dreamy sigh as she began to have a small little daydream about said crush.

“Oh you mean like Macintosh, he's pretty stoking for a Stallion.” Rainbow replied only to get a thorough punch to the shoulder from Applejack.

“Ah would appreciate it if you didn't talk about mah brother that way Rainbow.” She said through gritted teeth.

“What? Its not my fault hes got a good body and the charm to match. Not that I like him or anything * cough *.” Rainbow cleared her throat and turned her attention towards Fluttershy, obviously trying to avoid eye contact with AJ. Fluttershy was sitting in the corner talking to Pinkie very softly and jumping in fright every time Pinkie burst out with a loud word or a laugh. Celestia and Luna joined the rest in the middle while Twilight closed the door behind them with a soft 'click'.

“Everypony remember that we're going stargazing tonight as well.” Twilight smiled as she trotted towards the centre of the room to rejoin the others. Pinkie Pie sprang up into the air randomly sending Fluttershy shooting behind a sofa to hide herself.

“Yay, lets get this party started!” And with that everyone began having a massively fun time that night.

'One hour later'

“Oooh, aaaah.” Everyone stated as the night sky played before them like a ballerina reaching the peak of their performance.

“Wow Luna, you did an amazing job tonight with the night sky.” Twilight was over the moon as she was sharing this golden opportunity with her friends.

“I thank thee Twilight. The compliment is most generous of thou.” Luna was enjoying herself very much tonight and she was determined to make the rest of the night just as awe inspiring and beautiful. The stars shined like small flames in a sea of darkness as prominent nebulas made a brilliant kaleidoscope of colours across the large dome that sealed them from the cold, murky depths of space. But Celestia found something bugging her at that moment and Luna could feel it to.

“Is something wrong sister?” Luna asked with a worried expression on her face, turning to face her sister whom had her eyes closed tight in conentration.

“Yes, its just something is making an impact on the local magical energies of the planet and I can't figure out what it is. The effect is weak but everywhere. I doubt anyone else can sense it. Can you Luna?” Celestia replied with a sense of struggling in her voice.

“Yes I can sister but I doubted it was anything important. But if thou deems it worthy of investigation then I shall help thee.” She walked over to her sister and added her magic to Celestia's through her horn and began probing the surrounding wilderness... 'nothing'. They shifted their search to the sky and the signal grew in strength slightly as they stretched their search further and further out towards the edge of the atmosphere. They finally reached the frontier of space and their search instantly homed in on a large but slow beacon of energy seemingly passing by the planet like a ghost. There was actually nothing physically there but they could feel the energy leaking from the point in massive quantities before dissipating into the planets atmosphere. Twilight who had noticed that the Princesses were up to something odd , decided to ask if they needed assistance with whatever they were doing.

“Celestia, Luna, do you need any help?” She asked her voice laced with worry. At that moment the two Princesses broke from their hard concentration and gasped out loud. Twilight became very distressed from this and asked again if they required any assistance. Celestia was the first to re-compose herself and reply.

“No Twilight it is fine but whatever we just detected we altered one or two objects floating around it. There should be no problem at all.” Celestia smiled as she assured herself nothing was, while soothing Twilight's fears as well. But as fate would have it nothing ever went simple.

“Oh this ones a doozy of a doozy.” Pinkie virtually shot ten feet into the air, her whole whole body shaking and convulsing as all her Pinkie's senses tried mangling each other for dominance of the warnings. As she said this a large sonic boom was heard which instantly caught the attention of everyone, especially Rainbow Dash.

“Hey! What’s the big idea with stealing my moves.” She shouted angrily before taking to the skies very quickly before anyone could stop her. Shooting high into the sky she noticed two small orange blips which slowly increased in size as they approached her general direction. Shooting back down she warned the others.

“I don't think any of you are going to believe this.”


'Thirty Minutes prior'

Aboard the UNSC starship 'Infinity' Aidan left his quarters and began making his way down to the tram system with ran along the main dorsal highway of the ship. 'Things were about to get interesting' he thought as he contemplated what kind of mission his first blind/spook operation was going to be like. He already knew it was an assassination but how would the stunt be pulled off? Would they get heavy support once the main objective was complete? What was the chance percentage of success. Aidan banished the more negative thoughts from his mind. Thinking about death before an op was considered a bad omen among the Spartan IV's, just as wearing a red jumpsuit was a bad omen among the ensigns when going to ground. Thankfully the for the ensigns, NacSpecWep actually addressed their concerns and replaced all red jumpsuits with a much friendlier orange. As for Aidan, well you couldn't really suppress someone’s thoughts for their benefit so he just had to keep thinking positive and plan how he would achieve the objective.

His first plan was loadout. He always packed all the available Armour-Abilities with him bar Jetpack and Thrusterpack so there was really no need to narrow them down but what about weapons. He had his trusty Energy Sword, so close quarters was taken care of, besides an Energy Blade took up next to no space at all. He had also decided to pack heavy with the supplies and weaponry seeing as this was a long operation. He would take everything he could, including what he could hold in his hands and stealth was needed so the weapons needed to be silenced or naturally quiet. That meant no rockets or lasers, or any covenant power weapons for that matter. He had arrived at the tram and stepped inside while he pressed the button for the drop bay. The tram groaned and squeaked as it departed from the station and towards the destination which sat .5 kilometres away. Returning to his thoughts, Aidan decided on a suitable loadout. An M6 Magnum, an SM2 Sniper Rifle, a T-55 Storm Rifle (Covenant Manufactured), several Frag and Plasma Grenades and a small crate stocked with ammunition to keep him from running dry on his Human weapons.

With weaponry sorted he let his mind drift towards tactics. His best guess was that he would be dropped in a very remote area of wilderness so hiking would be best kept under the canopy provided by the indigenous trees as most Covenant world's liked to keep a very natural look to them so they may mirror the image of the Halo Rings they venerated for so long before the civil war. The new Covenant wasn't as religious any more, this new formation under the command of the Elites was more of a mutual alliance until Humanity could be wiped from the face of the universe so they could resume their petty squabbles amongst each other without the fear of Humans capitalising upon the scenario. While Aidan had to give the idea some credit, he was extremely pissed about the fact that even after revealing the true purpose of Halo that the Sangheili just went back to their old ways as soon as the old Covenant was dismantled. No one really heard or cared about what happened to the Brutes. Most thought that they just went feral and starting killing each other instead with no supportive leadership to keep them in line. Others believed they were distracted with fighting off the new Covenant as they staged a two front war against Humans and Brutes. It didn't matter to Aidan, he hated the ugly fuckers before and he hated them now.

The tram began slowing down and eventually arrived at the designated location before letting out a low beep and opening the double doors. Aidan stepped out and walked towards the large bulkhead surrounded by yellow warning tape and a big sign saying 'Warning! Do not open Bulkhead when drop bay is unpressurised.' plastered in big red letters on its right. Pushing his hand against a print scanner the device read his fingertips through the thick glove and granted him access before opening the door. Stepping inside he noticed the rest of his Kill Team preping by putting various weapons and supplies in their pods. They were his Kill team because he was the highest rank of them all and the second highest ranked Spartan IV of the entire platoon. The highest was a man named Jun, rumours went around saying that Jun was actually a Spartan III but he didn't believe them. All Spartan IIIs had died in various large field ops straight after being deployed from boot camp. It wasn't their fault that they were put on what were usually suicide missions but it was always a Spartans job to defeat the inevitable and come back victorious, no matter the goal. There were six pre-program test subjects that were released as Spartan IIIs before the official project took place but they all died as well.

Shifting focus away from his thoughts he began sifting through weapons on the nearby racks and shelves, pulling out his desired weapons and enough ammo to last him a very long time. Stuffing the extra ammo into a small crate and the rest into his guns and onto his body plates he then lugged the equipment over to his pod and began shoving the items in every conceivable yet secure space he could find before securing it all with specialised adhesive straps.

“Yo Chief, you lookin' to be a one man army or somethin'.” Aidan turned to see that 12, 34 and 73 were staring at him as he packed his equipment. Identifying the male speaker as 34 he turned to face him.

“Well correct me if I'm wrong but we are Spartans right?” Aidan stated this with a smug look hidden behind his helmet. The other Spartans gave a small chuckle and turned back to packing their own stuff but 34 said one more thing.

“Oh and the Warthog you requested has been loaded up into a vehicle pod.” Aidan looked across the room and noticed that he had in fact been correct and there was a four seater variant of the Warthog sitting in a lone vehicle drop pod. The four seater variant worked by removing the back mounted weapon and sacrificing most the the flat-bed space for two extra passenger seats behind the original two.

“What the hell! I didn't request a Warthog.” Aidan turned towards the others. “Okay... who ordered a Warthog under my name?” Before he could get a response the bays sirens began to play a low moan with a very low volume but gradually increasing, it would soon reach a large blare. This signalled that the pods would be dropped very soon and everyone jumped into their respective pods but 34 closed up the vehicle pod first before jumping in his own. While strapping in, a small countdown timer displayed itself on the dashboard inside Aidan's pod. It began counting down from thirty seconds and Aidan made sure he was comfy so the gut wrenching feeling of falling in a tone of metal and glass wouldn't affect him too much. The countdown eventually hit zero and all the pods began releasing from the clamps one by one down the two rows before it eventually reached Aidan's and his entire being was dragged ahead of his conscience as the metal pod fell through the ejection tube. His and the vehicle's pod were the last two to be dropped and as they entered the void of slip-space from the Infinity. He noticed how far ahead everyone was from him. Or rather behind as they lost speed from the solo travel through the dangerous realm of slip-space. This normally wouldn't have been a problem but something odd was happening. He wasn't slowing down, he was speeding up! Aidan began to lose his edge slightly as he and the vehicle pod were pulled further and further away from the rest of the group and towards the wall of the slip-space tunnel. There was no actual wall to slip-space tunnels but you could definitely make out where the calm tube divided itself from the shit storm that surrounded it and once you touched it you would be ejected out of slip-space and for him most likely in the middle of deep space. What actually happened was both a surprise and a blessing.

Shooting out of slip-space, him and the vehicle pod sped through the upper layers of a planets atmosphere creating a Sonic boom on the way down and a large heat cone formed around each device as they descended. His pod was going faster than any other pod should or has ever went so the impact was likely to kill him but Aidan wasn't going to die without trying everything at his disposal. Activating the retro-thrusters on both the pods he then proceeded to set his armours gel layer to lock up as much as possible without killing him and he just sat back and braced himself for the worst. In the process of slowing down the vehicle pod careened off towards him and smacked into his pod causing the two to shoot off in different directions. The vehicle pod descended upon a forest while he crashed into a small settlement of sorts. His last thoughts before impact were 'At least some Humans will find my corpse'. As the thought finished, the pod smacked into the ground with a crack that could probably be heard for miles and 42 blacked out almost instantly prior to the crash but not before his stomach did a 360 in the location his lungs would normally be.


The group dashed past the Library from the hill they had been sitting upon and continued to approach the town square when the meteorite crashed into the previously stated location mere minutes before they could reach the crash site. They had all observed the two objects crash into each other while descending and the larger of the two shot off into the forest while the smaller one descended upon the poor town of Ponyville which would surely be awakened by such an event. The impacts themselves had created large 'boom' sounds which could probably be heard for miles in every direction. Luna had split off from the group to secure the crash site in the Everfree while the others studied the one in Ponyville.

“What do you think it is?” Said Rainbow Dash as she flew next to the other ponies while they ran across the town, getting looks from the ponies who had been awoken by the loud crash. Fluttershy had fallen behind but she would catch up with them once she made sure her animals were alright and not spooked or anything.

“I think it's just a big space rock Rainbow, nothing else.” Twilight replied between huffs of breath with every step she took. The others looked similarly worn from the run including AJ but Rainbow simply glided along with wings, putting no effort into it at all. Celestia was also running but she seemed to be fairing worse than ponies like Rarity as the lifestyle of a Princess had not conditioned her for such prolonged exercise.

“Rainbow... would you please... secure the site... and keep other ponies away... please.” Celestia stuttered out as she continued to run with the others.

“Sure thing Princess, although why don't you just fly using your wings rather than get tired?” Rainbow replied with a confused look before darting off towards the crash site. Celestia's cheeks flushed red and she took off the ground with her wings but still kept with the others as they made their way to the crash site.

Finally reaching the town square which had been paved over with thousands of small tiles recently, the scene of carnage was not as bad as they had originally expected. The central fountain was destroyed and the crater was only a metre or two wide and a few centimetres deep, almost as if the meteor had slowed down. It was obvious to tell the thing had smashed through the fountain and then embedded itself in the tiles a few metres away but that was just a small detail compared to what they observed before them. As the smoke cleared around the object, it was revealed not to be a large lump of space rock but rather some sort of large metal pod. The entire group gasped as they observed this.

“What... what is it?” AJ asked as Twilight and Celestia stepped towards it slowly.

“I don't know Applejack but it's definitely not natural.” Was all that Twilight could say as she and Celestia closed in on the object. Rainbow Dash had finished her sweep of the perimeter and rejoined the group sitting back, waiting for something to happen from the Princesses and Twilights actions. Finally standing in front of the object it was evidently clear that it was of intelligent design.

“Princess, if you and Luna pulled this thing from space does that mean?”

“Yes, I think it does Twilight”. Celestia replied quickly. Twilight could only gasp as the news was given to her. The pod was completely covered in black soot from the entry into the planet and was still probably hot but one dominant feature stood out. A small red device connected to a cable sat behind a small glass on the side of the metal object. Reaching out with her magic she opened the glass panel and retrieved the red device with it still connected to the pod via the cable.

“Careful Twilight, we don't want to do anything rash.” Celestia gave her a small nudge while saying this and Twilight gulped as she pressed down on the leaver on the side of the small, red, box-like device that was similar to a crossbow leaver. The pod began hissing and small white streams of gas began shooting from the seems that surrounded the front of the device before what was now discovered to be the lid, blew off the pod with a loud 'bang' and flew straight towards Twilight and Celestia who ducked out of the way just in time. The lid hit the floor and skidded an extra two metres before stopping. Everypony turned their attention back to the pod itself as the silhouette of a creature began emerging from the thick cloud of soot and smoke that was given off by the pods interior.


Aidan groggily came to a minute or two after impact as the dashboard stated. The internal systems had survived the crash which meant the landing hadn't been as bad as originally thought and hey, he was still alive. He thanked whichever deity was watching over him and began unbuckling himself from the crash seat. While looking down he saw that the small cabin interior was beginning to fill up with a black and probably poisonous smoke. Activating the air filters in his helmet he finished unstrapping himself and grabbed the closest weapon to him, which happened to be the T55 Storm Rifle in the clamp to his right. Before he could start hitting the detonators for the explosive bolts a sound came from outside and inside the pod. Realising that this meant someone had activated the bolts from the outside Aidan began preping himself to meet with his fellow Humans or gun down any hostile Covenant he encountered. The lid shot off and he took one long breath to let the smoke fog up the local area around the pod. This gave him some cover as he slowly advanced out of the smoke with his weapon loaded and raised, ready to shoot on a moments notice.

He stepped from the smoke and observed his surroundings but he didn't quite register what he was seeing for a moment. Shutting his eyes tight and then re-observing his surrounding environment he quickly picked up on the fact that what he had previously observed was not fake and that stood before him were extremely colourful horses. 'Oh man I'm going to need to see a doctor after this'.


The ponies sat there, motionless for a moment as they registered what was stood before them. Twilight quickly began to note features in her mind. It was a mixture of blue, white and a very dark grey for starters. It also stood on its two hind legs, 'definitely bipedal' she noted as she continued her scan of the creature. It didn't have a face, or at least a conventional face. It had no muzzle or nose but instead a flat, featureless bottom half other than some white striped and a few small indentations in the flat surface. The upper half of its 'face' was a golden orange colour and seemed to be its version of eyes. The rest of its body seemed to follow the pattern or smooth yet detailed surfaces as small ridges popped up here and there and other areas were left exposed from what she assumed was its shell to reveal a very dark (almost black) skin, which was thick in some areas and thin in others. The last feature was a weird violet blue club it seemed to carry like a Royal Guard would with a crossbow, this meant the thing was holding a weapon and everyone else seemed to pick up on this at the same time as her.

“What do you think it wants?” Was all that Twilight could whisper to her mentor as they both stared dumbfounded at the strange creature. Time seemed to slow down as everything in the local areas just sat there motionless, staring at the creature as it stared back.

“I don't think it wants anything, remember? Me and Luna brought it here.” Celestia replied with more fear in her voice than she had felt when Nightmare Moon had revealed herself for the first time. But things didn't stay still for long as Rainbow rocketed over to it and stopped right in front of its face grabbing its attention as it lowered its weapon but they all listened with fear in their hearts as Rainbow Dash really dug into the creature with a verbal assault.


'Colourful horses? Right, its official, I've went completely insane from the stress of being a Spartan.' was all Aidan could think to himself before one flew right into his face and began having a massive go at him.

“Who do you think you are? Just waltzing onto our planet like your hot stuff. I bet I could beat you down right here and now if I wanted to...” The verbal abuse just went on and on as Aidan still tried to process the fact that a horse was talking to him in fluent English while hovering on wings protruding from its back. It started to seriously grate on his nerves after a while as its mouth seemed to of originally been designed as a toilet. He snapped his arm out and grabbed the thing with his left hand before pointing the barrel of his Storm Rifle at its head with his right. He didn't want to kill it, just shut it up for a moment so he could think, although the choking bit probably already did that. The gun part was just adding insult to injury.


“Rainbow Dash!” Twilight and the others shouted out as the thing snatched the blue Pegasus by the throat and pointed its weird crossbow/club at her head. The thing was incredibly fast to snatch Rainbow Dash like that. Celestia was too stunned to act immediately and just watched in horror as the outcome was about to play before her.


The creature squirmed in Aidan's hand and he felt sorry for the thing. It was small, kinda cute and he was about to release it from his strong grip, when its back legs swung forward and kicked him straight across the side of the head. It didn't hurt at all but he thing had just presented itself as hostile and he would address to the situation as such. The thing was a minuscule threat at best but he had to deal with it so he could move onto the others. Pulling the creature to his face so his eyes met what he presumed to be 'hers' through his visor and then gave a low growl to scare her. It did the job and her panicked face was replaced with one of pure fear as he threw her to his right and then gave her a swift kick to the stomach to keep her down. 'That should do it' he thought but before he could even raise his head an invisible force pushed him off to the right at huge speeds and sent him crashing into a wall, leaving a large, Human shaped indentation. When he pushed himself off the wall and looked towards the origin of the force who he had identified as the large white horse, seeing as her 'horn?' was glowing, he decided to charge and take her down.


Twilight watched as the alien threw Rainbow to the floor before kicking her in the stomach. She groaned loudly in pain which meant she was still alive but the alien didn't even have a chance to shift its attention before Celestia threw it halfway across the plaza and into the side of Berry Punch's house.

“I will not allow you to harm my subjects.” Celestia shouted in a commanding tone. “Now stay put and relinquish your weapons.” Twilight didn't expect it to even be conscious from such an impact but the creature had other ideas. Despite Celestia putting a large amount of energy into pinning the alien against the wall it simply pulled itself from the large indentation like it was no effort and then proceeded to charge straight in her direction but she knew it was going for Celestia.

Realising that the restraint was not working as the alien charged, Celestia instead put her energy into a beam to be fired from her still healing horn after the Changeling attack, which had happened only a month ago. She fired the beam but the creature side stepped the attack and carried on at tremendous speeds closing half the distance in three seconds flat. Celestia fired three more beams this time, which spread out but the creature had a trick of its own and summoned what appeared to be a large, magical shield which glowed a dark blue. The beams struck and reduced the magical barrier to vibrant red but the aliens shield still held and it dissipated the shield as it continued the charge with renewed vigour. Just as the alien was half a meter away from Twilight and Celestia it stopped mid-step and then ducked low before lunging at Celestia's main body at a much slower speed. Something clicked in Twilights mind as she observed this move and remembered Rainbow still lying in the crater. This thing wasn't trying to kill them, just incapacitate them, which was understandable seeing as Rainbow had been the first one to be aggressive out of either side. She needed to stop the fight quickly before the creature seriously harmed anyone because it was obvious that it far outmatched any of them at one on one combat.

The thing pounced on top of Celestia like a wolf would with a small filly and raised its left foreleg intending to punch Celestia across the side of her face. It swung and she blocked it with a magical barrier but the barriers wouldn't work for long as each barrier broken meant she was getting weaker as her magic was spent up from prolonged use. The final barrier broke and she could feel the magic in her system completely drained as the monstrous behemoth on top of her raised its fist for one last strike. She closed her eyes expecting the pain to come swiftly but the blow never arrived. Opening her eyes she saw that a lasso had found its way around the creatures neck and it was trying to pull back against the ponies who had thrown the object at him. At the other end of the strong rope stood Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Rarity trying to keep the thing off of the Princess but it wasn't working well as there were only three of them. Instead of trying to loosen the rope the creature instead got up and just pulled the rope with its hulking forelegs. The three ponies shot forward as they clung to the rope for dear life and came crashing down by the creatures oddly shaped hooves.

It looked down at Rarity, Pinkie and Applejack then at Twilight and Rainbow who were still by the pod and finally back down at her. Standing there for a moment it leaned down over her for a moment, as if examining her. Celestia was petrified of what it would do to her but it just continued to look over her as if it was processing something through it head. It then did something quite extraordinary. It reached down gently behind her neck and propped her head up before reaching down to its side and fishing through a small fabricated pouch on its left thigh. Pulling out a small canteen it flicked the lid off with its dew claw or whatever that thing was on the end of its foreleg. It then placed the canteen against her lips and she slowly drank from it. Realising that she had finished drinking, it pulled her to her feet then walked over to and past Twilight before walking into the crater and picking up the injured Rainbow Dash and cradled her in its left foreleg while applying some strange cream it had in its pouch towards the area it had kicked. Walking back over to Celestia, picking up Twilight under its right foreleg on the way and setting them both down next to her it then walked over to its pod again and started grabbing stuff but it took its time and that gave them a chance to talk as Rainbow Dash started recovering from the painful kick she had received.


Aidan felt just awful attacking the poor creatures as he realised how weak they really were. He had observed their flimsy effort they put up to protect each other and he saw a large amount of courage in that. He let the violence flow out of his system as he took a more careful approach to these fragile creatures, he helped them all one by one and then approached his pod to gather his supplies and weapons. His motion tracker would keep and eye on them.


“What do you think it's going to do to us?” Rarity stuttered out feeling fear grip her system.

“I don't think its going to do anything now Rarity.” Twilight said through a calm face, hiding her real emotions beneath. She was cool and calculating but she was still downright petrified.

“But look at it, the thing is absolutely hideous, it must be a monster.” She was beginning to tear up from all the rough housing and Applejack picked up on this and began to comfort her.

“Now, now Rares. Ah think if the alien wanted to hose us down proper good, it would ah done so by now. Ah think it was just defending itself.” Applejack said this as she held Rarity's head over her shoulder and stroked her mane to calm her down. “Ah mean did yah see how strong it was. It had the strength of ten Oxen.” Applejack blurted this last bit out with a starry look in her eyes. “Ah wish ah was that strong. The things ah would do.” Celestia had taken on a different roll to the others and had gotten to her legs so she could walk over and talk to it, hopefully trying a more diplomatic approach this time. As she began to walk across towards the creature Twilight grabbed her left, hind leg.

“Princess no. You experienced how dangerous it was, don't antagonise it again.” Celestia just chuckled in response.

“Relax Twilight, I'm not going to try and attack it again.” Celestia set off but her trusty student followed and stayed close to her side and the others all followed suit, albeit at a safe distance. As they approached the blue creature it pulled another, much longer club that was painted grey, off a clamp inside the pod and set it on its back plate.

“Y'know the blue one shouldn't really be walking around with the injury I put on her.” It just said this with its back facing towards them. 'How did it know we were approaching?' Celestia thought to herself but the thing turned around to face them and then pointed at Rainbow Dash. “Lay down and let the cream fix the bruising, otherwise your going to find it difficult to walk tomorrow.” Then realisation dawned on her as she processed what it was saying in her mind.

“You talk Equestrian.” She inquisitively stated as everyone around her gave similar looks of interest at the creature but it just chuckled.

“I was just as surprised that you speak English quite frankly, although I get to call it seeing as my species is probably much older than yours.” It didn't have a mouth to speak through yet it still made sound. She had figured out from what it said, no what 'he' said as she could now tell from the voice, that their languages were just the same through some cosmic coincidence or a much deeper force at play but that didn't explain how it was talking without a mouth. Twilight also seemed to pick up on this.

“Excuse me Mr Alien, sir.” She said trying to get some answers of her own.

“Please... call me 42.” He cut in with a tone of charm.

“Uhm, okay... 42.” She was obviously a little confused as to why he wanted to be called a number but she pressed on nevertheless. “How are you speaking without a mouth exactly.” he cocked his head slightly as he processed what she asked him before straightening himself up suddenly.

“Ohhhh, no this isn't my body. This is my armour. My body is under this suit and the reason you don't see a face is because I'm wearing a helmet.” He stated with a tone of humour added to his voice.

“Oh, okay then.” She didn't want to press further as she realised she had just made herself look like an idiot in front of an extraequestrial being. 42 turned back towards his pod but a pink blur whizzed in front of his face.

“Oh, oh. Does this mean you're our friend now? I'vealwayswantedanalienforafriendeversinceIwasalittlefillyandnowwecanhaveawelcometoEquestriaparty. Just for you!” Pinkie stood perched on his helmet with her head leaned in front of the faceplate. He struggled to process what she just said but once he did he chuckled again.

“Oh no, I'm sorry, I'm not really the partying type. Although there are some other events I enjoy.” Pinkie seemed crushed by this as her hair fell down and became straight, but realising this wasn't going to change the aliens mind her hair puffed up once again and regained its original, brighter colouring.

“Okie dokie lokie.” She simply replied as she jumped off his head. She then bounced over to her friends again and stood next to them as Celestia stepped forward again.

“Why didn't you kill us despite having the capability to.” Was all she could ask. This issue had to addressed straight away if any more friendly interaction was going to continue.

“Because not all Aliens out there are murderous monsters, I didn't have a valid reason to and I'm not paid to kill civilians”. Was his simple and honest answer. Twilight asked one more question.

“So now that your here, where are you going to stay?” He kneeled down before her and looked into her eyes.

“How do you know I'm not going to leave right now?”

“Because your pod looks like it's only built for landing, not flying. It's completely destroyed from the impact and you wouldn't of left your pod if you could of simply taken off again.” Twilight stated, happy that she could prove her intelligence to 42.

“You're smart kid, I'll give you that. As for where to stay, I guess I'll camp out in the forest over there.” He said jutting his left dew claw over his shoulder and in the general direction of the Everfree forest. Everyone but him gasped out and started to protest at the same time.

“You can't... it's much too dangerous darling... ah won't hear of it.” They all tried talking above each other but he got the general idea.

“Okay, jeez. I'm more worried for the safety of whatever lives in there than my own. Although I could use the meat, all that fighting made me hungry.” The ponies all took a step back after hearing his sentence including the princess.

“Your a carnivore.” Twilight said as she took a step back with everyone else. She was immensely worried for her and the others well being if 42 got very hungry. But he only seemed to laugh again, only this time much harder.

“Oh heavens no, I'm not going to eat you.” he said wiping imaginary tears of mirth away from his faceplate. “Horse meat tastes terrible as it is and also I'm an omnivore, I can eat plants as well.” Everyone calmed but Applejack seemed a little offended at the fact that he just said they taste terrible.

“We're not Horses, we're Ponies.” Applejack stated as the others around her nodded at him. But he just shrugged his shoulders.

“Meh, same difference. You still taste terrible.”

“Hang on, how do you know what Horses taste like?” Rainbow asked with her strength returning. His tone took a more serious approach as he stood up from his kneeling position.

“That's a question I'll answer another time.” He said pointing towards a road where a large mob of ponies seemed to be advancing. “Right now, we have other issues.” The mob didn't seem to be an angry one, just a large collection of ponies spearheaded by the two guards whom Celestia had dismissed earlier.


“You can stay at my house. If that's alright with you?” The purple one said as she looked back over at him. Aidan didn't know their names or anything else about them really other than their looks but he could tell that the tall, white one must have been royalty from the crown upon her head.

“Yeah sure purple, lead the way.” He looked over at the tall one with the pastel white fur and long multicoloured mane that flowed like wind was blowing through it despite there being no breeze whatsoever that night.“ You might want to belay your subjects fears over the matter of my appearance your majesty.” She nodded at him as she approached her subjects.

It wasn't long until everything was smoothed over and no one would try to jump him. The purple one motioned for him to follow and Aidan nodded before picking up his drop pod above his head and began carrying it with him. It was bloody heavy but nothing a Spartan couldn't handle. Everyone starred at him, mouths practically dropping to the floor as he lumbered by with the pod held above his head.

“Well this is going to be interesting.” Aidan mumbled to himself as he followed the still amazed group of ponies through their small town and towards the purple ones home.

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