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It's about time · 4:12am Jul 10th, 2012

I mean seriously, how long was that fluttershy banner up their. since march?!?! hopefully this marks the return of different banners at least.

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Discord is pretty awesome, even though I had him a little OC in this story :InsertDiscordWearingSunglassesAndStrokingBeardEmoticon:
I've noticed that, actually. There doesn't seem to be a lot of DiscoPie....... :raritycry:

3916 your welcome
it was a good story, really.:pinkiehappy: you cant go wrong with discord
plus im a sucker for discopie stories. (of which this site has few).

Hi! :pinkiehappy:I just wanted to say thank you for faving Chocolate Rain. :rainbowkiss: I'm really glad you liked it.

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