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About Me

I am Omega, a German Brony.

I am in the band Devil's Incentive and am working with real-life friend and bandmate Ponytime. We do mainly Heavy and Death Metal type stuff. Anything that I am working on story-wise is not going to be updated for a while as our band and Highschool takes up a considerable amount of time.

Fluttershy is best pony.


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Thanks for the watch! :rainbowkiss:

89083 That story of yours is going places! Magical places. :pinkiesmile:

nya, you're welcome as well, then~! I'll be putting up a new ch today or tomorrow, so stay tuned! :scootangel:

79881 Thank you for the story! I loved fullmetal alchemist and seeing a crossover, I just couldn't help myself. Viel Glück!

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