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Spartan 027 has dodged Death's grip multiple times, but after his narrow escape from Reach, he is sent on another mission. The Spartan leads a team of misfit solders that overloads a covenant Super Carrier's slip space drive to stop it from reaching Earth. While aboard he encounters a Heretic Sangheili and a minor elite, who agree to help the humans if they help the Heretic's group of rouge covenant. The Spartan and Elite overload the slip space drive, hurling them into the pony-fied universe known as Equstria, where their troubles have just begun.

Will continue to write.
Halo crossover.
Art work was made by me for me.
All rights reserved to me.
Aside from the pony franchise and halo. The rest is my own work of fiction.

This story is continued by Guy Balkur. original writer has been sentenced to life in the asyluim for the mentally hatty-capped due to too much Team Fortress two.

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lol a spartan geting in trouble for listing to music rofl:rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Guy Balkur deleted Mar 27th, 2013

I do hope my scaring of your life was successful.:pinkiecrazy:

Covenant Mega Cruiser Eh?


No such thing.

Other than that, not too bad.

2329329 The largest covenant class ship I remember finding was either that huge Orbital base they had in Halo 2 or The Prophet of Regrets flag ship.

2329473 Yes, that "orbital station" in Halo 2, was High Charity, pretty much the moving capitol of the Covenant. The area inside the dome is about fifty miles in diameter.

Yesh you sexy man I was about to have an early night and then you update this. BRAVO.:twilightsmile:

Recently changed my photo to two sexy men.:raritywink:

Want to point out that I work at this at my high school everyday, my freaking computer at home is a piece of fecal matter that I never use.:ajbemused:

But that won't stop me from trying my best to write.
Thanks for the support, and thanks to painor01 for helping me out.:twilightsmile:

Well then we have something in common :rainbowlaugh:

I just read the description and I love it.
I just read the story and I love it.
I don't play much Halo but I love this story.
My only complaint is the fact that Reach isn't capitalized, even though its the name of a planet.

Comment on the A/N... Bony Brethren?

Soooo....These two make me think of the molestia trumblr versions of them.:rainbowlaugh:

i 'm liking this so far, and as long as it doesn't devolve into a kill fest like some other halo fics i've read i'll continue to like this.

Is Spartan 027 from your imagination, or is he from the Halo fanon? Just curious


Editions will be made asap.
Thank you for continuing to read.

Read the story, understood it.
Read the first 3 lines of the A/N, understood it.
Read the last line of the A/N, got very confused... why lamps of all random words to say?

027 is my made up character yes:twilightsmile:, but I don't want to give away too much about how and what he did on Reach:moustache:. You'll find out eventfully:raritywink:

There was nothing you couldn't do to save that true solider.

Reads as:

Anything could have saved that true solider.

You should remove that double negative. Say. . .

There was nothing you could do to save that true solider.

As for the story itself, I am definitely intrigued. Looking forward to more backstory on Alan. Also, that was a good reference to Noble 6. :raritywink:


:rainbowderp: I didn't read the comments, but nobody got the lone Spartan being Noble 6 reference? *reads other comments in chapter 2*

:rainbowhuh::facehoof: How. . ? I'm not even a huge Halo fan and I caught it clear as day. I like the games, yeah, but. . . Well, most people dont wait out the credits, I suppose. I do for EVERY game. :twilightblush:

Intrigued I am.:trixieshiftright:
Moar please? :fluttershysad:
Also, lovin' the Luna romance bits... Will it end in flames and explosions? Cause that would be great. :pinkiesmile:

No such thing as a Mega Cruiser. Try "Assault Carrier." That's canon.

hey guess what, my username is OddOneOut. you get a fave and a like. and also a moustache. :moustache:

I would also give you a bowtie if I could, because bowties are cool.

2331058 It's a figure of speech usually used by those with mischievous or warped senses of humour, quite like myself :twilightsmile:

So........... he watched noble 6 go down fighting............ okay where the hell was he to be able to see that?

When he was leaving in that stolen Banshee.:pinkiesmile:

Lets play a game I like to call......Connect the dots.:twilightangry2:

I think its time you...
(Puts on glasses)
Thought outside the box.

boring, boring... BORING!


That's o.k.:pinkiecrazy: you'll die soon enough any way:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

I am currently working on two sets of Chapters now, I will release them whenever I can possible, but for now I do appreciate all the patience you people have given me.:twilightsmile:
Know that I am very limited to how and when I can get this work done.
Working two part-time jobs can make it very stressful:fluttershyouch:.
Enough of the sob story. Back to writting:pinkiehappy:

Hell, I even ditched my third period to write.:yay:
It takes time to hack through a school firewall you know?:applejackunsure:

Pff. Everyone loves a killfest.
I now wonder about Alan-Celestia shipping. This should be interesting.

Okay, chapter highlights:

Old cripple faceplant. :pinkiecrazy:
Spartan caught screwing with the elevator music. :rainbowlaugh:
Princess food faceplant. :derpytongue2:
Trollestia bein Trollestia. :trollestia:
....Molestia? :raritydespair:

Only one chapter in, already upvoted. :moustache:

2333788 has to be an OC spartan, canon dictates only two Spartans left reach alive, 117 and the sniper that escorted Halsey (name forgotten ATM)

2342775 How does Reach and the two Spartans have to do with it? The only mention of Reach is the "055 hours after the destruction of Reach."

"Spartan 027 has dodged Death's grip multiple times, but soon after his narrow escape from Reach,"

First sentence in the summary.

2344722 but you asked if spartan 027 was made up or canon/ fanon.

027, as far as i know, 027 was never on reach to begin with, in the canon, nor do i know of any spartan 027 in the canon / fanon, so it most be an OC.

i was simply stating canon to halo in my response to your question

inb4 027/Celestia ship

you are correct, he is not from the halo fanbase he is mycharacter that im buliding up.

027 is a spartan lll, this idea came from the inspiration of the halo books. 'the fall of Reach' and first strike. where before the attack on REACH.....a spartan from the spartan ll program, was selected to train the spartan lll's, who were orphans from preveious covenant invaded planets like Harvest. I sugest reading the books, they are a great read for any halo fan.
And also remeber that the alternent universe tab up there, dosnt mean its an alteration for the just the mlp universe.

Going to be a slight delay on the next chapters.:twilightsheepish:
I will be trying to head over to my local public library to write, seeming how my computer can't process my document for the story:twilightangry2:
And the one I'm using right now doesn't even have Microsoft word installed:twilightangry2::flutterrage::flutterrage:
But i will find a way to write. Bear with me please.:fluttershysad::fluttershysad:
(On a side note, anybody interested in editing some of it for me would be a load off my shoulders, my original editor will be gone this week, and I'm overloaded with my two jobs.
Contact me at jackphillips26.5@gmail.com if you have sometime to waste.)

2352535 use googledocs, you can upload those files directly anyway.

Well so far it seems all good. If you could do a chapter a week, tis would be good:moustache: I'll favorite unless you give up on it.

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