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a fine connoisseur of all things sci-fi. a major fan of 'A song of ice and fire', and a firm believer that Luna is infact best pony


It's about time · 4:12am Jul 10th, 2012

I mean seriously, how long was that fluttershy banner up their. since march?!?! hopefully this marks the return of different banners at least.

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A change in plans. · 10:41pm Apr 7th, 2012

(sorry about the incomplete post).

I'm sorry to everyone who is waiting with impatient breath for a Daring do/Majora's mask crossover. but i have stopped working on it.

i am now focusing all my time and assets to beginning and perfecting a MASSIVE Fallout/my little pony crossover

and when i say massive, i mean MASSIVE.

of coarse i will probably upload the story sometime during summer. have school work to do. - Your King

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The Daring Do of Majora's moon (and other blogish things.) · 4:54pm Mar 24th, 2012

yes i know it's late, but i just saw the GREATEST MOVIE OF THE THE CURRENT MILLENNIUM!!!!

anyway, i might have said that i am working on a daring do/majora's mask crossover. and i am. i am almost done with the first chapter, it's a very long chapter (and my schedule has been hell this week. what with the movie goings, school work, and other things). but it should be up soon.

at least i hope it will. but if it isn't then don't fear, I'll get on it soon.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME · 2:02pm Mar 21st, 2012

yes dear people it's my birthday. getting presents, eating pancakes, listening to guests talk about stuff i dont listen to.

this IS going to be hell on my schedule, bet im getting midnight screening tickets to THE HUNGER GAMES so all is good.

good night and good buy.

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