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My pesterchum is radioactiveDachshund :D


Blog · 4:23pm Nov 9th, 2013

I'm afraid I'll be dead for quite a long time... as if I haven't been already. I'm sorry, but don't expect anything for a long time.

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Uhhh, like I said, work on your grammar. Doesn't have to be perfect, but at least eligible. And respect in Battlefield? There is no communication, though it is still fun as hell.

Either way, I think I've gained respect on this site. I have a rather successful story (though I'm falling out of the fandom) and I am respected in a couple gaming clans.

Hello there.

You probably don't remember me at all, but I just want to come by and say thank you. Your words may not have been kind, but it did push me forward to write better. Thank you.:twilightsmile:

775593 Unforetunately, no. :applecry: My laptop is currently away, and I use my desktop strictly for gaming. I may start to use my desktop, but it is preferred not to.

Well sorry I'm new at this. But don't worry I'll fix that:twilightangry2:

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