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I really don't know where this came from.

What if the teleportation was messed up. What if Equistria missed our earth but hit a different one. One scarred by nuclear fire and humans already fighting for their right to exist. Against machines. Skynet and humans must decide. Die by the ponies or band together and fight back.

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It's back...?






(This video, at video run-time 1:24 - this is my reaction.)





first off, cudoes to 4370554
and second off
hey author, you do know you can delete, replace, and edit chapters right?

Definitely looks better written than the last version. (Previously, Tac-Com's sudden sympathy for Skynet had me going :rainbowderp:.) Hope to see more. :twilightsmile:

Finally an update after a long time!!! I could just cry, even if it's restart.

Nice job on the story.

4370655 No, no deletion. I am tired of people deleting their works, and then "rewriting" them for years (if at all), and in the end it being worse than the original.

I am not saying that is gonna happen, but it happens in 4 out of 5 rewrites.

If you decide to restart the story leave the original up, post a link to the new one, and post the new one up as new story. Please?

The original chapters will remain in place.

Awesome! I liked this story, now I love it!

Good luck on the reboot!

I hate how the ponies always view the humans, but still a nice reboot.

As long as I see more of this good idea I dont care what you rewrite

edit just saw how long ago the last chapter was

still fav'ed

IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Evil Laughter*

So this is not dead?
This pleases me.


load up my exosuit!
i got to kick some ponys ass!!

Glad to see more from this!

you know, If your going to completely change the way the story is going to go, you might want to do something about the previous chapters you wrote that don't correlate to the new stuff you've written. Anyone that reads this from the actual first chapter to the latest one will be severely confused.

*pulls on a gasmask* GENTLMEN! PREPARE FOR A SHIT STORM! *watches his army of clones pull on their own masks* We're in for one wild night...

I got one, but I couldn't for the life of me see any others.

Wow, another update? Already?
Good job.

If there's any nukes left SkyNet or the Resistance should use it on the shield

5337529 Wouldn't that also back fire? I mean Nuclear Warheads carry radiation, and the large amount of radiation can kill humans if Skynet and Humans worked together. and also the Blast radius would vaporize any Terminators with in the vicinity?

So will Skynet ally with the humans to defeat the pony horde or what?

5383614 dude you launch them when there's no friendlies at all which there isn't near the barrier


The summary hasn't been updated since the original chapters. So it doesn't quite reflect the story as is.

5383614 The Humans, yeah that's a problem. The Terminators? Nah, Skynet just sees them as Numbers; individual units don't really matter that much.

5384411 That doesn't mean Radiation won't kill them... Remember that wind carries radiation. and If they are facing were the wind is blowing and a nuke went off... Well lets just say that got radiation now

No, just too much on my plate right now...

Equestria is in for a rude awakening...


If you decide to restart the story leave the original up, post a link to the new one, and post the new one up as new story. Please?

I seem to remember hearing that it's against fimfic rules to post more than one version of the same fic. If that's true, then the new version would be refused. (This isn't Fanfiction.net. Submission of new stories is moderated.)

Of course, if the Ponies push too far, they may find T-X(P)'s from five years in the future crawling down their throats...

Hmmm... if the TCB deconstruction's Equestria wasn't scary enough... now we have Terminator Ponies...

oh crap...

is this dead? please, oh please tell me that it isn't dead!

It's not dead, just hibernating for now.

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