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I find your lack of faith disturbing


There is no emotion, only Peace.
There is no ignorance, only knowledge.
There is no passion, only serenity.
There is no chaos, only harmony.
There is no death, only the Force.

- The Jedi Code

A human Jedi Master named Lucas Darkmatter becomes stranded on a planet full of talking ponies. The ponies are eager to make friends and form bonds with this new creature, but he refuses them at every turn.

"Attachments are forbidden."

Can Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and an eager Lyra convince the Master that attachments aren't as bad they seem?

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Based on the description

"Attachments are forbidden."

Can Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and an eager Lyra convince the Master that attachments aren't as bad they seem?

What? You don't seem to be following any kind of Star Wars canon I have ever read with this stance.

Here is the actual Jedi Code


I don't follow? Are you talking about the attachments thing?

It's been perfectly established that attachments are forbidden for Jedi. In Episode 2, Anakin explains to Padmé that a Jedi can not have bonds with others, they can not love, and they can't even own possessions. This is to prevent them from forging attachments, and for good reason.

In the Expanded Universe it is revealed that Anakin wasn't the first Jedi to fall to the dark side over a lover. It's the main reason why the Jedi forbade love in the first place.

As Yoda said: "The fear of loss is a path to the Dark Side of the Force."


I haven't seen any Star Wars canon forbidding Jedi from having friends. Unless you are trying to angle for some crazy 8 way relationship.


Technically, having friends is a violation of the Jedi Code. However, you are correct in pointing out that most Jedi do become friends.

What you're forgetting is that Lucas just lost his Padawan, and his entire order. He'll cling to his teachings now more than ever, in hopes of remembering.

I'm not saying he won't be friendly to the ponies, but if he ever feels too close, then he'll back off to maintain his "Perfect" Jedi code.

Wow, the force can do anything.


When Luke Skywalker became the new head of the Jedi order he tossed that silly little rule about not having attachments and not letting Jedi fall in love right out of the window.


Lucas is a member of the Old Order. Luke is only a day old at this point.

Did they take his weapons away or do you think they know about the crystals inside them, after all can't have a light saber with out it's crystal battery. :eeyup: big Mac just cuase.

I noticed small spelling errors... but other than that, it seems flawless. Good show, and I can't wait to read more.

I agree follow the code he uses and sort of become ... Sorta friends with them but not friends in a sense

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

i thought the light saber can only be used by a jedi and nothing but a jedi can use it?


The lightsaber is a tool, a weapon. It's often speculated that due to its nature, only a Force User, Jedi, Sith etc, could use one proficiently.

A lightsaber isn't like a sword, where only one side is sharp. A lightsaber will do damage on contact.

Because the Force endows its user with superior reflexes and other abilities, only a trained Force user can fight with one.

But, it is essentially a piece of metal with a switch/button. Anyone who gets their hands on one could turn it on.

2935723 Wasn't there something about using the Force to turn it on?


It's been established that Force users can influence technology. We see Obi-Wan open doors with a wave of his hand all the time.

They can use the Force to activate and deactivate their light sabers.

2936036 Yeah. I mean, wasn't there something that only the Force users could do to turn them on? I'm...a bit rusty with my Star Wars knowledge, but I distinctly remember this.

awesome start to a story! I can't wait fore more goodness :pinkiehappy:


Ah, understandable. But you should know the reason why they don't allow love, or hate or fear or anger is...

I'll put it bluntly. It's stupid. I'm talking clinically retarded stupid. No it's not "We wouldn't want them caring about one person over the greater good" or "It's like a Superhero thing, if they had very close attachments to innocents, Sith or villains would strike at the Jedi through the innocents, so Jedi should be aloof wanderers who never really have such attachments so as to ensure as many people stay safe". Because THEN you could say 'I disagree, but I understand such thinking'.

No, the reason they don't allow Jedi to have attachments is because of a story called "The Twins". Many eons ago, when the Jedi Order was in its infancy, a Jedi master named Shang Troy was seeking out force-sensitive beings, and he found two twins who were alike in every way, even personality-wise...save for a scar on one's arm. He trained them alone and away from all others until they were ready to roam the galaxy and fight the forces of evil, and they were SO good and SO powerful that not only did they have a strong fighting style, they were slightly precognitive and could predict other people's movements when they were together.

At first everything went great and they righted wrongs all across the galaxy, but then one day one of the padawans fell in love. The other was SO much like his brother he grew jealous knowing he couldn't have the woman, and one night tried to pass himself off as his brother only for her to see the scar. Her scream brought the other brother running and the two began arguing with each other, cursing each other out...then fighting. And then fighting with LIGHTSABERS. And when their master Shang Troy intervened...they accidentally killed him.

Now they TOTALLY lost their s--t, and began tearing into each other even more, the woman pleading for them to stop, but neither heard her. And finally, their clash got SOOOO big, that they caused an explosion of Force energy...


And THAT'S the reason why the Jedi don't allow each other to feel attachments and strong emotions, because "passion clouds and unbalances a mind" and that strong feelings can lead to pain and suffering like what was caused with the Twins and Shang Troy. But really, the story is actually about one jerk who fought his brother and caused billions to die because he was put in the "friend zone". None of it would have happened if Shang Troy had made sure the kids got proper interaction, or if there had been more than one person training the padawans just in case one of the master's was doing a bad job (which Shang clearly was), and if they'd been taught to respect other people's choices, especially women. Really, it was a COMPLETELY unique situation that would NEVER realistically happen ever again. But THAT situation is why the Jedi can never-ever-ever show strong emotions, ever love, ever hate, ever fear.

...do you see why Luke chucked that rule out the window now? It's silly traditions like that that led Qui-Gon to say "Screw this, we train Anakin". And y'know, technically, he WAS right in deciding that disregarding the old ways would lead to true balance in the force. It was Anakin's love for his son that saved him and destroyed the Emperor. And his love for Padme that led to Leia and Luke even being born, and those two and their children would form the greatest order of Jedi the galaxy would ever come to know.

2936558 Oh, hi Linkara. I didn't know you read FIMFiction.

2936075 If that would be the case, General Grievous wouldn't be able to use his own light sabers, as he does not use the Force. He is one of those few that because very skilled with them without using the Force.

this now this is what i call good


Some Jedi build their lightsabers with the trigger on the inside of the casing where it can only be pressed using the Force, but it's not a requirement.

As I remember, lightsabers are a Jedi thing because, without the Force, it's pretty much impossible to align the focusing crystals properly and, if you screw up, it explodes when you try to activate it.

2935723 Mandelorians often use Lightsabers they've taken as trophies. Boba Fett trained Jaina Solo in different forms of lightsaber combat, and he has no Force Powers. The real thing is do you have the common sense not to risk cutting your own arm off? That's what keeps the average person from using lightsabers.

2934769 how often will u upload these i'm hooked & i gotta know what happes next:pinkiehappy:

do you think he'll dual wield his padawn's saber
he might keep it like a momento,
he did say she was like a duaghter to him

So I haven't read this story yet, but THANK YOU for using KOTOR material in the description! :pinkiegasp: That is just too awesome of you!

the jedi has the same first name as me:rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::rainbowwild::yay:

And dis:

"Wait, I thought you said there were to passengers?"

This too:

"CLothes?" Questioned Rarity.

Also, this as well:


And this:

I've been in a Star Wars mod recently.

I liked it. Even if some of the character interactions lacked depth, and you are just taking the Force and turning all of the abilities it grants up to 11, I still liked the story.
*Thumbs up*

A bit on the short end, but a new chapter is always welcome :pinkiehappy:

First off, GLORIOUS EXPLANATION:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::yay:
Right off the bat you addressed three of my biggest beefs with this kind of story.:twilightsmile:

1) You explained why the ponies know/understand the human, slash gave general background.
2) Mentioned how basically similar the aliens are to the ponies, though not specifically why...:trixieshiftleft:
3) Explained how/why, in the Star Wars universe, Equestrias sun (or is it the planet in this story?:rainbowhuh:) has to be controlled with magic.

So overall looks interesting:moustache:

Only two complaints really.
1) I'm the first to admit that I'm not all that knowledgeable on Star Wars lore, but I don't recall the Jedi being so.... psychic.:twilightoops:
2) Sex tags make me nervous:twilightblush: It can be done well but is dangerous.

Looking forward to more!:pinkiehappy:

This is kinda epic.
I look forward to more.

I like this just earthquakes happening because he screamed ............. Beast

Just a note, if you're sporting a [Crossover] tag you don't need to use the [Alternate Universe] or [Human] tags--they're kind of baked in. The only exception is if the humans in said fic are NOT accounted for by the crossover elements, or the version of Equestria you're crossing over is itself an Alternate Equestria (like Steam Punk, etc).

Another awesome chapter! Keep up the good work! Although, I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that. :pinkiehappy:

Star Wars and ponies. You just made my day.

Was the Darkmatter thing made up as well? Because I remember a character by the name of Warp Darkmatter in a Buzz Lightyear movie.
That or the universe has a thing for coincidences.

Only complaint is the absurd level of telepathy the Force seems to grant Lucas. Even gifted Jedi like Luke or Jacen could only get vague feelings and very rarely brief and confusing flashes of the future (or past in some extremely rare cases). The Force has never, to my knowledge, supplied a Jedi with a name, occupation, and interests of a character.

Very interesting. You could double check your chapters for errors before you post them but that's about it.
May the force be with young fiction author. And remember, fear leads anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.

Interesting so far, looking forward to more.

"I hate you!"

My absolute least favorite part in all the movies, it made me really sad... :fluttercry:

But it was really good! Love the concept and idea so far, instant fav! But it was sorta weird how he instantly knew the names of all the ponies and stuff.

Can't wait for more!! :pinkiehappy:

2935510 YES FUCKING YES THE SITH CODE!! I was wondering if someone was going to the say it!!

Also *hugs author* thank you.....:moustache:

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