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Help Wanted · 5:34am May 26th, 2015

So the idea behind posting this mess was originally to cleanse my palette: clear out all the old unfinished junk, and set out to new, greener pastures with new, better ideas for stories that I could write, now that I have the time and inclination to do so.

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Which place do I go to so I can write stories? I’m new to this site so I just wanna know.

Hey Ezn? About your writing guide. I think you forgot about how to do those cursed letters. Then their nearly impossible to read and very disorienting? They tend to blend into lines above and below the one their focused in, and they use weird symbols too, like Greek letters of others at times.

I have a question. Whenever I try. to post something on here, I can never find it on my search. Is there a specific way to get it posted or is there something that I am doing wrong?

As a new writer, I want to say thanks so much for writing the writing guide on this site. I'm sure I'm still not getting everything right just yet as I'm still learning, but that guide helped me write a LOT better right away on here than if it wasn't here. So thanks a lot. I've checked out a couple of other sites and users for more tips, but that writing guide was a huge help to get me started. So again, thanks.

What can we write and what can't we write?

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